A Brief Post

January 22, 2009

I'm ashamed to admit I forgot to post this evening, and I really want to get out of here right after the weathercast.  So it'll be a short post.

In general, I don't see any changes from last night's thinking, except that most models are pretty dry for Sunday.  Now our RPM model we get here in the station indicates .30"!  It shows an organized wave moving down the coastline on Sunday morning.  I don't really see any other model showing that, so let's assume it's out to lunch.  We have leaned our forecast towards dry, but turning windy and chilly Sunday.  So the numbers on the 7 Day forecast haven't changed.  It is going to be a very brief cold snap.  The cold air gets wiped out of here quickly on Tuesday as a front moves in with low pressure up to the north.  A decent southerly flow up the valley warms us well above freezing that day.

Not much else going on beyond Tuesday either…Mark