It WAS Worse Than 1996

December 4, 2007

SnapshotTo be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I heard some locals in St. Helens and Vernonia saying it was worse flooding than in 1996.  It seems like it’s always a natural reaction to think that way.  I had noticed the extremely heavy rain at Hillsboro and Scappoose, which I had never seen in such a short period.  So after checking some numbers…I found that Vernonia did have heavier rain this time around!  Check out the numbers.  No wonder the water came up so fast.

Moving on…just a few showers out there this evening and not a whole lot of weather to talk about.  The general trend the next few days is for our westerly flow to buckle with an upper-level ridge developing to the west.  This once again sets us up for cooler than average weather, similar to the week or so before Thanksgiving.  It’s also a very dry weather pattern with one system diving into California tomorrow night and Thursday.  Then another approaching late in the weekend.  I don’t see any arctic air or very stormy weather anytime in the next 7 days or so…Mark Nelsen