Flooding Winds Down

January 8, 2009

Snapshot Looks like the Chehalis River is the last to crest in our viewing area this evening.  Once again the Twin Cities are getting nailed by flooding.  A bit of an editorial here, but maybe it's time to stop filling in the flood plain?  Okay, enough of that before I get in trouble.  All other rivers are falling quickly at 10pm, so flooding should be over with most spots by tomorrow.

Big ridge of high pressure settles in this weekend, but one system slips through and sits over us Sunday.  Saturday looks like a real nice day, but Sunday should be cool, gloomy, and wet.  Snow levels climb up to around 7,000' or higher at that time.  So make sure you head up to the mountain for skiing Saturday, not Sunday.

The amount of offshore flow to get rid of the fog is in question for next week.  For now it sure doesn't look like much easterly wind.  Hopefully that will change or it's going to be a very gray week in the lowlands.

I'm taking the next 3 "business" days off…so no new blog posts until next Wednesday…we can all take a break with the dead weather!  Mark Nelsen