Funnel Cloud Monday?

September 8, 2009
A funnel cloud sighted near Kalama yesterday.

A funnel cloud sighted near Kalama yesterday.

I’m often slightly skeptical when a viewer calls or emails saying they have seen a funnel cloud…mainly because it happens quite a bit.  But two things grabbed my attention this time.  Mike Rice (a former weather intern and now a meteorologist with the Army Corps of Engineers) sent this picture that his Dad took.  He said it was clearly rotating.  Then I received a second picture of the same cloud…but from about 15 miles west near Clatskanie.  Yesterday’s weather would have been decent for a funnel cloud again.  Remember that 24 hours earlier an EF1 Tornado touched down for almost 10 miles in Pierce/King counties SE of Seattle.

Update 11pm:  I received this email from M. Baldwin right after showing the pictures at 10pm…“fishing at mouth of cowlitz river saw funnel cloud touched down on oregon side next to ship or large boat docked water spout seen there. 3 of us saw it.”

Much better weather today, a chilly start and then a warm afternoon.  I think my low temp forecast is about to bust because I anticipated a quicker arrival of thicker cloud cover…probably the first of many times between now and April.

A nice Fall east wind episode is coming up Thursday and Friday;  it should turn real clear and warm up very quickly both afternoons.  90+ seems likely Friday, and maybe Saturday too.

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen