What happened to the “Coho Wind”?

Do you remember the ONE winter when that cold east wind that blows out of the Gorge had a name?

It was 25 years ago this month…

In 1997 the Oregon Meteorological Society undertook an ambitious attempt to give the seasonal wind a name.  Why not? The dry east wind is called a “Santa Ana” in southern California. Reno has the “Washoe Zephyr”. Northern California gets a “Diablo” wind. The Great Plains have a “Chinook” (although originally assigned to our warming southwest wind here). But all through written history the easterly winter wind has always just been referred to as “The East Wind”. Local Native American tribes just called it an east wind in their distinct language. And of course they were likely smarter than us, not camping near the west end of the Gorge in the winter.

But a group of us figured it deserved a special name and ran a contest through the autumn of 1997 to find a new name.  It was a huge collaborative endeavor with all local radio and TV stations getting involved. This is the only time in my career I’ve seen these groups get together on one project. Dozens of local and Pacific Northwest newspapers ran the contest, or at least ran stories about it.  It was even mentioned by The Weather Channel. You couldn’t avoid hearing about it at the time.

The volume of entries was FAR greater than expected; nearly 7,000! Pat & Sara Timm of Felida opened, sorted, & compiled the entries into a database.  Some were duplicates, but the final 54 page listing contained 2,424 unique names.  We’re talking some really good names, but some real strange one too.  “Big Bad Momma”, “A Real Nipple Popper”, and “Devastating Doozy” come to mind as I peruse the book of names I still have in my file cabinet. I notice the paper is starting to turn just a bit yellowish. Uh-oh, that means I’m aging too.

Finally a group of maybe 10 AMS members got together and voted on the top 3, then a final one. I still remember it was the backroom of the McMenamins on Broadway. Talk about “backroom deals”! 

The name COHO was picked for a couple of reasons:  1) it’s the opposite of a CHINOOK wind (easterly vs. westerly), and 2) the COHO is known as a fierce and tough fish.  There may be other reasons but that was 25 years, 2 jobs, and 2 kids back in time for me.

Coho Blog

What happened?

For that first winter all of us regularly used the name and all seemed okay, and I mean TV forecasters, the National Weather Service, and newspapers.

But then the name fell out of use somewhat quickly. As I recall by the following winter (1998-1999) the name was barely used. I know I didn’t use it the 2nd or 3rd winter. 

Why?  I found the people most affected by the wind seemed to hate it most and the people not affected much at all thought it was just fine.  As I recall (again, 25 years ago), I thought if people hate it and want to keep the current “name”, why should I be pushing it on them? The Portland NWS and all other media stopped using the name as well. It more or less went into the history books.  Pat Timm used the name regularly in his Weather Eye weather column (The Columbian) for many years.  I asked him about it at around the 20 year mark. He said “I think it was a great name for a number of reasons…Just not enough support I think by the media to promote it. I think with social media now days and the Weather Channel naming almost every storm etc it would make it.”  Pat also says he would be interested in reigniting the name with a new generation of weather watchers.

Back at the 20 year mark I got an earful on a local (Corbett) Facebook group when I asked about the naming 20 years ago:  Jeanette- I never accepted Coho, it just was too polished or almost phony sounding. The wind is cold, harsh, and destructive and the only words that seem right are “The East Wind” .  Patrick– Those of us who live in the heart of it know it as The East Wind, a proper noun; not a common noun with a directional modifier.  Jeanie- They tried to force that name on us when we were so proud to live in “Corbett, Corbett home of the East Wind” (a song taught to all local school kids) . The music teacher had made a song about it which the grade school kids had performed many times. There were even T shirts printed with the East Wind blowing.  Catherine- One of the main reasons was that it was folks who didn’t live here or had ever experienced the East Wind who were trying to change the name!!  I think the best was from long-time resident Nev Scott.  She told me 20 years ago “It has always been The East Wind and always will be.  That’s it”  She wasn’t the type of person I wanted to argue with either!

Looking back 25 years, I think the problem may be that you can’t just force a new name onto an existing weather pattern with a known name.  Yes, it does have a name for those most affected; The East Wind.  Those other regional wind names likely came on gradually over many years as settlers move into an area.  Just my best guess on that.

What do you think?  Leave it as it is or try again in the age of social media?

293 Responses to What happened to the “Coho Wind”?

  1. tim says:

    Looking at the ensembles the gulf of Alaska rigde is too close to the west coast to give us a arctic blast but if it retrograde then maybe we have a chance.

  2. T says:

    Long time lurker….years. I’ve learned much in this blog about weather. I’ve enjoyed it and turned to it when weather starts to gets interesting. However, I agree with Mountain Man. It has gotten weird as of late. I miss the contributions from him, Weather Dan, Paul in Eugene, Rob, the guy in Milwaukie that lives under the “Dome”. I’m glad to see a couple of you back. Keep contributing…please

    • X (Aumsville OR) says:

      I’ve seen their posts and they get into more weather detail just as good as Mark (or better in some subjects) which was awesome for the respective viewing areas. But that was too much ‘competition’ so likely they got banned back when a lot of posts were being deleted on here for ‘questioning’ things.

      Too many ‘radicals’ in the house or so they say.

    • Evan -- Cedar Mill says:

      Guys rob still posts on theweatherforums website. Look it up

      • JohnD says:

        Do you know Rob’s name on that site? Thanks.

        • Anonymous says:

          SE Rob still reads this site on occasion, he just won’t post here because trolls really pissed him off a couple years ago. If you want knowledgeable interesting posts here, it’s best to be polite and non judgemental towards others and just post your own point of view.

        • Evan -- Cedar Mill says:

          Gradient Keeper. Be nice to him tho.

  3. WEATHERDAN says:

    A long ways from verifying but insane cold air may be on it’s way. The thing is this is continuing model after model day after day for over a week now. Latest GFS run has Salem with a high of 2 and a low of-9 on Christmas day. GFS meteogram has a big snowstorm on Christmas day. Now we all know how many times these events don’t come to fruition, but still eye popping to say the least. Still it will be quite cold starting on Tuesday and probably for some time to come. And mostly likely with snow. Now as for tonight we had a gust of 52mph in Salem around 10:15PM. The tv mets and the NWS sure missed this. But it seems to me someone on this blog said things look interesting arounf the 10th. And this was said a week ago. So kudos to whomever said that. Nothing boring about this Winter so far. In fact 2022 has been a most amazing weather year so far. Peace to all and to all a goodnight.

    • Mountain Man says:

      Always like your comments Weatherdan! Interesting you’re kinda biting on this… Ensombles are cold but extremely outliner for that cold and many are still mainly dry across the big 3 all the way to Christmas so snow is certainly a possibility if we get the cold, that’s our hardest ingredient to get. I’d say anything past 10-15 degrees below normal and anything past a skif of snow still looks unlikely according to ensombles at this point. It is interesting though. Lots of time for it to sort out, it definitely looks colder than usual for the next two weeks though, that’s about all my trained eyes see now. Cold and dry and almost surely not as cold as some of those outline runs were seeing.

      • WEATHERDAN says:

        What I said was that many times these model predictions don’t come to fruition. And for the record I don’t think this one will either. However many other models do lean towards a big cool down. More than cold enough for Valley. And I do believe that will come to pass. Just not -9. My feeling is a minimum during this cold upcoming later will be somewhere between 10-15 above zero. Only twice do I recall a long Arctic cold out break with no snow, January of 1974 and December of 2009. So while I don’t yet see a source for snow it is likely some will come along. Right now it’s just a waiting game. Get the cold air in place. Which looks very likely starting around the 14th, then wait on some moisture. Thank you for your kind words Mountain Man. Peace.

    • Ken in Wood Village says:

      It’s nice to hear your thoughts about what the models are showing Weatherdan 🤗 I think it was me that said something about the 10th but it was about a windstorm 🌬 which some of us saw. I didn’t get any strong south winds here. Just some regular East winds 😞

      The 06Z GFS changed up the amount of cold air we will be getting but I’m guessing that will change again. One thing I did say awhile ago and that is we will be in this type of pattern for weeks, with an occasional warm up and some drying. I believe we’ll see some drying but we’ll be getting colder (much colder). Normally when we are cold air in place, we either have a transitional event which can start as all snow, then freezing rain, then rain. For now, I’m not sure what will happen but there is a possibility that we see all snow because of where the low sets up. I also see after that low, another reinforcing shot of cold air and another storm. Could this be a reboot of 2008 🤔 I remember going to see my mom in Wood Village (I didn’t live with her back then) and she had 2 feet of snow 😳

      Anyway, I think we all will be riding the models the next few days 🤗❄️

    • X (Aumsville OR) says:

      Dad said he heard some strong gusts hit our awning and he thinks between 50 to 60 easily it slammed pretty hard about that time. We were starting to watch the Game Awards Show when it happened.
      Usually this would’ve knocked out power out for a short bit (Pacific is very fast at fixing things) but Dad says the ice storm likely pruned most of the danger and the last few wind events have only made our lights flicker which this one didn’t even do. 😒

      I have a strong USB backup since after the ice storm for my computer which clicked in a few times from brief flickers during the brief wind events but never really got to use it yet. 😒

    • X (Aumsville OR) says:

      Just for the record. Nintendo won Kirby out of all games and Doug Bowser whom I haven’t really seen in the last few directs showed up to grab the awards.
      The last time he showed anywhere was the Game Awards Show of 2020 which he briefly walked up as if to say something but never did and I think I know why: It was the night the father of the Nintendo Famicom System died over in Japan literally during the show and I think he got a message thru his ear piece.

      In fact I think he felt sick to his stomach and would’ve rather been anywhere but there in order to deal with the death of a ‘family’ member. They treat each other as one family unit.

    • X (Aumsville OR) says:

      I forgot to mention Splatoon 3 he got another award I think for best mulitplayer or something like that but they didn’t show up going up to get it.

      Anyways it was pretty gusty during the show! I really was hoping for BOTW2 news Tears of the Kingdom but instead they showed that Stupid Mario Bros movie. While it looks to have good colors I think it’s going to be quickly forgotten once the initial hype phase drains unless it does something very special to stand out but then on the other hand Disney doesn’t have the respect it did due to ‘other’ issues. 🙂 Yeah ‘other’ issues.

    • X (Aumsville OR) says:

      If there was a big snowstorm it would warm things up dramatically. The GFS being what it is the Garbage Forecast System. It has bad data and well I won’t say anymore.

  4. Mountain Man says:

    So warning of wind was definitely underdone. We were supposed to be windy two weeks ago and I got a gust of 13. My strongest gust so far this season came at 3:12 today of 58mph from the SE. Still gusting to 30-ish this evening frequently. Now sometimes because of the mountain ridges around me, wind can be tricky, has to have just the right trajectory, but apparently I’m not the only one who was a little surprised by the wind. Actually I have a little property damage, nothing super serious though.

    • Mountain Man says:

      Oh and I had a surprise inch of snow yesterday evening I forgot to mention. It’s been an active early winter so far!

      • X (Aumsville OR) says:

        It was windy as we watched the Awards show. We choose not to watch it live to skip the gross head exploding parts which there were plenty of sadly.

        Literally it was hard to tell what game was what as they almost all look alike now with almost repeat of the same monsters exploding. I really feel bad for today’s generation that don’t know any better but think they do.

  5. Matt in Keizer says:

    Strong winds gusting to 45mph in the Salem-Keizer area tonight….I just checked KPTV’s Weather Page and not a word anywhere about strong winds tonight??

    • Ken in Wood Village says:

      Models have showed gusty winds tonight but not sure why there isn’t a wind advisory. It’s not windy up here (for now).

    • Jimmy Johns says:

      Weird. Zero wind in the King City area.

    • Matt in Keizer says:

      Appears to be more of a mid-valley event–Eugene’s gusting to 35 since 8pm, McMinnville’s gusting 40-45 since 8pm, and Salem-Keizer is getting hit the hardest gusting 40-50 mph since 8pm (officially 49mph at the Salem Airport). I just went out and retrieved my garbage cans on their sides from the middle of the street!

    • Opie says:

      Lots of tall trees around our house in south Salem so windy nights always makes me nervous. McNary field just reported a 49 mph gust.

  6. Ken in Wood Village says:

    The 00Z GFS run isn’t even done yet but the long range forecast (around the 22nd) shows what could be a modified Arctic Outbreak. It’s in LA LA LAND but it’s something to watch on the models.

    • Joshua Lake Oswego says:

      11 degree high temp on Christmas Day. Book it.

      • Ken in Wood Village says:

        This is crazy. Forget it being modified Arctic Outbreak. If this happens, it’s a full blown Arctic Intrusion. I still don’t think this will happen only because it’s a long ways out but we should watch it closely.

  7. tim says:

    00z gfs is down right frigid and always at the end of the run.

  8. Mountain Man says:

    Hey guys and gals, well I’m looking forward to some sunshine next week even if it’s chilly as I like crispy crunchy dry winter days as I always have outdoor chores to do. I’m not sure what is going on here with trying to read up on what my fellow weather enthusiast people are saying, we have normal Tim and shadow fake Tim and doesn’t seem very much insightful knowledge is being shared or anything anymore. I guess this place that used to be interesting is slowly dying and has this feeling like it’s long history of sharing actual weather information between us as a community with like interest is creeping to an end as there’s not much contributing worth reading lately. Of course not all of you… But this place is certainly not the same.

    • Jim says:

      No no mountain man your insight and observations are valuable and there are many of us still using this blog to share knowledge and conditions in their area. I just ignore any nonsense

      • Mountain Man says:

        I know, the noise between though gets to me sometimes, like why ma I reading this anymore…

        • Ken in Wood Village says:

          I totally agree with you Mountain Man. I would see something on the weather models and come here to see if anyone is talking about it but all I see is a lot of BS. No wonder why some of the good people who had some really good insight on the upcoming weather are gone and probably why Mark doesn’t reply to some people’s comments.

          I’ve hoped some of the trouble makers would just leave or grow up but it doesn’t seem hopeful. I also have been holding off on contacting Mark about the people who are causing trouble because he’s so busy lately. I’ve been keeping a log about everything so I can show Mark.

          Anyway, I hope you will stay. Not saying you need to post anything but just see what people post and if you feel like replying or commenting, that would be great 🤗

          Models are trending to the possibility of a Arctic Outbreak but it’s still in LA LA LAND so we just need to see how things play out.

          Have a good night 🤗❄️

  9. tim says:

    tired of the troll posting as me. Arctic blast next week anything in the 30s is well below normal it’s winter blast let’s go.

  10. tim says:

    Weather.com has highs in the mid 30’s long term for several days but not a arctic blast by any means just cold enough to feel like winter.

    • X (Aumsville OR) says:

      Good enough for me! Don’t want to lose power but still have that ‘cold’ feeling.

  11. Jake says:

    Spots like Anchorage, Alaska typically see teens and single digits as the lower range of average but the last few weeks it was bellow zero there for about a week. This has given even the locals some trouble:

    That is always a good sign as that city is in a Southern harbor surrounded by mountains. Only need that to slide down our way through BC. Both the Euro and GFS are eerily holding this pattern now in the long range

    We shall see but if we are going to see it produce anything it is going to need a weather system or two, heck I want 3 with this much arctic air in Canada!

    • Timenator says:

      Anchorage hasnt eveen had one low temprature below 0 in the lasts 2 weeeks

      u should fact check what u say b4 u say it.

      • Jake says:

        Actually just got back from there soooo might want to go up there yourself to see

        • Timenator says:

          you dont need to be somwher to know the temprature.

          that info is easy to find

        • Jimmy Johns says:

          I mean from what I’ve seen I don’t think he’s wrong. I don’t see any zero temps in the past 7-10 days.

        • Opie says:

          In Jake’s defense, the Anchorage metro is huge, bigger than two states, with lots of microclimates. Very likely some parts of the city had below zero lows.

  12. tim says:

    The cpc is showing cooler than normal temperatures with a strong inversion during the coming dry spell, pea soup, low clouds,fog burn ban, air stagnation advisory,pollution at the surface possibly.A classic December setup and the mountains are the best place to escape it.

  13. Andrew says:

    I found it notable and worth sharing that Mark and team mentioned latest podcast that these east wind patterns are much colder when there is snow cover in columbia basin, something I don’t think models always accurately reflect. This is one nice difference from our other two bouts with east wind earlier in the season when the snow coverage wasn’t yet established and will hopefully put us on the right side of marginal if we can just generate any kind of offshore flow when the systems eventually start rolling in again after the dry spell.

    • tim says:

      Cool and dry in the extended looks a inversion setup until a system moves in, still no mention of a artic blast coming from the local Mets even from Michael Snyder of pnw weather watch on his YouTube channel but things can change.

  14. Doinko - Bethany says:

    Day 10 looks amazing on the Euro

    • tim says:

      Most of the cold heads east as usual we get clipped cooler than normal but no artic blast for us.

  15. Andrew says:

    I’m a bit perplexed by the NWS forecast discussion this afternoon which describes a system Tuesday that i’m simply not seeing anywhere in the models.

    • Randy says:

      You mean: LONG TERM…MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY…Moving beyond the weekend, a
      sharp rise in heights aloft between systems will likely bring dry
      conditions Sunday night into Monday. The next system is quick to move
      in Tuesday bring another round of rain and mountain snow to the area.
      But, does seem to be trending towards drier and cooler conditions
      later next week. Again, confidence not high in this solution, but
      will go with for now.

      Right, it’s still in their Long Term, which is not always updated every post they make. The newest GFS is still showing the Tuesday low too far offshore. Eugene south could get rain, maybe some snow?… But north of Salem it’s just too far to make a push – at least at this point. However, it will draw down cool air down the gorge and into the region. You know the Coho winds! It’s making a comeback! ; )

  16. WEATHERDAN says:

    Well it looks like a lot of cold and snowy weather is headed our way. Starting next week we got our first cold blast. Cold but mainly dry. Then a very brief warm up. Then another cold blast with snow around the 22 with a likely White Christmas. Nothing is written in stone until it happens of course, but it sure looks very good for the kind of weather we haven’t had in quite some time. Merry Christmas and Peace to all.

    • lurkingsince’14 says:

      Looking forward to some favorable conditions! ❄️

    • Andrew says:

      Cold seems likely but two things i’ll be looking for are whether we experience a true arctic air incursion (hinted at by GFS) and whether we actually see a snow event. The ensembles are pretty underwhelming on snow at this point. I’d much rather have cold in place and count on right system than deal with another marginal temp event, which almost always maxes out at conversational snow.

      • Doinko - Bethany says:

        Looks like GEM gets cold too. I like the look of the block on the Euro at Day 10 as well

  17. Roland Derksen says:

    The last of our November snowfall should be melting away by tomorrow evening- its lasted longer than I expected because temperatures through the first week of December were still slightly below normal.

  18. OC550 says:

    Things look to be trending colder about 8 days out, but also relatively dry during that time. Get the cold here and then we’ll see is always good advice. Nice to have some potential at least this time of year.

  19. Jake says:

    Welp you know it is bad weather when your boss tells you to stay home on an office day. My contract work forces me to drive through the Columbia River Gorge.

    That was a big no today. Moving out to The Dalles area this weekend before this weather amps up for mid Winter. Exciting active season so far

  20. Mass says:

    “tim says:
    December 7, 2022 at 11:48 am
    There’s no support for artic air in the models right now even the cfs is showing a mild second half of December, I still got snow on the ground.

    tim says:
    December 8, 2022 at 9:26 am
    I admit I’m the last one to say this but it’s looking like a full fledge arctic blast coming later next week. If we get at least one decent snow event and cold air stays put we could have a white Christmas and new years with remaining snow on the ground.”

    Nuff said. Not even 24 hours later. People like me come to this blog (and comments) for reasoned analysis and hypothetical scenarios on the long range models.

  21. Ken in Wood Village says:

    The Crown Point observation instrument is frozen.

  22. tim says:

    I admit I’m the last one to say this but it’s looking like a full fledge arctic blast coming later next week. If we get at least one decent snow event and cold air stays put we could have a white Christmas and new years with remaining snow on the ground.

  23. tim says:

    Weather.com has Portland and Salem a bit colder than Seattle in the long term range it must be the cold coming from the Columbia basin.

  24. WEATHERDAN says:

    Most sites now forecasting a long and deep cool spell. Whether or not this means snow is way too early. But the cold looks like a good bet. If nothing else if feels more like what we want for Christmas weather. And we might have a White Christmas this year. Or close to it with some snow on the ground on the 25th. Sooner or later some of these close calls will pan out. Peace.

    • X says:

      That’s what you need. You can’t have Artic air without actual artic air. I knew it wasn’t going to be super cold until we had that build up any other excuse is just wishful thinking.

  25. WEATHERDAN says:

    I have tried to stay out of the Tim discussion until now. But now I feel called to speak up. Tim please grow up. Some of your comments are rude and most are just plain wrong. If someone is spoofing you then whoever you are stop. If you are all one person then stop acting so childish. Most of us take this blog seriously and depend on it to garner information. Thank you in advance Tim for your consideration of the rest of us. Peace.

    • X says:

      So THAT’S why he hasn’t posted much on The Weather Forums. :/

    • Ken in Wood Village says:

      Like you Dan, I’m getting tired of Tim too. If you’re reading this Tim, stop being a troll. One more rude comment and I’ll talk with Mark about all the stuff you have done. People on this blog want to talk about what the models are trying to tell us and we try to interpret it. Your comments are not accurate and just making this blog not worth coming to.

      Like Dan said and I said awhile back, grow up.

  26. tim says:

    00z says a fake cold ridge mid to late December that explains the colder than normal temps from the cpc.

    • Joshua Lake Oswego says:

      Don’t know if I would call a week straight of highs in the upper teens to low 30s and lows from the single digits to the mid 20s fake cold.

      • tim says:

        00z gfs says no to your statement at the end of the run, highs in the upper 30’s isn’t artic cold.

        • tim says:

          It’s a classic fake cold December setup to the core.

        • Joshua Lake Oswego says:

          What about a high of 17 and a low of 9?

        • tim says:

          The temp anomaly on the end of the run is above normal from tropical tidbits I don’t know what your looking at?.

        • tim says:

          And is that for pdx?.if so that’s a joke.

        • Joshua Lake Oswego says:

          I do agree that the airmass in not particularly cold. Pretty darn cold just to our east though with that nice trough to our SE next weekend. Gonna feel exceptionally cold with a brisk east wind if this verifies. -1 windchill on the morning of the 21st.

      • X says:

        Fake cold means no actual source from the north. 850mbs are usually not impressive but surface temps can be during fake cold spells especially if they are long like 1985.

    • Andrew says:

      It’s “fake” cold from standpoint that the 850mb temp over Portland never appears to
      drop below -5 or -6. I personally think that verifying would disqualify this from being considered an arctic air event west of cascades. However, cold enough air will be in place to our east to keep a nice cold layer at lower levels with offshore flow and present some opportunities for east wind snow events. Not ideal set up from my perspective but absolutely enough for some serious action. It will all depend on the storm tracks and how long that cold air lingers in columbia basin. I also can’t help but wonder if a substantial increase in snow coverage across columbia basin might also help lower temps even more than models are indicating. should be fun to follow but i’m not getting my hopes up just yet. this exact same pattern, even colder in fact, emerged a couple weeks ago and models slowly but surely moderated giving us the marginal scenario we experienced over the weekend. I’m sensing a repeat.

  27. ocpaul says:

    Warm W/SW, Chinook.

  28. tim says:

    La Nina is fighting for it’s life right now it’s forecasted to weaken rapidly during the next month so if it has any tricks up it’s sleeves it better do it soon.

  29. Scott Reeves says:

    Its always and always will be the east wind

  30. Doinko - Bethany says:

    18z GFS goes insane. Absolutely monstrous snow/ice storm day 8-10. Of course it’s just the GFS though

    • MasterNate says:

      All models are showing progressively colder atmosphere as we go into the heart of December with the GFS showing eye candy around the week before Christmas. La La land I know but fun to wish.

      • tim says:

        Models are going crazy because there’s a pattern change coming when all said and done it will just be typical rain and cool weather we already had our major arctic blast last December lighting doesn’t strike twice in the same place.

      • X says:

        It’s called W-I-N-T-ER not spring. It should be a colder atmosphere as we get deeper into it and it will warm up as we head out of it

        Water is wet who’d have thunk?

        • MasterNate says:

          Jeez, I guess I nee to explain my comment to the children who cant grasp the the concept. We have already been running below normal for the past 2 weeks and as we head deeper into December our atmosphere will be getting even colder, not because we are going deeper into winter but because Artic air remains to our north and east. We could easily be in the 50’s this time of year. As far as averages go, we are pretty much in the coldest time of year from now through January, so we are pretty much in the middle of it.

  31. tim says:


  32. tim says:

    Global warming is a fact. Trust the science. vote democrat to keep Portland crime rates high and small businesses ravaged. Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength and war is peace. ✌️

    • X says:

      There is global warming just not manmade. There were grapes and wine growing in southern UK back in the Medieval warm period.

      In fact some articles suggest it’s happening again more grapes are able to be grown due to a series of mild winters. Last winter apart from the April frosty nights were pretty mild with the jet well to the north most of the time.

  33. Eric Powell says:

    I remember voting to name it The Bronco Wind. Bronco because it causes vehicles to buck like a bronco while driving through the Columbia Gorge during a wind event. I was driving alone (deadheading) a tour bus one day near Biggs Jct. And a gust of wind blew me into the other lane.

  34. tim says:

    There’s no support for artic air in the models right now even the cfs is showing a mild second half of December, I still got snow on the ground.

    • Andrew says:

      The set up is quite good with a persistent blocking ridge starting early next week. Main issue I see in models is that the air to our north isn’t particularly cold (especially EURO), a very relative statement of course. Still plenty cold enough to bring snow threat to sea level but not the kind of cold that will drive temps into the 20s and teens, which is what we typically associate with a true arctic air incursion. But the set up is very promising. Both models show a great blocking pattern and a few opportunities for the right low to really pull in the cold and generate snow.

      • Doinko - Bethany says:

        The EPS looks great for the time period before and around Christmas. Deterministic models also looks great toward the end of their runs.
        About the air to our north being not too cold, I thought there was a good amount of cold air to our north in BC?

  35. Kristin Cox says:

    Maybe try The East Coho Wind

  36. Opie says:

    I like Coho!

    Off topic, but this week 50 years ago was perhaps the mother of all Arctic outbreaks for Salem. Sub-zero temperatures, a foot of snow on the ground, and lasted 12 days. Prepare to be amazed!…..


    Followed by a weeklong Pineapple Express lol!

    • MasterNate says:

      Yes please!

    • WEATHERDAN says:

      I was a college freshman in Salem then so I remember that two week stretch well. The snow part I like but not the extreme cold. I like our palm trees. I have three of my own, one 20 feet high. So below zero is not desired. However 10 degrees would be alright.

      • Opie says:

        My dad and I built an igloo out of “ice blocks” – we made the blocks by packing snow into a wooden box we had lined with wax. Great fun for a 3rd grader.

    • Roland Derksen says:

      I recall December 1972 well- the first 2 weeks were frigid with snow, then the last half warmed up with heavy rain. Christmas Day I had over 4 inches of rain (4.30 in. and it remains my all time wettest day.)

  37. Bobbi Brown says:

    It is the East Wind. As a native Portlander, I’ve always known what it meant when the weather forecast said an East Wind would be blowing.

  38. OC550 says:

    I remember the attempted move to the Coho Winds. I’m pretty easy going, so I didn’t care either way. ‘The East Wind’ was/is pretty entrenched, so it makes sense to stick with it. Most people know what you are talking about when you say East Wind. That’s the whole point anyway.

  39. Gene says:

    Mark, I do remember another reason Coho was chosen: because the wind was COld in the winter, and HOt in the summer — Cold-Hot, shortened to COHO. I actually thought that was a pretty good selling point, and I clearly recall the debate over the subject. Interesting post — thanks for the memory. Oh, and I’d vote to keep “East Wind,”mostly because “Coho” never really caught on then, and likely wouldn’t catch on now.

  40. Shelley McIntyre says:

    Interesting. I never thought about giving it an official name , and I can see the draw to Coho. But having lived here most of my 77 years, I agree that it’s The (or That) East Wind. It’s what we have always called it, and it perfectly describes what is making life miserable for us. It’s legendary. We all know what it means. Let’s make it official.

  41. donaleen Kohn says:

    Mary Poppins blows in with the East wind.

  42. Madeleine Landis says:

    Try again, Mark!

    🐟 Coho wind is a good PNW name!


    div dir=”ltr”>Madeleine

  43. WEATHERDAN says:

    First again. Peace

    • WEATHERDAN says:

      Actually I wanted to mention just how cold the next two weeks are starting to look. Many of the models are decidedly colder now than just 12 hours ago. It’s almost as if they expect the ridge forming over the West coast next week to buckle or retrograde. We get many severe Arctic outbreaks that way. And this Winter is beginning to look eerily similar to one when I was 14. The Winter of 1968-1969. It featured a cool November. A cold December. And a freakishly cold and snowy January. Will history repeat itself? Who knows. But if it does it will be fascinating. In the meantime people where are all the commenters. Merry Christmas and Peace.

      • Doinko - Bethany says:

        Looks very like a cold low level inversion coming up. Some hints that the block could retrograde and give us a blast too.

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