Peak Gusts: The Gorge Windstorm of ’09

January 18, 2009

(Wednesday 2pm)

I've updated a few windspeeds from the weekend storm here…I found a battery in the Corbett sensor today at the grade school.  Someone was thinking ahead.  So it recorded peak gusts during the entire storm, just couldn't send to a powerless computer.  Now I'm not getting paid for this, but the Davis Vantage Pro installed up there is a heck of an instrument.  It just keeps going and going and going…

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From what I can tell, this has been the strongest easterly windstorm in the eastern Portland/Vancouver metro area since at least February 1996 (just before the flood) or more likely sometime before that.  That's based on the amount of damage seen out there and the actual recorded speeds.  This is the first time I've seen a peak gust around 60 mph at Troutdale (easterly) since the mid 90s when 24 hour a day observations began.  I think it's also safe to say that from the amount of downed trees, the period from Saturday midday to midday Sunday must have seen gusts of 80-90 mph in the Corbett area as well, the strongest since 1996 when several anemometers recorded gusts of 90-100 mph.  Unfortunately, the power went out during the windiest period!  I'm on hour 15 of no power here…posting via generator…Mark

So…if you have an anemometer and MEASURED a peak gust, put it here, keep discussing weather in other posts please:

1. Peak gust (mph)

2. Location

3. Time (if you know)

This is what I have so far:

Crown Point: 105 Noon Sunday (hand held), 92 3:30pm Saturday (hand held Tyler Mode)
Cape Horn, WA: 86 Sunday Night
Corbett (Menucha): 87 Sunday AM 
Corbett Elementary: 79 10:00pm Saturday 
Rooster Rock (NWS – Corbett Exit I-84): 77 Sunday Evening
Troutdale (SE):67 Saturday PM
Troutdale (Cherry Park): 63 5am Sunday
Troutdale Airport (KTTD): 59 6:30am Sunday
Troutdale (ODOT): 54 6:43am Sunday
West Orient Elementary: 54 Early Sunday AM
East Portland (ODOT-I205/Division): 49 5:22am Sunday
East Portland (160/Burnside): 58 10:30am Sunday
Portland Airport (KPDX): 44 11:35am Sunday
Parkrose: 42 11:00pm Sunday
SE Portland: 36 8pm Saturday
Beaverton (Cedar Mill): 44 4pm Saturday
Beaverton (SW): 33
East Vancouver: 38 10:30am Sunday
Skamania, WA: 56 10:30am Sunday