A Hot Summer

September 1, 2009

snapshot[4]I crunched the numbers tonight…it appears that the June-August (usually considered meteorological summer) period this year was the warmest on record at PDX.  That was mainly due to the very warm July.  June was a bit warm and so was August, but neither was unusually warm by any means.  The preliminary average temp would be 69.73 degrees.  The next closest (at least since 1960) was 2004.  One would think the summers of 1967 or 1985 would have been warmer right?  I notice in 1967 August was warmer, but July wasn’t nearly as warm and June was similar to this year.  In 1985 June and August were slightly cooler.  I also see that the average high temp in July of 1985 and August of 1967 was hotter (88!).  We had some really warm lows this year which probably helped kick us over the top.  radar[1]Messy forecasting the next few days with the upper low offshore gradually edging closer.  Of course a disturbance this morning brought some showers and thunderstorms around daybreak.  There were 4 strikes around 8am just about 3 miles NW of Battle Ground.  Must have been wild up in that neighborhood for a few minutes.

Back to work…

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen