Winter Patterns

For the hardcore weather fanatics…a nice categorization of our winter weather patterns:

Thanks to Drew Jackson for making the graphics a couple years back as well.

11 Responses to Winter Patterns

  1. Kyle J Hill says:

    The post 2013+ changes to the earth and upper air flow will not be able to produce the old climate patterns until the changes either reverse themselves or we have a new setup. The GFS model in particular refuses to adapt to the new changes.

    Computer models: Garbage in = Garbage out. This modern gen is over trusting of computers.

  2. Barbara D. Beck Hess says:

    I have lived and driven my car through ice storms in the Portland area. Some were in the 1940’s and some in the 1970’s.
    And I recall one in December in 1989 or 1990.
    I may have scrolled too quickly through your news reports.
    I am Matt’s mother, and he sent me a link.
    I believe I should pay more attention to your weather reports than to Weather Underground or Beaverton Weather. At this point I have no car, and do much walking.
    Loved the exhilerating winds this week; reminded me of the hurricane force winds on the southern Oregon coast where I went to HS.

  3. Ann Merklin says:

    Any snow for Salem this Winter??

  4. This is so helpful. What seem like minor differences in winter patterns produce pretty drastically different results I see. Never really realized how much of a difference there really was. Great post Mark!

  5. orlottery says:

    It’s time for some summer updates!! I’m not enjoying those winter patterns this year!

  6. Ellen Wallace says:

    Is it too early for Spring? The Farmers A. say late winter might be snowy-I just want Spring to arrive!! Any thoughts?

  7. this is a la nada year.

  8. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro, OR) says:

    I want Pineapple Express!!!

  9. W7ENK says:

    WTF, where did all the other comments go???

    Oh, new post… My bad. o_O

  10. Debbie Scott says:

    ok- we are in need of a “best guess” – a wedding the middle of January – what do you think – rain snow sleet hail ice etc – I think we have avoided the Boat Show dates which I know are always bad weather. Thanks Debbie

  11. billsaab says:

    Show us the La Nina, that is what it looks like for this year

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