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Full Moon, Lenticular Cloud, and Mt. Hood Taken by Scott Withers 1/2012

Fall in Northern Clark County 10/2011. Taken by Tyler Mode

Fall along Tualatin River 11/2011. By Chris Markes

Northern Lights, Mt. Hood, Meteor, & Trillium Lake, By Gary Randall

A Fall Evening In Downtown Portland 9/2011. Taken by Ritchie Belleque

Calm Late September Day on Trillium Lake 9/2011. Taken by Garry Kinney

Lightning Strikes Columbia River near Lyle, Washington 8/2011. Taken by Gabor Gardonyi

Rockaway Beach 7/2011. Taken by Don Best

Trillium Lake 6/2011. Taken by Gene Blick

Rose Festival 6/2011. Taken by Ritchie Belleque

Crater Lake in Winter. Taken by Chris Markes

North Head Lighthouse at Sunset. Jan. 20, 2011. Taken by Tyler Mode

First Snow on Mt. Hood...From Vista Ridge Area. Oct. 27, 2010. Taken by Jim Farring

Cascade Thunderstorms and Mt. Hood at Sunset...From White Salmon. Sept. 13, 2010. Taken by Sharon McCormack

Lenticular Clouds over Mt. Hood...September 3, 2010 Taken by Kathy Kopacek

The full Moon between Rockaway Beach's Twin Rocks...August 24, 2010, Taken by Don Best

The view from Mt. Hood's summit. June 27, 2010...Scott Withers

Stayton Funnel Cloud...June 2010

Sun Dog (sunlight refracting through hexagonal ice crystals) over Arlington, OR. July 1, 2010 Randy Rowlette


Poppy fields east of Salem, June 2009, TJ Maronay

Our own Pete Ferryman caught this rainbow from N.W. Portland on November 11th


View from around 100,000' Justin Hamel & Chris Thompson



Huge November Waves - 11/2009 - Tyler Mode


Waldo Lake - Aug. 2009

Waldo Lake - Aug. 2009 - Mark Nelsen

A viewer caught this photo of a large dust devil just west of I-5 in July 2009.

A viewer caught this photo of a large dust devil just west of I-5 in July 2009.

Mt. Hood Sunrise - Chris Markes 10/9/2009

Mt. Hood Sunrise - Chris Markes 10/9/2009

Jet Contrails & "X" over Camas - 1-27-2010 - Kathy Lutz

Rainbow over Camas - Josh Sanz - May 5, 2010


Cape Kiwanda Waves - Feb. 18, 2010 - Chris Markes

The Bridge of the Gods @ Cascade Locks...Tyler Mode shot this view on 2/16/2010

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