Busy Night

September 9, 2009

Not much time tonight, I spent some time setting up school visits for the year and then updating our PC to a newer Internet Explorer 8…much better for tweeting now.

Whew, looks pretty hot Friday and Saturday now.  WRF-GFS and NAM show 850mb temps of 22-24 degrees (C) both afternoons.  That’s about the warmest you can get in September.  Assuming the east wind surfaces nicely in the metro area, we should have no problem hitting 90.  My September “magic” chart says as high as 96-97 degrees!  So the 92 I have in the forecast for now sure seems safe.  Friday is the day to head to the beaches too.  90 is possible from Tillamook to Astoria assuming the offshore flow actually makes it to the beaches.  One more thing…whoever has the breeze all night Friday night should see temps stay near or above 70 degrees.  Troutdale, Corbett, maybe Mt. Scott???

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen