00z ECMWF Monthly Maps

A little late, again, but here are the 4 weekly maps from LAST NIGHT’S ECMWF run:





19 Responses to 00z ECMWF Monthly Maps

  1. Longview - 400 ft says:

    Hello Mike, just wanted to let you know about the group invitation.

    I’m in. LOL

    Currently, a mild 46 here.

  2. Marcus says:

    00z GFS ensemble wow colder yet!!! Battle against the models euro usually wins out but GFS is looking good who knows:) http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/MT8_Portland_Oregon_USA_ens.png

  3. Lurkyloo says:

    Today smelled like spring. Moths are out. Felt warm. I’m sure it’s a full-on tease, but it was kind of nice. Anybody doing a Superbowl thing this weekend? I’m going to put out food and hope somebody shows up. Even though I’m not really into football, it’s a great excuse for a party and I don’t even care who wins! I’m originally from the Bay Area and my husband is from Maryland. Wow, way TMI! Sorry, I’m bored …

  4. flurball says:

    Love week 4. A cold air anom pops up from Baja? Jose Feliciano two months late wishing us a Merry Christmas

  5. Oooohhhh….love that Feb. 12-18 anomaly! That’s our false spring….BOOK IT!

    • Timmy_Supercell (Klamath Falls @ 4200') says:

      And hopefully this false Spring leads to a tremendous actual Spring and Summer! Up for some warm south flow with some instability???

  6. Typical. Doesn’t start to get cold till the approach of Spring when we want it the least.
    And if you look at the Arctic ice coverage, the peak has been occurring later than average for the last few years. Climate change???

  7. Ben T says:

    Marcus, I guess there’s our answer.

  8. bgb41 says:

    I cant wait for that first day above 60. It could be in the next 10-15 days if these weeklies pan out.

    • Greg Carstens says:

      As much as I enjoy measuring rain I am sick of it. It would be nice to be outside for a while without worrying about getting wet.

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