Warm In the Hills, Chilly Below

January 15, 2013

Head to the hills for a taste of Spring tomorrow!

The next 7 days (or longer) we will be in an inversion.  That’s because much warmer air has moved in overhead.  Temperatures were in the 50s  at the ski areas on Mt. Hood under sunshine.  Meanwhile we sat in the mid-upper 30s all day down here in the lower elevations in the cool air that’s trapped in the valleys. 


The cold air layer is still around 3500′ deep, but overnight warmer air should come down to around 1500-2000′.  That means the low cloud deck over us MAY dissipate some during the night.  If that occurs, that will just allow surface-based fog to develop and temperatures will drop to freezing.  That’s a big question mark though.  If the low clouds don’t dissipate, temperatures won’t even make it down to freezing overnight.

Through Friday, the lowest elevations between the Coast Range and Cascades (below 1500′) will stay mainly foggy or cloudy.  This includes the 85% of our viewers that live between Longview and Salem near I-5.

At/above 1,500′ and at the Coastline?  Sunny and warm!  Today it made it into the 50s in some spots, and tomorrow I think we’ll see a bunch of locations in the Cascades and Coast Range that break 60 degrees.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen