Fun, Weird & Mean Emails

Just for fun…you might enjoy reading some of the weird and mean emails I (and everyone else in TV) receive from time to time.  I’ve edited out any real rough words, but you should be able to figure it out.  My comments are always in blue.

September 2015  

It has been too long…a great “Chemtrails” email to make up for the past year…

Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2015 10:47 PM

To: fox12news; webstaff
Subject: FOX 12 Feedback

Email Address: XXXXX@XXXX
Zip Code:
First Name:
Last Name:

Message: so, on the news around 9:49pm tonight (Thursday) you dared to try and fool the public saying “you probably saw a lot of CONTRAILS yesterday too!!! CONTRAILS???? When are you going to get honest and real with the public who want the truth. At least say NOTHING and don’t try to fool the public if you aren’t going to recognize these sinister CHEMTRAILS for what they are that zig-zag across the sky and each other much more now than even 20 years ago . We all know that airplanes do not zigzag across each and spray chemicals like magnesium, calcium, Barium etc. that threaten our air and soil and send out this filth consistently until the clouds and sun is obliterated. Watch this session from the UN no less on youtube regarding Bio-engineering and chemicals in our air

Yes, that’s our Nora, trying to “fool the public”!




September 2014

Email Address:

First Name: XXXX
Last Name: XXXX

Message:: Hi Folks, I’m a regular watcher of KPTV news, and have noticed a media trend of using the word “haboob” in place of “dust storm”, I personally find this political correctness absolutely DISGUSTING and take offense at the use of this word in America. Either broadcast your entire program in Arabic or in English, but don’t mix it up in an attempt to be cute and clever and politically correct, because you offend many people with that tactic. America has lost enough to that 3rd world, let’s not lose our dignity of being proud Americans. Speak ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t really have any comments on this except that we probably use this word because it sounds kind of naughty, not because it’s an Arabic word.  And it sure doesn’t have anything to do with political correctness; I would probably be one of the last people to adopt it then.




December 2013

From: xxxx xxxxx []
Received: Friday, 06 Dec 2013, 7:31am
To: fox12news []
Subject: FOX 12

No snow in the metro area my ***.  Thanks Fox 12!  You won me a $500 dollar bet because I bet a coworker you were full of **** claiming it was going to avoid the metro area.  You *****d up in December of 2008, and once again you claimed the downtown area would avoid all snow.  Eat a big bag of d***s, you guys are a ******g joke!

Several thoughts on this; and the non-family friendly version was much funnier by the way.  First, who makes a $500 bet on a weather forecast that isn’t his own?  2nd, we hit December 2008 right on (the big snowstorm), he must be referring to the December 28, 2009 surprise evening snow.  3rd, the snow did avoid most of the metro area, although it snowed northwest of the city and north Vancouver. And last, he seems to have some real anger issues…not good.



March 2013

Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2013 4:44 PM
To: Mark Nelsen
Subject: basketball!

I beat your dauter in a basketball game for ymca!i was the noen green team!!!!  (Mark’s note:  What a little sweetie.  Nothing like a 5th grader “owning me”.   Although she might want to focus a bit more on the weekly spelling quiz instead of the basketball game.)


January 2013

Are you and fellow weather experts going to begin reporting on the chemtrails that inundated the Portland metro area last week? They of course are certainly not a new phenomena across the country and world. These were Chemtrails and NOT contrails. They covered from basically the Willamette River eastward toward Troutdale and ran for the most part North-South. Each filtered out and covered probably 10 miles in width until they all overlapped, blanketing the entire east side. There were also a few that criss-crossed. These poisoneous emissions laced typically with aluminum, barium and strotium have accounted for soil samples in certain areas of the country–Lake Shasta for one–to have snow samples in the 60,000 pts/million range. This is at bare minimum..60 to 100 times above what can be considered normal or safe. In a pond near Lake Shasta, investigators found water samples measuring 375,000 pts/million. As for the source of the pond water–samples taken from down deep below the pond..and found no discernable traces of aluminum or other unnaturally occuring particulates. What we are seeing in the skies directly matches what we are finding in the soil and water. You and the rest of the meterologists around the country need to speak out. We are being poisoned and toward what end? People are being adversely affected already. In the past few days, reports have come in that folks have had trouble breathing..coughing spells, etc. Plant life is already suffering dire effects. Will there be no reporting on this and will citizens concerned for their safety need to take appropriate actions for themselves?


Portland, OR.

October 2012

First Name: Robert
Last Name: XXXXX

“Mark is still saying we are not in a drought. I have to disagree with him again based on the plants, the ground, the sky and the amount of rain the last 3 months. We may not be in an extended drought yet but we are in the beginning of a drought. Mark keeps going back to the wet spring but that water is now gone. A hydrologist was speaking on the radio today that due to how dry the ground is at this time if there is only average snowpack this winter there could be problems next summer with the lack of snowmelt run off as before there is any run off the dry ground will need to be saturated and at this point the ground is very dry. Please have Mark go outside and observe the sky, the plants, the ground, etc. The NW needs rain and it needs it now. Hopefully Mark will look into this more and admit that rain is needed. Humility is a virtue. Pride goeth before the fall.”

It was our driest July-September on record this year, but USDA Drought Monitor says no drought here.  And Robert, I was outside all morning hanging out in my garden, plus I noticed the incredibly dry woods while hiking Sunday afternoon.


August 2012:

“I am so tired of hearing that Newport was 86 on Saturday.  We were there from 1 to 4 and the only way we could have gotten anywhere near an 86-degree was with a rectal thermometer”  (Mark’s note:  It was 86 at 11am, then down to 68 by 1pm as the SW wind kicked in…he was a little late)

May 2012:

“You sir are one of the biggest ***es I’ve seen in the news since I came here in 1972——Who do you think you are trying to belittle everyone with your know it all attitude.   We will be going to channel 6 for our news because of you——— Hard to believe your bosses let you still work with nice people—you are a huge JERK”

October, 2011:

Mr. Mark Nelson,

You and your fellow employees told your viewers that last week, including myself that there would be at best little to no rain… Please DON’T stand up there and give yourself a good grade this Monday night…You Blew It again…

You should take lessons from channel 6 weather, they are spot on…

Do I expect you to write me back, absolutely not… So please don’t stand up there this Monday night and make a fool out of yourself… I think that you only because I’m in a good mood, You GOT NO BETTER then a D…


In 2011 I visited a classroom that seemed pretty normal to me, but apparently the teacher didn’t think so.  So she made each of the little first graders write a “sorry we were bad” note!  I received about 20 of these in the mail (yellow paper) along with an explanation from the teacher below.  All those kids will remember from Mark Nelsen’s visit is how much work they had to do afterwards!

Often when I visit classrooms I get nice thank you letters or pictures from the class. 

Here’s one from 2006.  Note how kind I was to not charge them… “okay kids…I’m going to need $5 from each of you before this Powerpoint presentation starts up!“.


27 Responses to Fun, Weird & Mean Emails

  1. Apparently Mike didn’t even bother to read what he wrote earlier. But what is written above is typical of a teenager who got schooled and looked like a fool. I say teenager because a man would own up to it.

  2. Timmy_Supercell (Klamath Falls @ 4200') says:

    That commercial is better than many others they show on TV. If this is your idea of making Mark look bad, you’ll have to try harder ^_^

  3. Timmy_Supercell (Klamath Falls @ 4200') says:

    Mike, I think you should open your front door, and maybe BREATHE some fresh air? And look at the observations? ^_^

  4. lol…. I just choose to ignore it if I don’t like it, or turn the channel. Real easy….. What is it, 30 seconds long? Find something else to gripe about please.

  5. Mark Nelsen says:


    Thanks for the constructive comments. Sorry, but it got to 39 in Brightwood today. Observations are here:

    It hit about 34 in Welches.

    Apparently this is the FIRST time we have ever been correct in our forecast, so I’m glad we could finally be right.

  6. Ronda Metler says:

    Moto Man

  7. connie lopez says:

    my name is connie and i like your focasts i have found that channel 12 an 8 are the only channels i can trust to get a accurate forcast ya some times your off but thats ok what do people think ? that you make the weather i mean come on this is oregon been here all my life . to tell the truth i’m darn tired of all this rain any way thanks for the good job

  8. Tricia says:

    I would just like to say that those people are mean and this is OREGON! The weather is unpredictable and you just go with it. I have everything in my car for any kind of weather we may have….even in the summer. Always be ready and if you don’t like what you hear go watch a different station and stop checking back in on the one you don’t like. They are like a dog going back to it’s vomit!

  9. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro, OR) says:

    Yep Mark, obviously the guy didn’t know that high temperatures do not need to be in the afternoon 🙂

  10. flurball says:

    I may be a 86 but I prufere 99

  11. flurball says:

    If you had a rectal of 86 you would be very “tired” as in “dead”

  12. W7ENK says:

    I can’t help but ask, what exactly does “August 2012” know about rectal thermometers??

  13. tenkmosey says:

    meanies!…i have been watching u Mark since the 1990’s. i think you are a neat guy! Maureen H Tualatin

  14. Annie says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the “gentleman” who signed with a Ph.D. wasn’t able to form a single logical sentence and half of what he said was gibberish??? I’ll take my liberal arts training any day!! Oh, and Mark – you rock!!

    • Timmy_Supercell (Klamath Falls @ 4200') says:

      Yeah, Ph.D. in stupidity, more like ^_^

    • W7ENK says:

      Ph.D = Pile it Higher and Deeper! 😆

    • W7ENK says:

      Besides, I don’t think Dr. “Double Quintuple X” realizes that Mark used to work along side Jim Little AT channel 6 before moving over to FOX 12… So yeah… o_O

  15. Timmy_Supercell (Klamath Falls @ 4200') says:

    Not sure if some of this was explained or not… but what was the May 2012 one about?

  16. wwm says:

    I love this new section!!! hahahahahahaha fun to read some of those.
    Man I didn’t know being a TV weatherman could be so dangerous all this hate mail and what not, yikes. Some people really need to get a life lol.

  17. momof2kiddos says:

    Lol I love the ending of the 2006 letter! 🙂

  18. Hey the one guy has a phd (Dr. XXXXX XXXXX / Ph.D.). He couldn’t be wrong, right? 🙂

  19. Sifton says:

    LMAO!! Kinda reminds me of my dear ol’ Mom (rest her soul), but if something on local news bothered her back in the day you can bet she was calling that newsroom requesting a 1 on 1 phone “conversation” with the on-air talent!

  20. W7ENK says:

    Oh my… 😆

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