A Slow Night

November 13, 2008

Snapshot  I took a bit of grief from the newsroom today about the sudden flooding in Tillamook County last night.  As you can see on the image, the Wilson River made it almost 4 feet above flood stage.  Up to 4pm yesterday the forecast was for it to stay below flood stage.  I told the news folks that it was pretty much out of my hands and that the Northwest River Forecast Center takes care of rivers.  So I ducked that issue somewhat well.  Sounds like the hydrologic models didn't handle this one well though.  The meteorological models we all look at did quite well with the rainfall as I mentioned on last night's posting.

Moving on to the current weather:  there's nothing happening right now.  It's mid-November, skies are clear, and it's getting cold outside at 9pm.  Any surprises there?

Back here in the weather center, we're watching houses burn in California near Santa Barbara on the satellite feed (a really slow night).  A strong Santa Ana wind has found a wildfire.  We'll probably show more live pictures during the 10pm newscast.

We'll have a longwave ridge over us in some form or another for the next 5-7 days.  Maybe a change beyond that point, but not enough to start the ski season NEXT weekend…Mark Nelsen