World Toilet Day

November 19, 2008

Snapshot  Tonight John Rinier (a regular contributor)clued me in to the important fact that somebody is trying to get November 19th declared World Toilet Day.  Seems appropriate for our current and forecast weather pattern.  The information can be found here.

I'll do a short post tonight because I'm a bit behind.  It sure is a mild night.  It's still 53 degrees at PDX…we haven't even made it down to our average high temperature yet!  Easterly gradient continues pretty strong this evening.  It seems to have peaked at 7 millibars PDX-DLS around 1z.  Models handled that really well last night.

We just had our RPM model upgraded here at the station…WSI runs the model and then we get the output every 6 hours.  It now goes out to 72 hours instead of 48, which will be useful for small-scale details with winter weather systems.  I'll work on getting some sort of text output from it that weather nuts can view online.

It's been a warm Fall so far, which clearly means our winter will be:  wait, one isn't related to the other so I don't want to hear someone claiming a warm November leads to a warm winter.  In fact I was on ANOTHER weather forum this afternoon and noticed someone had done a comparison of Seattle's November weather versus the following winter's snow potential.  Warm Novembers didn't dent future winter snow totals in La Nina and La Nada years…like we have now.

Well, it just happened.  The first of the season.  Steve Pierce just pointed out the Omega-Block looking setup around 300 hours of the 00z GFS.  That's the first official "cold air warning, send out the Alert Vipers" email that I've received this Fall.  That cold air is pretty close…could be exciting.  Too bad it's at 300 hours away!  Mark Nelsen

AND, we have an Oregon Chapter AMS meeting tomorrow with our own SP talking about the Vancouver Tornado here is the official notice:


The Oregon Chapter of the AMS will hold its November meeting this Thursday, November 20th.  It will feature speakers Steve Pierce and Dave Elson, who will both share interesting information about this past January’s Vancouver Tornado.


The meeting will be held at the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) office at 729 NE Oregon Street in Portland (near the Lloyd Center), in the Celilo (basement) Room.  Signs will be posted at the front entrance directing you.


Start time is 7:00 p.m., and come with a dessert for others to taste.  The Chapter will provide soda and water.


For parking, finding a spot on a nearby street is the best idea.  There are some parking garages nearby as well.  The surface lot immediately adjacent to the building will not be available.


Here is the formal meeting announcement that contains additional information:


I hope you can make it!


Drew Jackson

Secretary, Oregon Chapter of the AMS