Cold and Wet

November 25, 2008

610day.03  An early post tonight.  We are doing a food drive here at FOX-12 all day/evening long.  I'm headed out the the Fred Meyer at Highway 217 & Canyon Road in Beaverton from 7-11pm.  Any of you are welcome to stop by and say hi (and bring food if you can!).  I'll probably be off/on busy from 8-9pm and 10-11pm during our shows, so if I act rude, scowl, and shove you out of the camera view don't take it personally…the show must go on!  Seriously though, feel free to stop by and chat weather.

Once again I've posted the 6-10 day 500mb heights and deviation from normal.  The big red circles tell the story.  A strong 500mb ridge or at least well above normal heights will continue just to our northwest through the next week and a half.  In fact I noticed the most recent models don't have any chance for decent snow in the mountains until about 10 days from now (NEXT Friday or Saturday!).  Gotta go!  Mark Nelsen