Summer Won’t Give Up

September 14, 2009

snapshotI usually start getting emails this time of year about the changing colors on the trees.  Well the main “leaf colors” show up in mid-late October.  Seems like the 3rd week of Most of the coloring now on some trees is from drought stress or for that matter some of them just like to drop some yellow leaves early.  Alder trees are everywhere in westside forests and they really seem to look ragged after Labor Day.  It’s as if they worked so hard early in the season (they grow like weeds) they head for the dormant season early.  

You may remember how spectacular the colors were last year?  We had nice chilly nights in October, along with lots of sunshine and not too much rain.  Seems like sunny weather into October really helps the colors in general.  Of course the lack of gusty southerly wind and weeks of rain to rot the leaves probably helps too. 

Not much else to talk about.  We are definitely in the end of summer/early Fall doldrums.  I actually don’t like this part of the year.  Winter has exciting weather, Spring has some exciting weather and the promise of warmer days, Summer has heat and sometimes thunderstorms.  But early Fall?  Dead weather until the rainy season picks up closer to Halloween.  BORING.

00z GFS is holding onto the idea of a very hot ridge (especially for September) developing Sunday and Monday and continuing through a good chunk of next week.  ECMWF and Canadian are in agreement.  I like the 598dm upper level high centered over Oregon on the Canadian.  90+ weather is looking pretty likely as early as Monday.

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen