Dorky Pictures

September 16, 2009

1986? Going to a big dance of some sort with Carolyn M. How about that Crockett & Tubbs inspired Tux! So cool...

So occasionally (generally about every 18 months), the bosses come up with a great idea to humiliate the news anchors & weather people.  It keeps us in line.  So in February 2008 they made me sing karaoke with Wayne and Shauna.  THEY both sounded okay, but apparently I am very tone deaf and shouldn’t sing Journey’s Open Arms alone ever again.  Now, even though it’s not a big ratings month, we have been instructed to find some geeky pictures from high school to go along with “GLEE” nights.  It’s a show that is on just before the the newscast.  I haven’t seen much of it (I’m busy just before showtime!), but it sure appears to be a good show.  So…since I want to keep my job, I brought in 3 pictures for this week.  I grew up in Mt. Angel through 7th grade, then moved to Chehalis (WA) in the 8th grade.  Good times in the 80s weren’t they?  Those of you between 35 and 45 remember well.

Circa 1982 or 1983, 8th Grade of Freshman year.  Me and my ducks...I was one weird kid!  Birds and weather, birds and weather...

1982 or 1983: In 8th Grade or Freshman year. Me and my ducks...I was one weird kid! Birds and weather, birds and weather...

Too bad about the duck though…as I recall she ended up a carcass on the back lawn one morning.  That sounds slightly callous of course, but when you grow up in the country, animals are born, hatching, or dying all the time.  Those of you that grew up in those areas  can confirm that.   I think a coyote got to Daffy, or maybe her name was Daisy, I don’t quite remember.  Then I moved on to homing pigeons after that…boy, they breed like rabbits!  But at least they didn’t poop on me as much as the ducks did every time I picked them up.  What’s up with that???

Moving on to weather…today was sure a model-perfect day wasn’t it?  Hard to believe at 10am with cloudless skies that we’d end up with a gray and rainy evening commute.  Felt like we were headed to 80 or beyond the first half of the day.  One more trough swings through here Saturday, then it’s on the THE BIG RIDGE.

No change in models for next week…I think we’re headed towards record high temps.  The 12z ECMWF was insanely hot for the last few days of September with 500mb heights above 597dm over Oregon next Tuesday/Wednesday and 850mb temps above +25.  The highest we’ve seen since 1997 is +24 at Salem.  Gut feeling is either Monday or Tuesday we get into the 94-97 degree range.  Records for Mon-Thu are 94-93-94.96

I’ll leave the forecast in the low 90s for now, but if models are still as hot by tomorrow afternoon, time to bump them up a few notches.  It sure looks likely that we’ll get 2 more 90 degree days to break out summertime record.

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen