Chilly Air Moving In

September 28, 2009

snapshotWhew, I see the entire metro area is in the low 50s at this hour.  Time to turn on the heat, or at least it will be by morning.  Hard to believe that just yesterday I was standing on my deck watching the sunset in a lot less clothing (but I did have some on!) with a warm easterly wind blowing.  That’s all history now.  As expected the total precipitation has been pathetic so far.  In this setup the main action should be in the convective showers behind the cold front tomorrow.  Even then we won’t get huge amounts of rainfall.

I’m still a bit under the weather tonight;  funny how I felt better over the weekend then feel worse after coming back to work.  What’s up with that???

Moving on…after the cool air departs Wednesday, we get into a slightly warmer westerly flow Thursday and Friday.  Then another cold trough digs down directly over us Saturday.  This is a pattern that would give us waves of cold air and chances for snow if it was in mid-winter.  But it’s not, so  just another cooldown for Saturday.  After that ridging builds in for warmer weather Sunday and beyond.

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen