A Short Post

January 28, 2009

I got way behind tonight since I had to attend an Oregon AMS planning meeting.  But that's good since there is no significant weather in our future!  Now this meeting included our honorable President Bobby Corser…also known to the regulars here as TV Weather Producer.  We spent quite a few minutes after the meeting discussing important things.  You know, weather maps and who's dating who in the Portland TV weather scene…or something like that.  I told him this was cutting into my blog time, so he has been kind enough to send a "guest post".  Mark Nelsen

Well the weather has finally calmed down. 11+ days of snow is great for winter. I personally have to say a little break is very welcomed. We had our AMS planning meeting tonight and I am very excited for events coming up. We will take a look back at the December snow storm and maybe a another one…..models are hinting at one?!?!  We will also have a chat about Rose Festival Weather in May. Of course all of our meetings are posted on the Oregon AMS website. Enjoy the weather while it's somewhat calm. I'm wishing for a wind event. That would round out the winter !   Bobby Corser – Oregon AMS President