Home Weather Stations: A Discussion

September 11, 2009


Nice offshore flow today peaked out around 5 millibars from DLS to PDX.  No peak wind reports from the usual windy spot in Corbett (I’ll get on that in the next week or so), but even at TTD it peaked out at 37 mph.  I saw dust blowing up several hundred feet in the air out at Sand Island (Rooster Rock Park), so I’m guessing gusts out there were in the 40-50 mph range.  Lighter wind now will continue through tomorrow morning, then goes flat tomorrow.

Okay, let’s talk weather sensors.   Usually geeks like us put several hundred dollars into a good digital weather station.  It would be easy to spend over $1,000 for all the bells and whistles.

Which ones have you had good luck with, or were an absolute disaster?

What about web cams?  I see lots of those on some websites.

I’ll put my experience down below in the comments.

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen