Mountain Snow

November 20, 2008

Snapshot A bit of snow in the Cascades…enough to make the top of the newscast in this very slow weather month.  Looks like maybe 1" at Government Camp to 5" up at Timberline and Meadows.  Radar shows things really dying off rain-wise at this hour, so this big "snowstorm" is over.

Pretty quiet tomorrow before a weaker system drags it's sorry end through here tomorrow evening.  Our RPM model shows all of .15" with this system and then nothing on Saturday.  Looks like another dry weekend on the way!

Some serious issues in long range forecasts the last 48 hours, and this evening is the worst of all.  00z GFS has Omega Blocking developing a few days earlier than it showed at 00z last night, soon after Thanksgiving.  The GENERAL idea seems to be some sort of ridging SOMEWHERE within 500 miles of the West Coast.  Placement is everything…some model runs have the ridge right over us, some have it offshore which allows cold air to move south from Western Canada.  Drew and I were discussing one thing that ALL models keep showing;  no significant westerly flow.  No model shows significant rainfall.  Looks like November will probably end up being a drier than normal month here…Mark Nelsen