Lots of Rain

January 7, 2009

Snapshot  Quite a flooding event AGAIN for S.W. Washington.  In fact the significant rainfall has been confined to only that area and the extreme NW tip of Oregon.  It poured all last night and most of today from Longview north, which explains the widespread flooding in those areas.  Looks like NW Oregon is mainly dodging the bullet this evening.  We will have some heavy rain the next few hours, but it won't last long…the satellite looper shows that pretty clearly.  Models also only give us maybe another .50-.75" here in Portland.

Wind has increased again this evening just ahead of the cold front.  Peak gust last hour at PDX was 43 mph.  I don't think it'll go much higher.  After the cold front passes, rain turns to just light showers.

Still very little to talk about beyond tonight.  High pressure takes hold Friday and that's going to last at least a week, probably longer, giving us our driest stretch of weather since November…Mark Nelsen