Dense Fog

January 29, 2009

_DSC1573 A great set up for widespread dense fog in the lowest elevations of western Oregon again tonight.  Light wind, low level moisture, and cooling air, plus a long January night.  I think the fog will lift a bit more quickly tomorrow afternoon due to a weakening cold front approaching from the west.  That should stir up the airmass slightly.

Speaking of that front, it looks incredibly weak moisture-wise as it moves in tomorrow night.  Our RPM models gives us all of a trace of precipitation through Sunday.  So I have a feeling the majority of us will stay dry.

The 7 Day forecast looks REALLY dead with either ridging or split flow through the end of next week.  By the end of next week, we will have gone through our 4th work week with little to no precipitation!  That length of time with no significant precipitation is pretty rare in the dead of winter.  At least you'll be able to jump like crazy in the sunshine out on the beaches again next week.  This picture was sent to us from Tim Maronay.  He was out at Warrenton a couple weeks ago.  During the windstorm here in the metro area, he escaped to the much calmer and warmer coastline.

I have a day off tomorrow, then I'll be back on Monday.  Mark Nelsen