Boring Weather

December 12, 2007

SnapshotI’m having a good time catching up on emails, scheduling school visits, picking up the smelly dog from the groomer (smells better now), making Christmas plans, and watching the Live Radar go ’round and ’round a blank screen.
Can you guess that the weather is a bit boring right now?  Not much has changed in the two days I took off.  A ridge offshore is giving us weak weather systems in northwesterly flow behind it.  Another one moves by to the north tomorrow.  That leaves us with lots of cloud cover but little or no rain.

We finally get a change starting Saturday.  The ridge breaks down and is replaced by a trough in the Gulf of Alaska.  This sends wetter and cool weather systems our way.  What I notice this evening is that none of these through at least the end of next week appear to be unusually strong.  With time though, the snowpack in the Cascades will be building up.  As for you snow lovers out there, I don’t see a chance of very cold weather or low elevation snow through the 20th.  See? once I bought that generator the weather calmed down.  Maybe I’d better take it back…Mark Nelsen