Fall So Far, Plus A Pineapple Express Ahead

9pm Monday…

Time is flying, or maybe I’m just getting older. We’re quickly heading toward mid-November so let’s do a quick recap of the season so far.

Meteorological Fall includes September/October/November, so we only have 3 weeks left this season:

  1. Temperatures have been near normal, or slightly below since September 1st. September and November (so far) slightly warmer than normal, but October slightly cooler than average. Nothing interesting here
  2. Wet! After an incredibly dry spring/summer, rainy weather arrived in mid-September. We are very fortunate it didn’t wait a few more weeks. It’s always amazing how we go from desiccated/dry ground and brown vegetation to green within just a few weeks each fall. Since that time, 8.87″ rain has fallen in Portland! As always, the mountains scoop up lots more rain. Mt. Hood Test Site at the bottom of Timberline’s Pucci Lift has seen 15.30″. North Fork SNOTEL south of Multnomah Falls at 4,000′ picked up 27.70″. A SNOTEL station named “Sheep Canyon” is on the southwestern slopes of Mt. St. Helens. In that notoriously wet location, over 3 FEET of rain has fallen since the wet season began; 37.40″. It’s hard to believe, but those numbers are about normal for this point in the fall. The Cascades are very wet (or white) late September through springtime!

Here are some other numbers showing just the last 30 days. Screaming message here is that you shouldn’t complain about rain in the I-5 corridor…tons more rain regularly falls west and east in hills/mountains surrounding the lowlands.


November is here and it’s one of the 3 wettest months of the year west of the Cascades. November, December, & January are close to the same rain-wise. It’s also the month that we slowly slip into our “winter” conditions west of the mountains. High temperatures drop down through the 50s.


More wet weather. Sure, today was amazing with early blue sky and comfortable temps in the 50s. But a relatively weak system is sweeping north along the coastline; we’ve got a wet night ahead. The Cascades picked up 4-12″ snow over the weekend, and I expect another 4-6″ through tomorrow above 3,000′. But don’t get excited about an early start to the ski season yet…


Starting Wednesday, upper-level ridging pushes warmer air north along the West Coast. That ridge LOOKS strong enough to give us warm & dry weather Thursday based on this map

But plenty of warm & subtropical air will be flowing northeast from north of Hawaii. Check out “Precipitable Water” on Thursday. You can see why these narrow ribbons of warm/moist air are named “Atmospheric Rivers”.

When it’s a warm one like this, freezing levels soaring over 9,000′, we also call it a “Pineapple Express”. Same idea, a warm, cloudy, and very wet weather pattern for us.

Since this is like a narrow firehose of rain that flips around easily, forecast rainfall can be all over the place as well. The ECMWF forecast through Friday morning seems a bit excessive showing 2-4″ in the western valleys of Oregon and SW Washington just through that time.

It’s better to use “model ensembles” in a situation like this. For Salem, the 51 members of the ECMWF model show an average of 2.50″. That’s the bottom half of the chart. Each of the horizontal lines on the top half show accumulating rainfall the next 6 days (at Salem)

For this reason (and at this moment), the event late Wednesday through Friday does not appear to be a significant flood producer. But, always something to watch as we get closer.

Snow levels will be very high Wednesday night through Sunday, mainly above 8,000′.

Add 3-6″ of rain to a fresh foot of snow later this week and and you can guess what will happen. There won’t be much left. But hopefully a bit colder next week and MAYBE some ski terrain opening up for the weekend before Thanksgiving…we will see!

To sum things up…it’s going to be very wet this week, especially Wednesday night through Friday. But models are also implying the ridging pushes most or all of the rain north of us next weekend. I’m skeptical…more later in the week

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

68 Responses to Fall So Far, Plus A Pineapple Express Ahead

  1. Weatherdan says:

    66 so far today after a low of 61. Our average low for today is 37, so 61 is 24 degrees above average. If this were to happen in Jul;y when our average low is 56 we would be at 80 degrees. This is another extreme weather event. They seem to be coming more rapidly of late. Sort of makes me wonder what is in store for us this Winter. Peace.

  2. Ken in Wood Village says:

    I emailed Mark about the impersonation thing Hank. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

    Anonymous, yes we do get cooler next week but don’t forget about what some of the runs showed the past couple of days. They did show some moisture here and there. Just because this last run doesn’t show any moisture doesn’t mean things can’t change. The way the atmosphere has been acting, I don’t think we’ll stay dry for to long.

    I hope you all have a good night. Not much to talk about until the models come in but I’ll be going to bed around 9pm. I get up at 4am to start my day. Fridays are my short days then it’s the weekend 🤗😇🌧

    • I don’t think its a problem that Mark has to deal with, because it was more like me being hacked, and then they used that to do some comments.

      I guess the only problem is figuring out who is doing this to the people here, and that will might help stop the Hacking and impersonating, but that might not even work, because if someone capable enough to hack accounts, Just to have a few ironic problems, I don’t think there is a way to get rid of them.

      The only option that could work, would be for everyone to make accounts, and then give it good security. But I think we need more than just a secure password, because I had a very secure password, and they still managed to hack me.

      If anyone’s curious how I (hopefully) got rid of them, I made it so somebody couldn’t log into my account from a different device, but if they were logged in when I did that, they still have access. So I suggest to do that before you get hacked.

      As always, I have a suspect on who it could be, Ziggy, or maybe a certain anonymos. OR here’s an idea, Mark Nelson, because it’s always who you least expect.

      -The real hank, not the hacker

  3. Anonymous says:

    The upcoming temps on the Euro were looking really chilly today, I got prematurely excited about snow in November until I remembered to look at the precipitation too lol oops. I think this indicates how much I’ll be very disappointed if we get nothing this winter.

    I’m really liking the rainfall we’ve had lately though. I put on my rain gear last weekend and went for a walk when the downpours were the heaviest.

  4. Andrew says:

    1.25 inches today with several hours of rain to go. It’s clear heavier totals are to the north but suggestions models were overdoing it or that portland might get skunked we’re clearly unfounded. we could end the day with more than two inches of rain!

  5. Everyone be on the look out, you might get impersonated. I don’t know what is real anymore, this is seriously get ping out of control.

  6. Okay, to whoever did this, there is no reason to have done it, you get no benefits, so please stop.

  7. I hate to say it, but my only option right now is to delete my account, which if I do so, you may not see this comment,

  8. Somebody is now commenting on my account, I have a serious problem.


  9. This impersonation thing is getting annoying.

  10. Weatherdan says:

    66 so far today but very wet. 1.69 in the old rain bucket the last 24 hours. And of course I have a flooded basement. Well thank goodness for sump pumps. Still though it does feel nice outside. Just wish it could have been a sunny day. A good soaking next Tuesday but nothing like today, then a good long stretch of cool but mainly conditions. Peace.

  11. runrain says:

    Quite warm out. Feels pretty good, actually.

  12. Evan -- Cedar Mill says:

    Yiga is either trolling (most likely) or delusional.

  13. 1.61 Inches of rainfall last night in Salem! Before I went to bed we were at .74 and that big batch of rain ended, at that point I thought there would only be .2-.3 more Inches of rain, but that was impressive!

  14. This is my last comment on this blog as it’s gone to trash: I drive XI Jinping’s VERY expensive electric vehicle so if you all have a very and I mean VERY snowy winter you have me to thank.

    I’m cooling the world off! Expect next year to be grand!

  15. I’m the hidden conspiracy all you hate. If you think a commenter is ‘awful’ for not agreeing with the hive mind it’s because I’m it and work with Xi Jinping controlling 99.9 percent of the web. 🙂

    We will own the world and space. 😲🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    BTW: It’s very heavy rain here in the valley and I mean BUCKETS! Over 2 inches and it started around 7pm. Actually it started at 5pm as very light rain and I didn’t think we were going to get a dime out of the storm.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think Hank, Yiga and Kyle are all the same person. I perused Hank’s new blog and, while the content is good, Yiga is all over the comment section. Is anyone else a little concerned?

  17. Very interesting, in the last 5 minutes in salem, Rain was pretty heavy and consistent, but occasionally there were some big sheets of rain, pretty rare from my experience to see sheets of rain.

  18. I looked at the rules, and technically this isn’t against the rules what I’m about to say.

    I’ve started my own weather blog! If you ever want very consistent updates, you can check out my blog, my goal is to do posts every 1-3 days, although I only do forecasts for Salem Portland Olympia and Seattle.

    Just to make this clear, I’m not trying to steal views from Mark, I don’t get any ad revenue or stuff like that. And I think Mark puts more effort into his blogs, their more accurate, and deserves more attention. I just do this for fun, and to give good information for the very few readers I have (currently 2) and I wanted to tell a few more people of my existence who might be interested. Not for the money.

  19. Flood Watch from THU 12:00 PM PST until SAT 6:00 AM PST
    Action Recommended
    Avoid the subject event as per the instructions
    Issued By
    Portland – OR, US, National Weather Service
    Affected Area
    Portions of northwest Oregon and southwest Washington, including the following areas, in northwest Oregon, Central Coast Range of Western Oregon, Central Columbia River Gorge, Central Oregon Coast, Central Willamette Valley, Coast Range of Northwest Oregon, Greater Portland Metro Area, Lower Columbia, North Oregon Coast, Northern Oregon Cascade Foothills, Northern Oregon Cascades, Upper Hood River Valley and Western Columbia River Gorge. In southwest Washington, Central Columbia River Gorge, Greater Vancouver Area, I-5 Corridor in Cowlitz County, South Washington Cascade Foothills, South Washington Cascades, South Washington Coast, Western Columbia River Gorge and Willapa Hills

    WHAT…Flooding caused by excessive rainfall is possible.

    WHERE…Portions of northwest Oregon and southwest Washington, including the following areas, in northwest Oregon, Central Coast Range of Western Oregon, Central Columbia River Gorge, Central Oregon Coast, Central Willamette Valley, Coast Range of Northwest Oregon, Greater Portland Metro Area, Lower Columbia, North Oregon Coast, Northern Oregon Cascade Foothills, Northern Oregon Cascades, Upper Hood River Valley and Western Columbia River Gorge. In southwest Washington, Central Columbia River Gorge, Greater Vancouver Area, I-5 Corridor in Cowlitz County, South Washington Cascade Foothills, South Washington Cascades, South Washington Coast, Western Columbia River Gorge and Willapa Hills.

    WHEN…From Thursday afternoon through late Friday night.

    IMPACTS…Excessive runoff may result in flooding of rivers, creeks, streams, and other low-lying and flood-prone locations. Extensive street flooding and flooding of creeks and rivers are possible.

    ADDITIONAL DETAILS… – Heavy rain may result in landslides in areas of steep terrain, as well as debris flows in and near burned areas from recent wildfires. – http://www.weather.gov/safety/flood


    You should monitor later forecasts and be alert for possible Flood Warnings. Those living in areas prone to flooding should be prepared to take action should flooding develop.
    More Information
    .An atmospheric river event will bring increasing rainfall starting this evening through Friday night. However, the heaviest rain and compounding impacts to rivers will likely begin Thursday afternoon. Snow levels will rise to above 9000 feet, bringing the possibility of heavy rain and flooding to the higher elevations.

  20. W7ENK says:

    Working out in the field this week, but I just wanted to drop in briefly to mention a couple things:

    1) It looks like NWS has issued an Avocado Warning for the lower plains this afternoon…

    2) There’s a bunch of convection embedded in the front approaching the Oregon Coast, lots of lightning offshore this afternoon. With a ton of mid-level instability in play over the WV, there’s a significant chance those thunderstorms won’t get brick-walled by the Coast Range later on this evening. At the very least, the Coastal cities could be rocking and rolling after sunset.

  21. Andrew says:

    Both GFS and EURO standing pat with around 3 inches through weekend. I agree that the track seems to be trending north, which is typical. I think we’re in for a good soaking either way.

  22. tim says:

    00z gfs has another 945mb low end of the month offshore I don’t remember ever seeing so many deep lows on models in our area before. I really hope for a major artic blast this winter since we’re having all these historic events this year we are due.

  23. Zach says:

    This AR is shifting north. Pdx might get skunked.

    Sick of Washington nearly always being in the bullseye. I hope things change in December.

    • Hank from Salem says:

      I’m happy! Since we aren’t in desperate need of rain and we aren’t in drought, dry weather is nice! Still lots of leaves left to rake, and leaves to fall, and hikes to do before I’m ready for winter.

      • Zach says:

        We are still in drought since the effects of last spring / summer are cumulative. I think it will take many above average months for rain fall to make up the deficit

        • EY (Oak Grove) says:

          A foot of rain would really help us out of the drought. But a foot of rain in a week would do very little to actually help and would only make things worse. We don’t really need a pineapple express to ease the drought conditions; we need a cooler steady rain (but not incredibly heavy rain) situation to settle in and bring consistent but non-flooding rains to the valleys and a good snow pack in the mountains.

          -20″ of rain over 3 years isn’t erased by 20″ of rain in one year. The effects of the deficit (which actually matter) won’t be fixed just by erasing the deficit of rainfall as fast as possible. You can’t fix someone suffering severe dehydration by giving them as much water as they need to function, you need to do it in a slow and steady way that won’t overwhelm the system… The same applies to a drought situation.

          Extra rain helps for sure! But excessive rain that will just flow out into the ocean in a week or three and won’t be absorbed by the ground won’t help nearly as much. Stored rain (i.e., ice and snow) would help things out WAY more than a warm rain that’ll melt the snowpack.

        • EY (Oak Grove) says:

          I’m using the huge numbers (a foot, 20″) above as hyperbole to emphasize and make my point. I am NOT saying that that’s what I think you are saying nor am I implying that that’s what you are saying or hoping for.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Perfect nighttime window-open nights coming up. Mild overnight temps with solid rainfall. Very soothing for sleeping!

  25. Weatherdan says:

    I think somewhere around 2 inches of rain for the Wednesday through Friday time frame in Salem. A fair amount yes but not the uber high amounts forecast by some. Thanksgiving week looks mainly dry and cool. Highs 40-45 with lows 25-30. Some snow maybe down to 2,000 feet. Sort of a crisp holiday feeling. A great way to ease into Winter. Peace.

  26. Joshua Lake Oswego says:

    It’s looking to me like Longview to Olympia will see the most rain in the I-5 corridor for the upcoming atmospheric river event. The QPF looks like it will really drop off north of Tacoma and south of Albany.

    The bullseye is definitely trending north as it has a way of doing with these things. I will be very disappointed but not surprised if Portland ends up with just a glancing blow.

  27. Andrew says:

    I agree that this time of year is supposed to be wet. But anyone who dismisses 3-4 inches of rain in a five day span for the portland area as “normal” is clearly misguided. is it unprecedented? of course not. But our 30 year average for November is 5.45” and we could conceivably double that if these models are to be believed. Moreover, November 2021 rainfall could remarkably surpass the rain totals of Novembers 2018, 2019 and 2020 combined! Granted 2018 and 2019 were unusually dry. At the very least, it seems very likely this will be the wettest November since 2012. Also worth noting that the effects of La Niña typically aren’t felt until after January.

    • Andy says:

      I think our winter season will be very interesting…everything is on the table this winter. Rainfall record’s for some places could likely fall.

  28. Hank from Salem says:

    I don’t bash the people you say I bash, I shut down the people wanting winters below 0 the whole year or people wanting 120 MPH Winds ect.

    It’s funny you are the one calling W7ENK a troll, you’re the one saying bs that nobody believes and that can easily be proven wrong, me and Josh don’t have any problems with eachother, I almost always agree with him, so no as a matter of fact, I don’t bash Josh.

    Me and W7ENK throwing a high school temper tantrum? Why because we called out complainers like you? I think you’re saying this stuff either because you’re a troll, or you’re one of the complainers and you are offended by people stating facts and pointing out how annoying the trollers or complainers can be, and you can’t hear anything but, oh wow anonymous is amazing, thank you anonymous you’re my hero, oh anonymous you are so right please keep being so amazing, ect. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re the one throwing a high school temper tantrum, but because you’re so “perfect” you can’t accept being wrong.

    You’re just digging yourself into a deeper hole if you keep responding with this incorrect stuff that can easily be disproven. just accept it, you’re saying rude information that everyone disagrees with, and if you do that, you might get yourself out of this deep hole, and still have some respect for you.



    • Hank from Salem says:

      I meant to reply this to anonymous, but I guess this works.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sure you did… you want attention so badly you forced an argument to the top of the comments to be the center of attention then pretend it was an accident. Absolutely pathetic.

        I got nothing more to say to you frankly, but maybe you’ll think twice before siding with a bully next time. ✌

        • Hank from Salem says:

          I want attention? Why would I do that, this is a comment section of people I’ll probably never meet in my life, I don’t see a reason to care so much about attention.

          Honestly, thats the type of thing that people who say it, are the only ones who do it, but then call everyone else out for it.

          I’ll actually explain how I accidently commented a whole new comment instead of a reply. I was typing it out, then my internet went out, luckily since I already loaded the page, I could just finish typing it, copy it, and paste it once my internet started working again and the comment would send, nothing to do with attention.

          Also thanks for calling me pathetic, really offends me so much when someone keeps accusing people of misinformation including myself, calls me pathetic, it really does. Sarcasm.

          Stop saying rude stuff to W7ENK, you call him a bully, he never bullied anyone, why did you bring him into this?

          Well I’m glad you have nothing more to say, I was getting tired of this stupid argument too. I hope we both learned some lessons here, because improvements is one of the most important things of life!


      • snomanski says:

        As always, your arcane little cliquish spats go right past us normal people. Frankly, we could do without them. Meantime we pray for just the right amount of snow and wind–enough to make it interesting but one hopes not enough to make it fatal.

  29. Roland Derksen says:

    Can’t really complain about the weather here so far this month- although rainfall has been above normal for my location (3.95 inches at my most recent count) we have seen the sun a few times, and had some rainbows, and a tornado(an F-0 if I’m correct) pretty exciting stuff!

  30. Diana F. says:

    Yes time DOES fly by as we get older! And for me, as I hit 57, turns out the 50 degrees with wind last night (here in East Vancouver/ Bennington) is FREEEEEEEZING to me! I take the dog out while wearing a Siberian hat, a heavy down coat that hits below the knees, Hunter boots, wool socks, a scarf and lined leather gloves AND I AM STILL COLD!!!! Wth! I beg for cold and snow to blast us, but my 110 pounds is pretty sure that this year, I’m gonna be watching it from the chair by my fireplace! #nothappyaboutthis!

  31. Hank from Salem says:

    Thanks for the update as always! I always look forward to your next post, especially this time of year!

  32. W7ENK says:

    Screaming message here is that you shouldn’t complain about rain in the I-5 corridor…

    To sum things up…it’s going to be very wet this week, especially Wednesday night through Friday.

    I’m willing to bet this still won’t keep certain folks from complaining… 🙄

    • Hank from Salem says:

      I’ll bet 500$ with you.

      I don’t get why people complain so much about the weather, nobody has control over it, complaining does nothing but annoy people and make some people have less respect for you.
      But people still complain even if you tell them this 🙄…….

      • Anonymous says:

        And yet here you are complaining yourself… 🤔

        You’re on a blog that is literally designed for the purpose of discussing weather events – complaints or otherwise – and you post incessantly about certain topics yourself… like the 800 times you posted that La Nina image a couple of weeks back.

        W7 is notoriously grumpy and nags about stupid things far more than anyone else here. It’s rich to see annoying people complain about being annoyed. Get over yourselves

        • Hank from Salem says:


          ?̷̮̩̯̥̝̭̗̳̃̀͌͑̒̊̓̿ͅͅ?̸̨͉͇̖̗͕́͊̈́̉̊̓̚͠?̶̡̨̀͐̋͆͌̈̕͝͝?̷̧̣̞͍̪̺̺̇̿̽̈́̊̆̌̒ ̸͓̳͚̭̟̞̜̮̰͒̐̄̏̊͑͛̒͠?̴̨̤̺͖͇̭͙͙̝͑́̑͂͜?̴̛̛̲̳͕̖͍̾̉̓̆͑̄̾͝?̴̛̘̫̲͙̰͖͗́̋́̆̑͝?̶̜̣̳͙͔͓̅̍̉̿̽̈̇͝ ̸̹͈͋͋̓́͒̈́?̴̢̠̼͎̩̱͕̦̈̈̚ ̴̢̗̦̞͉̜̯̈́͂̐͂̽̒̿?̷̟̙̠̘͕̺̖̀̆̀ͅ?̵̾̽̒́̔̕ͅ?̴̧̹̬̤̰͈̳͔͍̒̈́̒͑̎̚ͅ?̴̢̢͖̤͉͙͇͓͇̞̈́͊̌̾͋̓̾͘ ̷̨̥̝̥͚̟̻̑͆̅̅͛̓͑͋͜?̸̤͔͚͚̟͉̝̬͓̊́̆͛̀̃̈̽͘͝ͅ?̸̛̗̩́̚?̵̣̦͕̩̤̩͊͠?̵̲̺͙̱̜̐̂̈́̄̈́̂͑͐̚?̸̪͙̫̯̥̤̗͙̺̎̋͛̉̾͋̐̒̑̚ ̷͈̲͓̣̤̣͚͖͊̌̂̇̓̈́̄?̸̧̫͔̺̘̾?̶͇͓̰͕̲̥͂̈́͠?̸̮̝̖͛̍ ̵̨̠̽̑̉?̷͙̬̏̊̊̋̄ͅ ̸̭̺̲͙̲̠̜̂͋͆̉͒̋͠͝?̴̭̽̈́̈́͑̎̓́̚̚?̸̧̥͙́̾̆̋̎̀̈́̓̑̕ͅ?̶̳͉̣͇̹́̌?̴̨̱̹͔͔̺̹̣̰͆͗̄ ̸̧͓̝̱̾̀̈́̃͝͝͝?̷̭̳̯̼̭̋̊̈́̐͋̈́̃̎ͅ?̵͍̞̥̺̳͔͙̗̎̉̽̽͋͆͑̀̚̚͜?̶̡͉͚̙͔͇͚̩̜͊̑́̌́̈̈́ͅ?̶̡̜͍̺̈́͆̇̇͑͋?̶͚̤̱̒̇̿̍̔̀̿̈́͝?̶̬͚͗͊̍̓ ̵̢̡̼͚̳̤̆̂̈͗͐͜?̷̡̧̠͓̱̙̮̩̳̀͊͠?̶̛̳̮̈́̄̃̃́̍̀́͝?̴̡̢̡̻̻̲̳̩̝͛͊͐̀̋͠͠ ̶͔͉̱̙̫̬̠̰̩̒̑̿̉̀͂̈́̀̍̏ͅ?̶̣̬̬̯̝̹̳̐̈́͘͝?̴̡̘̰̞̠̥̮̞̓ͅ?̷̡̳̠̟͙̥̖͒̒̓?̶̳̈́͛̔̈́̽?̶̧̝̓͂͐̂̃́ ̷̟̠̖̮͈͈͍̻̄̐̇͗̈́͛̅̊̎̎?̵̲͗͒?̶̢̘̦͇̲̬̱̭͂̐͜?̶̭͓̪͚̫̣̠̄̋̽̒͠ͅ ̷̨̢̛͈̜̳̙̲͎̆́̅̀͌̇?̷̨̛̬̤͍̍́̇̒̾?̴̡̥́̇̔̒͌͗̅̕̚͠?̷͓͋ ̴̡͔̘̩͇̫͋̌̾͛̀͝?̴̮̻͓̥̅̽̈?̴̡̝̘̱̬͇̫͖̤̈̈̃̒?̵̨̠͖̬̥̣̳̤̄͠?̸̱̋̌?̷̞̩͖̮̲͉̲̜̭̀̓͗̆?̷̨͚̀͛̊̕?̸̢̛̜̙̟̠̩̳̪̘̘̏̊̀?̵̻̖̞̼̦̜͎̱̹͌͌̊͘͜?̵̲͈͂̏͊̄ ̵͍̤̉̀̒͒̿́̉̚͝?̴̫̝̜̗͍́́̈̕?̸̢̨͇͎͎͉̓̄̉̎̀͜͜ͅ?̶̭̗̦̣͍͎͉͔͍̳̓̃̇?̴̼̇͜ͅ ̵͔̼̰̜͕̇̎̈́͋?̴̡͎͈̙̠̝̤͖̖͆̃ͅ?̵̺̌̚?̵̧̪̺̮̭̟́͘͝ ̵̣̪̩̜͚̤̋͝?̷̸̢̡̛̛̳̰͍͕̤̻̼̭̔̀̊͒̚͘̕3̶̳̗̱̹̬̙̱̬̏͝9̴̭̝͕̳̘͇́̊̓́͋͑͝͠1̸͔̜̘̫͒͒́͗̈̍̐̓̚ ̸̗͎͚̬̪̳̞̤̋̂̎̇̍͊̊͜?̴̡͚̘͐̊̌̅͒͛͝͠?̸̱̈́ ̶̟͚̭͉́̔̓̃̏̊̒͘?̵̣̫̟͈̜͙̙͛͑͐͊́́̈̕ͅ?̴̲̻͕͚͖̩̦̘̘̐̆̀͋̈́͛̃̎͒?̷̺͎͚̦̳͈̤͖̍͛̈́͝ ̷̼̠̫̳̙͌̐̄͗̄̇͂̈́͊͝ͅ?̶̧̞̦͕͝?̸̨̳̺̱̮̰̘̒̍͊̑̇̚̚͝?̵̫̹͊̿̾?̶͓̤̰̟̈͂͑̏̚͝ ̷͍̰̔̊̑?̷̖̗̈̈́̄̓͝͝?̴̟͉̈́̅̍͋͜?̷̢̈̽̂̐?̷̛̞̳͙̪̦͎̣̫́͐̋͛́̆͝ͅ?̴͓̥͖̯̭͚̬̣̖͜͠?̸̧̯̣̣͉̩̈́̏͜͝?̴͙̲̭̻̮̗̀?̴̨͉͚͔͖̆̐̿̈͊̈ ̷̥̮̓̇͗̔̌͐̇͋̅̕?̸̰̣͕̺̰̺̬͔̏̅͊̎͆̆̽͘?̶̦͉͆̍̈́̂͂̏̑̿͘ ̷̡̻̮̗̆̓̋?̴̛̗̺͉͙͒̈́͛͌͜͝?̴̙̼̜͈̱͕͉̲̋͘?̶̝̮̠̩͖̚?̸̰̩̯̣̣̣͚̖̞͒̑̏͐?̵̥̤̈̀?̸͕̗̥͙̭̠̻̗̈́͗̿̀̔?̵͕̩̌́̂̓͋̚͜͝?̸͖͍̝̯͔̯̻̥͗́̈́͠ ̴͎̺̤̜̩͚̲̠̔́͛?̶̪͓̦̀̍?̵̨̡͍̀̉̽̒̕͝?̶̡̢̭̩͉̟͕̀́͆͆̅ ̸̨̢͈͉̥̠̄͗̇̎͜͝?̸̩̮̖̞̙̽̌̏̎͘?̷̯̜̥̻̍̈́̍͝?̴̛̦̙̤̹̹̽̅̇̉̚?̸̰͎̗̘̲̓?̵̛͎͎̞͉̺̹̉̆̉͛͛̑̓͠͝?̷̘̭̖̮̇͋͋̎̍̿̏̇͘͠?̶̯̯̦͍̅͒͊͗?̴͇̞́̊̀͂̒̆?̷̢̡̨͔̺̈́̎?̸̢̫̪̖̫́͂͊̈̉́̎͑̂̚͜ ̴̧̡̤̺̘͕͎̜͆͂́̈̕͝?̸̱̈́̈́̅̂̀̆̀͋?̴̨̧̢̼̹̣͆̓͛͜͝?̶͙͌͌̎̀ ̷̢͉̻̎̓̋̎̌̈́̋̽̃͝?̴̨̧̢̮͚̤͇̹̘̬̀̃̽͑̈́̅̀̚͝͝?̷̡̛̯̫̥͙͍̐́̀̑̊̉͠?̷̯͉̦̥̈̾̽̆̓̍̀͒̀́?̴̮̝̃̾̈́̔̚͘͜͝?̸̡̞̮̹̀͛ ̴̢̭̬̣̘̻͈̅̂͆̇̈́?̶̢̣̼̫̹̙̮̠͂̔͛̈́͘͜ ̵̢͕͍̞̗͓͓̝̍̆̉̈́͛͆?̴̛̰͔̰̦͎͎̥̜͈͎̑͆̇̀͋͝?̸̨̛̺̼͓̺̻̅͂̎̐͘̕͜?̷̘̮̱̻͓͈̱̳͍͖͑͊̐͗͆̀̈́́͊͘?̷̛͍͚̦̩̰͓̾͊̎͋̒̽̔̕ͅ ̴̧̮̺͔͓̾͌̍́̄̏?̷̢̢̯͚͕̍̎̂̕?̸̧̗̙̟̜̀́͆̕̕͝?̵͓̣̙͎̊?̷̢̮͈͖̗̫̳͉̘̦͆?̶̛̺̤̠̗͉͊̽̽̿́ ̸̻̙̤͖̂͌̔̍̾͊̽͆͝ͅ?̴͕̹͍̹̼͂̑ͅ?̴̛͖͎͍̠̦̜̦̮̥̆̉̒̕?̶͓̺͙̔͛̈́̑͠?̵̭̱̗͗̂̀̃̉͂̃͐?̴̧̭̖͉͔̘̟̀̍͐͋̏͒͠?̶͖̜͚̞́̊̏̄̍̈͘͝ ̶̘̐?̸̻̙̔?̶̧̨̘̳̟̞̩̊̅̌͋̀̅̍?̵̦̜̫̣̤̫̏̃͒͋ͅ?̴͔̬̞͗͐̒͝ ̷̞̞̫̣̻̃̃͌͆̀̒̅ͅ?̵͈̫͎̦̩̙͐̄͘͝͠?̸̩̃́͌̒̑͗̾͘ ̴̹̮̈͑̿̒̎̇͑͐̍͝?̴̡̞̜̲̳̱̭͓̟̤͂̽͛̒͋̿͐?̷̛̺̑̈̇̌͋͜?̷̢̍͠ ̶̡̬͖̻̩͕̱̄̄́̀?̶̧̬̝̬̩̟͛̄̍̀̔̍̄̇͘͜ͅͅ?̸̡͇̤̫̪̰̺̬̤̩̓̽̀͛̐̕̕͝?̴͍̱̦͇̲̦͕̓̓̉̇̈́̕?̴̡̛͇͓͙͔͚̖̝̐́̿̔̌̅̃̇̀͜?̴̝̻̬̮̀͝?̴̡̻͓̠͂̅̈̾͠?̵̗̩̟̤͇̖̰͓͆͆ ̵̢͕̙͇̠̯̫̙̉͠?̷͖̒͒͜?̵̡̛̛̹̤̦̖̖̪͎͐̅͗̑̇ ̸̛̫̣͍̹͔͕͖̩̱̾͛̏̉̅͜͠?̴̛͇̥͕̜̤̞̫͆́͜?̷̛̘͎͔̪̜̉̀͒͐͐͐̕?̸̠̗̓͛?̴̲̝̰̘̲̣͒?̶̧̛̦͙̓͂̓͗̓̾̃͝?̷̙̤͎̳̬̟̀̀͑̕.̴̛͉͖̩̫̮͛̊̐̓͗̊͛̚?̴̼̹̈?̵̨͕̻͎̤͓̞̈́̽͐̚?̶̪͝?̵̲̼̗͖͖̖͕̹̙̿͊̊̍̋͑͗?̸̘̼͖̗͖̣̟͔͌͑̽́͒͝ ̷̡͍͖̱̻͍̤̅̄̚͝ͅͅ?̴̖̎̋̄͐͒͊̀̄̾́?̸̨͍̿̔̽͛̃̚͠?̷͍͒̋̄̏͒̋̕?̴̛̯̦̗͕̙̖̲̼̙͌͑̾͒́̓͌̔͘͜ ̴̥̦͈͕͙͌̊͊̓ͅ?̴͐͜͝?̶̪̗̣̱̈́̉̕?̴̧̹̰͍̉ͅ?̷̢̬̽̍͘͠?̷̨̣͇͍̯̹̖͕̪̽̌̽̽͌͛͘?̶̹̙͉̄?̵̧̰̱̪̝͇̽͆̾͂͝?̷̢̢̡͓̻̘̟̇̏ͅ?̸͚̙̉͛́́͌̆́̎͘?̸̢͉̜̣͂̓̌̂̈́͛͊ ̶̤̜̈̈́̃̕͝ͅ?̷͙̫̌̓̄͛?̴̨͈͇̳̩̺̠̎̏̽͘͜͝?̶̡̠̪͕̞̣́̓̊̿̿͗̒ ̵̣͔͙͔̏͊̓͘͠?̷̜̦̀̐͊̚͝ͅ?̶̣̺̻̬̱̘̦͖̥̀͜?̴͕̞͍̼̟̗͍̭͆́̈́̓͒̎?̵̨̫́̈̃̊̏̈́́?̵̢͉̲̩̱̹̰͙̰͋̔͂̃?̷̙̉?̵̢̯̣͚̭͍̫͌̎̈́?̵̧̖̘͉̜̜̘̹̼̉͑͛r̴̝̤͉̒?̴̮̗̳̑̌̊̾̈́̌͜?̷̨͖̥̼̩̼͎̲̋̓?̷̢̻̰̝̯͈̞̹̙̞̃̐̓̈́̒̿̏̃?̷̬̹̗͖͎͉͉̀̈̅̾̈́̅̕͜?̸̝͎̭̜̯̟́̇̾̅̓̔̑ͅ?̸̧̯͈͇͎̮͍̜̯͐̐̌́͂̿́?̷̻͕̣̤̲̲̯̙̲̥̓̍ ̵̨̠̀́̊̏͆̂̕ͅͅ?̸̱͇͔̈̐̈́̕͝?̷̧̙̦̲̞̈́?̴̝͊͆͗̓́́̆̔̕͝?̶̭̰̦̺͎̬͇͔̪̋́?̶̪͛̓́̽̍̊̈́̕͘?̴̧̲͖̺̀̈́͗̿͘?̵̬̜̪̮̻̲̋͗̃̀̎͐͊̈́͒ ̵̬̝̰̱̞̻͍͉̏̃̈́̈?̶̯͓͍͈̫̪̳̟́͋ͅ?̵̡̝̪̰̣̙̘̽̅?̸͚͕͈͎̓̓͗̇̽̕!̵̘̩͇̖̰̉͋͋͆̚͝ ̶̨̺̺̯̮͈̜̤̈́͐̅̿̒́̔́͂̓?̷̡͔̥͕̻͗̋?̸̺̍͋̄͂͂̎͒̊̈́̾ ̴̨̟̱̰̖͍̘̰̬͗̅̑́̄̑̑̚?̵̬̹̓͐?̶̲̙̘͆̇̉̏̑̌̋͝?̶̩̭͇̜͉͔̘̑͐̊̌͆͒̕͜?̸̧̲͗̈͘?̴̯̥̞̫͚̹͉̯͌̎́͋̈́͒͜͝?̴̨̟̳̅̈́̆̽͑͘͜ ̶͖͚̹͑͐͂̒̾̚?̷͍̱͚̖̰̪̭̟́̉̓͘ͅͅ?̵̬̍́͆̈́͑̓͝?̵̧̛̩̼͇̤͘͝?̷̢̼̝̞͈̭͚̐̀͑̍̉͆͝ ̴̱̥͚̺̪̥͖̈́̉̇͛̑?̵̹͛̄̏͑͗͐͋̅̕?̴̮̬͒̿͝?̶̫͚̜̀̌̉̄̋͊̍̒̾̒?̸̢̠̟̖̘̝̣̣̝͊̽͗͑͂̇ͅ?̷̨̛̪̜͓̫̘̣͔̲̬́́͑̌͛̀̕̚͝?̸̧̯̻̹͎͓͍̿͊̎̑́̀́̿͘͠?̵͕̱̲̗͎̯̠͙͂͂̔͛̂̎̎̚ ̴̢̱̞̝̪͈̟̹̦̿̾͋̽͂̏̕͠?̵̢̞̑̓̃̿̍̍̉̕͘͘?̸͕͔͉̖͖̹͇͂͜ ̵̜̬̘̏̑͒̄̎͋͜?̷̝̙͍͖͙͔̦̋͋̂̽̋͋̐̈͜?̴̦̲͆͜?̷̰͓̪̅͒͒͐?̸̨̭͎͍̱̱͝ͅ?̷̨̢̮͉̼̙̹̫̘͈͒?̸̹͓̟̍̆̍̊͌͂͆̔?̷̭̫̝̺̏̏̽́́͊́̓͛̚?̶̹͎̥͔̼̣̂͑̆̔̀̋͘͠͠?̶̨̱̟̺̙͎͈̫̒̐̈̎͛͜͠ ̴̨̢̖̖͚͇͔͙̮͐́̎̈́̐̈́͝͝?̸͖̪̝̼͚̒͌̍̿̏͐̾̕̚ͅ?̴̜̲̋̏͋͝?̷̧̨̧̺̳͕͎̱͇̅̐̋͊?̸̭͈̤̅͆̒̈́͆̓̓̎́?̶̱̞͊̉͊̄͜͝?̴̱̹̔͜?̴̛͙̟̼́́̈́͊̈́̾̌?̶̨̤̤̯̺̹̤̗͇͓͗̋̀͘̕?̴͎̟͖̳̯͊̊͋̐̌͝͝ ̸̢̢̛̛̰͙͇̪̙̊̃͊̓͊̍̇͝?̴̨̡͚̰͈̺̘̏͒͜?̷̧̘͓̬̗̰̙͇̟͔̾ ̷̨̗͓̳̻͇̣͕̞̑͊͐̀͌̔?̶͎̯̲̗̽̅͐͒̆̆̏͊͜?̶̝͕̮̺͕̞̐͌́̀͋̃͂͐͑̒ ̷̻͍̺̒̏͗̉?̵̼̫̮͎̮̥̠̩̽̿̂̊̈́͐͆ͅ?̷̢͙̖̙̺̞̫̹̥̺̑͌͛?̴̰̈́̽͒̏̈͘?̴̹̻̔͗̆̎̈́̈́̌̌̐?̴͍̲̭͔̉̀̎̔ ̷̨̠͉̏̂̕?̶̢͕̱̝͕̫̖̉̒̒̐̊̅͘ͅͅ?̶̫͉̝̹̳̮̊̊͋̋̋ͅͅ ̴̧̛̘͉̣̱͚̱̝͚͗͒͗̌͌͛͘͝?̷͍̖̻͓̻͍͈͚̆̄̒̓́̒̇͘͠?̸̢̢͍̘̫̪̗̫̪͕̚?̸̢̝̯̺̺͍̯̬͔̈́͐͗̓̐?̴͙̮̣̱̂̆͗́̈̚͝ ̵̧̢̘̳̱̦̯̻͔̹͒̾̍̓͛̓͊̈́̊̓?̴̰̉̀̓́͌̍́͋̎̕?̶̱͑̒͝?̵͓̝̳͙̣̘̝̘͓͂̃͒͜?̴̧̢̳̹͖̅̄͂͊̀́͝ ̷̼̟̣̱̥̒̀͛̚͝?̴̠̱̂͛̈́́̓̐̋?̴͎̠̱̤̟͇͓͇̞̱̀̃́́̎̉?̶̫̎̈́͛̀̚?̴̳͖͕̟̭̦̙̈́̀̏̓̈́͊͒͒͘?̵̬͇̣͍̝͑̎͌̎̈́́̅̃͝͝?̵̨̭͈͉̖̝͉͙̙͒͒̈͛̈́͗͌͊͜?̵̧̛͙̤̰̝̺̲͎͛͊̀̈͒̊͆͝ͅ ̶̝̊̾̃̒̑͝?̸̭̻͔̻̅̈͌̓̎͛̓͒͘?̴͖͑͐̽̈́̿̓̈̾͘͝?̵̱̯̥̩̭̮͖̺̒̓̎̆͊̕͝ ̵̡̗̟̜̆̇́̕?̶̧̡̼̺̙̗̭̮͊͑͜ͅ?̶̲̖̌̑̍͒?̶͇͎̳͔̱̦͑̐̒̀̋̒̽́̍?̷̬̲͙̑̓͋͘͠͠?̴̨̬̮̭͙̓̀̓̚͝͝?̴̦̮̳̣̗̀͛͌̓̒̓ ̷̝̫̠̅̈́̐?̷̨̘̪̃̋̍̐̃͊̃͊̕͝?̶̻̙̖̰͆̈́̊̂̃̅͠?̸͉̇̄̊͌͊̀͋̚?̶̢̛̱͑̉́̓?̶̡̹̖̬̙͓̓̾̂̓͐̂͐̕̚?̷̡̱͉̲͇͔̞̰̉̌̀̎̃.̷͇͉̱̦̓̊͊́.̴̯̪͒̔.̶̮͓̥͙͔̈́͝ ̸̨̨͚͓̜̼͗͑̈́?̵̨̊͋̀͠?̸̡͍̫̠̆̒͘ ̸̡̧̥͍͚͉̰̰͑̂́̑̈̓̅̈̚͝?̵̨̬̘͔̗͙̩̱̹̓̀̅ͅ?̶͕̫̖̰͖̔̅̽́̆͘̕?̷̺̹̹͚̞̗͔͎͗?̴̛̟͓̪̘̇͐̀͛͘̚?̸͙̑̾͐̂̿̇͘?̴̟͍̲͎̯̝̣̺̣̋̈̽͐͊͌͗͂?̸̝̱̒̇̂̏̔̔̚̕͠?̸̨̺̻̲̦͇̙̺͇̣̇̃̈́̏͂̕͠?̵̮͆̓͗̿̈̇̽̂̀̚?̶̤̮͔̣̬̣̝̩̊́͐̽̔͗͒͗̈́̆ ̶̪͕̙͉̳̘̺̪͙̄̿̈́̍̉̽̎͐͜?̸̢̱͚͖̼͎̲͔̔̂̔̍͌͑͑́̅?̵̨͖͔̰̬̤͕̈͑̄̈͛̚͝͝?̸̝͔͙̻̆̍̄̓́́͘̚̚ ̶̨̳̱̞̣͍͇̪̤̈́̈́?̷̼̜́͗̎̃̿͂̌̃̈́?̴̨̼̙͈̰͙͙͔͉̋͑̆̆̋̋̄ ̸̘͂̋͝?̸̛̖͕̫͚̫͕̩̤̈́͐̐͊̚?̶̫͉̞̐̀͘?̵͕̖̜́̍̽̄̉́́̚ ̸̢̥͉̲̩̯̿͐̏̆̏?̴̛̖̎̄̔͛?̸̡̦̲͉̙̰͓̻̹̺͗̀̅̍̊͌̃?̴̡͕͙̂̈̽̇̎͘ ̷̡̝̪̦̟͍̬̜̱̗̂̈͑́͗?̵̲̤̣̙̙͈̺̄͒́͋͌̐͌̐̎͜͝?̵̧͚̼̩̤̉̎́̕͠ͅ?̷̪̖̦͎̱̖͆ ̸̨̛̠̜̦̝͇͙͎͕̹̀̍͂̄̉̈́̈́̽͝?̶̜̣̱͚̭̊̏̒̐̌͋̾̿͜?̸̱̏͂̾̓̇͘?̶̛̼̭̯̮̖̯̻̮̋͊́͜͜ ̶̨̨̛̣̜͇̹̬̟̐̋̉͆̅̈́?̶̢̱̱͓̯̟̺̼̞̔̑̾̑̿̐̃̚̚?̷̡͕̯̥̎͐̈́̊͐͐̓̕͠͝ͅ?̶̬̱̖̋̇͌̀̕?̶̢̣̭̜͎́̌̊͛͛͂͝?̷̛̫̤͖̰͔̟̘̤̰̂̽́͗̓͆͜͝?̵̱͇̗̝̜̈̇̆̒̑̚?̶̧̜͓͉̪͔͂̍͗̔̀̃̉̒͝ ̴̹̲̮̬̰̯̠̠͍̈̉̽̈́͐͝?̷̱̮̣̜̘̲͐̅͂̑͋̈̾̊ͅ?̶̢̛̗̯̩̞͎̃̑͜ͅͅ?̵̹̲̙͇̪͖̔̽̐?̷̨̨̹͎̹͔̏̈̒͗̿ ̵̨͕̭̬̦̼̔̅͐̏͜?̴̠̗̋͊̈̈̐̊̆͛͘͠?̵̢̘̬͈̠̣͖̮̪̮̀̌̊̃̔̎͗͛̾̕ ̶͇̦̘͍̖̦̠̲̠̓?̵̨͍̻̭̩̈̆͆̏͋͑̊̈͝?̷̛͚̽͐̏͛͐̓̅͠?̴̡̳͍̮̠͇̟̻̅͒̇̈̊̃̓̚͘͜ ̵̹͍̉̄̐̈́͛́̊̊̓̒?̷̜̗̣̳̆̈̃͊͛͛́̉̑́?̴̱̎̒̀̒̃̚̕͠͝?̶̤̀̌͑̆̅̓̀͌̿ ̷̳̘͔̫̳̪̈́̽̍͜͝?̴̧̧̮̪͍͕̹̭̳̎?̸̮͓̻̲̯̠̮̥̥̓̓̐.̷̡̛̫͉͉̗̿̒͒̔͊͝.̷̧͙̘͇̥͔̩̙̅ͅ.̵̦̟͕͈̩̰͊̈̇̈́̈́͛͂.̷̢̯͉͈̭̯̺͑̿̃͘͘ ̵̢͈̤̻͎̱̼̜̏̈́͂͆͑́͒̚?̷̗̱̰̫͖͑͌͗?̷̯͍̺̭̳̇͋̌͐̃͂͑̅͘?̸̛̠͈̭̻̩͓̼̲̭̌̄̐̅̈́̚͝͝ ̴̨͇̙̬͕̰͓̞̘̈́̽?̴̹͍͉̟͈̄̽̎̍͗̉̂͗͋͘ͅ?̷̛̻̲̠̹̞͚̪̖̍̾͋͑̇͗͑͘̚ ̷̧̰͓̠̫̯̖̇̽̃̏̈̅͜͝?̸̧̼̳͎͓͉̺͖͈̽͆̉̐̈́ͅ?̵̡̡̲̣̠̳̱͈̉͐̿́̿̚̚?̴̟̮͇̝̹̃̑ ̸̫̤͋͂̀̀̕͝?̵̘̰̲̅̉̍͐̕?̶̨̦̤̹̝̻̳̋͛͊̌̅̏̏̂̀͘͜͜?̷̧̫͉̗̼̘͈͔̔͌̈́̕͜?̵͓͓̊̏̍̑̒͘̕͝?̸̤̲̠̩͓̘̩̹̭͐̾͋̐ͅ?̷̬̙̞͍̝̳̥̈͂̈́ͅͅ ̷̢͎͇̱͕̥͔̲̭͑̿̀̂̎̄͊̽̚͝?̸̨̖̩͚̲͎͇̆́̐̊̈́̓͋͂?̷̼̻̗̤͕̪͂̑̓̈́̓͋?̸̛̬͉̟́̂̃̓́͗̈́͘?̴̡̻̜̣̼̪͐ͅ?̴̠̖͎̫͆̏́̚͝ͅ ̶̢̯͈̬̼͖̙̼̆̃͊̓͜͝?̴̨̧̢̹̫̅͒̿̊͂̇̾͠ͅͅ?̸̧̻̮͇͔̿̒̾̀̈́̀̀?̷̛̤̯̐͐͋̐̈́?̴̪͋̎ ̵̨̢̺͔̊̒̋̔́?̷̯͎͊̓̎̓̒͒̆̉̕͜͜?̴̢̩͖̜̹̟͉͎̫͑̓̂̏̑̽?̷̡̧̧̱̺̺͈̳̔̇?̵͇̝̱̓́́͛̄͋̓̈̿͝ ̶̧̜͙̪̮̯̺̺̻̅̋̅̃̎̈́͗̈́͑͘?̴̱̬͕̯̮͚̿̀͗́̈̋̈́͋͗͝?̴̭̗̭͊͑̆̓̈́͘͜͠͠ ̸̩̪̽͆͗̀̔͠?̸̞̭̍̐̂̄́͋̉̿̕͜?̸̳̼̫̠̘̏̍̄̊̅̈́ͅ ̵̗̳̙̬̹̝̋?̴͕͖͚͓͚̈̅̚̚͝?̷̤͚͕̤̗̳̞͙̺̑̀̀̂͑͐̂̈̚?̴̫͓̱̻̲̪͛͌͛̒̄̒ͅ,̶͔̺̜̰͖̞̘͚̏́͐͒̃́̆̃͘ ̶͍̦͎̻̝̲̣͑̈́͒͋̿̀̋̋͘͝?̴̨̡̺̪̞̙̲̖̥̀͂̌̓̈́̄͜͠͝?̶̙̜̼͚͕̩́̂̈́͝?̷̧̫̬̤̏̀͘͠͝ ̷̭̦̬̮͕̠̠̺̀̉̉͋̉?̷̺͂́͑̎̄̊̂͘?̶̰̰̰̝̐͋͂̄̈̓́͝?̷̦̼̺̯̮̄̊͒ͅ ̷̘̟̏̎?̷̬̑́?̷̤̟͉̬̬͑̉̆̉̉̒̆̕?̴̢̣̭̯̝͌͛̽̄͝͠?̶̋̐̈́̋̂͊̓̈́͘ͅ ̴̛̞̻̪̠̯͈͑͛͛͌̕?̷̲̻̒͊̈̌͑̅̾̚̚?̵̭͊̆͛͝?̸͙̮̙̬͇̗̱̂̓ ̷̛͖̋͛͂̾͋̐̉̏̌?̴̨̛̯̙̬͎̱͚̠̒͋̀̂̉̕͜?̴̲̙̳̳̯̞̘͋̋̎́̒͘͜ ̴͓̤͔͕̰͆̊͌̋̌͂͝?̶̪͈̻͙̂͑́̅̓̊͘?̶̘͈̜́̓̈́̐?̵̭͎͍̹͎̙̯͛̐͛̀͂̌́̆͂͠ ̷̧̙̺̰̾̈̎̉̌̑̉̉̕?̶̠̪̭̗̻͌̆̌̂̅̿̕?̵̢̛̜̱̳͇̜̗̀͒̉͂̿͆?̴̢̡̺͎͎̱͛̒̉͠?̶͕̙̺͎̉͊̌̆̀ͅ ̸̭͎͈̮̚?̷̨͇̹̰̎͐̄̽͆͝?̷͕͕̭̰͓͚͖͖̉͛͗̾͌͊̕ ̷̭͎̱̤͑̔̀̆͆͛̽̑͆͝ͅ?̵̨͇͉͉͚̅̏̍͂̐̿̏̆͠?̵͙͉͛̈̑̑̂̾͛̕͝?̴̡͇̩̺͕͓̲͍͂ͅ ̶̨͈̲̠͎͚͉̭͍̏̏̍͒͌?̴̛̛̻̳͙͓͈͖̿̀̅̚͝?̷̧̜͕̦̘̤̪̘̀̆̌̍͝?̸̢̭̩̩͙̗̝̗̖̕?̶͓͎͚̤͒̿̄̐̿̐͠ ̴̖͍̗̦̯̎̈́͒͜͝?̵̜̯̱̬̖͚̠̜͆̋̍̑̓̆̃̕̕?̷̧̫̗̏̎̄̍̚̕̚?̸̛̱̰̗̰̘̞̪ ̷̨͓͓̼̼̝̺̪̲̊̒͊̇̒̾̚?̷̡̛͎̹̞̥͑?̸̦̟̭̟̻̤̓̂͐̈́̾́̈́̓̊͐͜ͅ?̸̧̧͚̩̫̣͍̹͗̎̈́̀̅͜ ̴̡̦̪͆̀͂̉͑̃̈́͜?̵̻̣̝͖̳̱̺̈́͑̅ͅ?̷̫͋̔̄?̵̤̻̣̍̌͘?̴̩̇́̉̇̔̎̐̕͠͝?̷̡̧͙̹̩͙̖͚̿̽̇͐͘͠?̴͍͍͖̗̂̀̆͒̐͜͝ͅ?̴̡̡̨̦̺͔͔̼̗͙̔̈́͗͘?̷̡̛̣̆̐̊̑̽͆̚͜͝?̴̙̼͓̫͑?̶̲̃̆͑̌͒̿͆̈́͊ ̶̢̨̢̝̞̹̞́͗̈́̃̍̃̚?̴̼͙̩̪̖͉̇̐̈́́̃ͅ?̴͍̹̫̪͎̉̃̒̽?̴̨̨̨̼͚̰̻͖̙̈́̔͆̽̊͑͋̓͝͝ͅ ̸̖̬̻͓̜̻͎̓̊̄̈́̉͝?̶̫̗̜̗̒̾̒?̵̖͈̜͓͚̫̓͋̿͝?̶̧̤͇̫̭̘̞̲̟̗̄̉͑̔ ̷̮̱͇̫̭͚͛̊̌̔̀͘?̵͎͓̺̇̋̿?̴̛̦̥͍͕̟͖̳̼̓̋̅͗̆̓ͅ?̴̨͚̞̭̤̰̽͂̊̏̆͋̊̽̔͠ͅ?̷̨͈̠͎̰̝̮͍͔͉͊̏̈́ ̸̞̲͍̱̠̭̘̈́̂̈̚͘?̷̨͔͔̮̝̜͐͛̆͋̿́͛͘̚͜͝?̷̳̫̘̮̟̰̂͌͝?̵̞̱̮͐̀͗̕?̷͇̭̹͇̫͚̪͕͂̅ ̴̡̛̬̯͚̰̰͎̬̪̦̓̎̑̽͆?̸̩̦̻̗̰̞͔̗͎̗̕͘?̶̧͉͕͙̫͂͜?̷̪̑̈́͆̿̊͜͠͝?̵͚̈́̂́͝ ̶̡̡̺̦͚̺̬̤͎͂̈͋͌͌̓̓͝?̶̡͍͚̞̪̍͋͠ͅ?̷̛̱͍͙̫͈͗̉̃̕͘͝͠?̴̖̜̘͖̬͂̒̋͛̒͊̓͂ ̸̹͎͖̗̬̲̄̓̓͝?̵̶̧̟̦̲̯͙̭̤̥̇̅̾́͐̃͊͌̎͛̐̑̽̕͜3̵̝̠͙͔̱̞͊͗̌̆͌ͅ9̷̘̳͕̮́1̴̡̝͚̬̰͛ ̶̧̢̘̠̖̹̾̈́?̸̧̥͈̒͛͌͑̉͘?̵̢͔̞͕͚͉̪͇͇̐?̷̙̯͕͙̖̻̩͈͍́͝ͅ?̸̛̦͉͙̉ ̴̢̨̨̬̳̳̞̔̒͂͜͠?̷̺̯̟̟̱̊͌̓̆̿͌̊̚ͅ?̵̢̱̊͒̈́̿?̷̢̧̯̺̯̣̅́̐̂́?̸̳̿͐̈̎̽ ̷̪̈̋̐́̃̆͘͝͠?̸̨̠̇̒́?̵̡̨̲̖̫̠̾͜?̴̺͙̓̿̽̾̌?̸̡̖̳͚̞͗̐͌̀̀̔̅ͅ ̵̡̮͓̝̣͍̭̼͐̌?̸̲͖̯͇̤͔̙̠͔̲̂̀̀̀?̷͕͙͓̠̳̱͇͒̊̾̓̈́ ̵̳͌͐̂?̶̦̙͎̦̎́̃̏͊͑͘͘?̵̡̯͉̥͔̊̋̇̓?̸̬̹̠̻͎͉̇̃̈́͂̾̂͆̀͝͝ ̷̩̯̮͊̊͌͗̉̈́̓͝?̶̦̭̆̋̒͆?̴̩̝̞̖͖̘͉͐͑̐̔̿̈́̾̊̚̕?̸̢͖̥̳͍̜̀̿ͅ?̷̧̹̱̻͔̣̤͇́̀͛̍̑͜?̴̱̹̜͕͙̤̳̪̏̕̕͝ ̴̢̹̻̫̱̖̫̗̠̓͛?̴̫̍̉?̷̘̣̞̺̻͍̻͉̀̏̄͛͐͌̈̈́?̸͍̟̻̥̺̬̯̯̪̾̒̊̌̃̈́́̀̕ͅ?̷̙͕̫̯̭͉̤͕́̔̅̀̈́?̸̢̡̢̥̖̺͎̝̰̂̿̔̾̀ͅ?̵̧̙̄̂̈́̉̎̕?̶̯͕̲͕̲͍̀͊͛̎̓͝.̶̨̢̠̤̟̳̾̆̈́̊͜͝.̵̡̣̟͍͇̱͓̣̊͗͆̃̓̐.̵̡̛͚̯͓̦̳̱̟̬͔̉̊̆̒̑̔́͊͂ ̸̲̃̏̑̔?̴̢̛̣̩̳̟͍̓͑͗̆́͝ͅ?̸̢̩̝͔͛́͆̎̂̀̏?̵̡̡͔͙̣̼͇̐̀̚?̸͙̠̗̥͚̼̫̂͊̑̅́̕͝ ̷̧͉́̀̏̒͂̍̀͜?̶͇̪̦̪̜̚?̷͍̺̬͉͙͙̘̣͛̈́̏?̴̛̛͚͖̭̟͙̒̔̈́̈ͅͅ ̸͍͚̃͒̋̈̋́̎̕?̷̰̆͒̒͗̌̈̓͘?̶̟͓̀̎̈?̸͉̼̄̎̒͆̍̚̕͜͠?̶̹̰̘̠̫̦̱̈́̉̽̄?̶̨̡͖̘͓̣͙̘͚͊̀̈́͆̿̍̉̀̕͝ͅ?̷̛̟̜̬͚̯̱̭̥̒̔̈́̒́̈́̕?̵͚̪̫͙̥̱̋̀́̓͋̿̅?̸̧̉̊͜?̷̩̟̤̹͑͋̕?̵̡̨͓͈̀͒̈́̚ ̸̛͓͈̝̩͎̂͑̏̇̈́̀̈?̵̛̗̩̪̍͋̈́̏̈́̒́̈́?̶͍͎̙͔̭̟͇͆̐ͅ ̷̤͉̑́́͂̅?̴̡͙̘͓̣̀͂ͅ?̴̛̤̟̹̖͖̗̲͉͙̉̿̒̀̽ͅ?̴̧̑̈̄̕͝?̸̢͚̫͓̬̂͑̅͐̂͑̋͜ ̶̡̪̲͇̙͇̈́̽͑?̸̬̳̹͍̩͍́̇̓́̆̀̊̄̕?̴̧͚̬̜̥̩͔̹̬̂̍͒̕?̴̧̨̞̭͉̺̦͛́ͅ ̴̧̨̙̹͈͐͆̿̑̂̌͝?̴̬̦̥̻̖͆̿̊͒̈́͛̈͝?̴̺͌̔̓͂̌̑͛̑̕̚?̷̞̦̰͇̰̼͕̓̒?̸̞̉̀͘̕?̴͔̪̝̪̥̩͆̔̐̓̒̄͜͜͝?̷͎̻̜͕̒̎̔̀̍̏̌?̴̳̜̓̃̀́͌̀ ̸̢̖͇̤͕̬̪̹̋͒̓̉͐̃̕͜?̵͈̖̱͉͋?̵̛͔̰͔͓̃̃̆̃̊̇̄̕?̷̝̱̜̥̅́̏́́͜͝ ̸̧̧͔͕̞̮̬͑̐͆́͛̽?̸̡͉͈̣̩̜͖̀̑͆̃͛̒̀̅͘?̶̛̟̖̂̅ ̷̨̹͓̳̗͉͖̆̇͐̚?̷̻̹̱̌̓̑̂̃?̶̤̤̗͓͈͇̲̞̉͗̽̄͂̃̿̚͠?̶̻̠̮͈̳̯͕̩͉̊͝ ̶͔͖͉͈̏̔̕ͅ?̸̡̰͖̗̙̈́̾ͅ?̵̡̼̱̟̳̘̣̹͕̠͋͌̓̌͂͐?̶̝̪̲̫̰͆̏ ̵̛͉̖̰̤̙̜̮̦̋̎̾̈́̔̈́̃̿̚?̵̹̱̯̞̀̅͊̈́͑̅͘͜͜?̶̭̥̺̙̩̳̞͂̔̇̈̀͗?̵͗͌̊͜?̶͈̜̎̔̋́̋̏͋̽͝?̵̀̕͜͠?̴͚̈́!̷̨̣̺͕̙͐̊̈́͑̽̑̍͋̕͝,̵̧̲͍̥͉͇̏̀̊̅͛͐̄̓͝ ̸̣̦̬̺̻̠̗̜͌͑͜?̷̢̫͎̻̿͐̆̒̊̔̎̚?̵̣̞̪̜̝̖̼̽̌̀́͌̉̾͘ͅ?̵̢̛͖̟̼͙̖̐͐̆̉̊̀ ̷̬̗̮͙͍̐̔́͛̍̔͑͠?̷̣͇̀͑͛̔̈ ̶̭̟̦͉̅̉͊̃̊̊͒͠?̶̛̝̜̋́͂̿͘?̴͈̤̙̫̍̊̎͑̐̈̊͌?̴̨̧̧̖̮̜̱́́̂͝?̴̨͕͙̬̤̻̟̜̦̲̃̊̌͘ ̸̢͓̜̣͖̗͖̜͚̽̊̀͌?̷̢̬͚̠͕͙͊̋͝?̴̢̖̱̳̹̩͕̯̦̻̀̎̆̃̅̾͒͘?̶͔̺̙̲̩̳̼̣̳̐̏̇̉̆̈́͆͑͝?̶̧̨̛̜̹̫̤̟̅̆͛́̈̂̌͘͘ ̵͙͕͖̥̯͍̺̯̄͋́͌͆̿?̵̛̦̪̬̰̱̘̲̗͂?̴̺̌͊͝?̷̨̫̙̹͚̯̠͇̳̀̅?̵̜̼͈̽͆̏̈́̀̂̂̈́?̸̧̦͌̉́̽̌̾̅?̴̛̯̲͐̅̈̍̄́ ̴͚̘̦̓͗?̴̧̱̙̪̹͕̦̒?̸̨̹͇̔?̷̡͇̖͉͓̾͝?̶̳̟̫̮̟̺̻̈́ͅ ̵̡̫̱̜̗̤̜̬̮̏̊̈́̅̇̓̚͠?̵͎͓̪̈?̷̢̡̨̙͇̩̖͍̏͋̂̈́̓̆̚͘͝͝?̸̝͓̠̠̟͓̗͈̮̈̎̊͆͝͠?̸̻̬̟͉͕͇́͗̇̀͋͘̚ ̷̨̪͍͔̺̬̪̽̿?̴̨͕̳̙̠̥̤̯͕̓ͅ?̵̛͙̖̻͉̞̼̩̇́̆̃̓̽̆̚͠ͅ ̸̢̦̟͚̺̰͗̆̓̃̐͑̅͘͘?̴̡̦͔̰̥͉̞̂̉̅͜?̴̡̬̤͓͊͒̓̽?̵̡͈̭̭̓̀̀̿͝?̴̨̢̨͉̘̠̊̿͂͛͠?̸̡̰͇̳̞̽̔͌͂͋̂̂͛̀ͅ?̸̱͚͕̙̭̹̝̟͎͉͐͛̇́̄?̵͈͈̹̈̈?̷̨͓̳̟̙̘̥̦̱́̀ ̶̧̡̪̦̹̜̥͇͑̑̾̂̍͆?̶̞̻͈͓͑͗͌̽̀̈̕͝?̵͕̹͇̬͛͊́̈́.̸͓͓̜̖̠̜̀͐͑͆́.̵͚̻͕̜̗̙͕̾̆̊̈́͜.̴̡̜̣͙͍͈̪̅̓͆̈́͘̚ ̶̨̯̺̳̣́͊̓͂̈́̏͊̆͜͜?̵̟̍̽̚͘?̸̹̦̫͍̭̼̄̉́̃̀̽̈̋̽̀?̴͕̖̭͌̓̔̀̎͆͘͜ ̵̧̫̦̞̣͍͍̩̫͓͗́̇͊?̵̨̪̤̗̂͝?̵̡͆̔̕ ̸̨̖̼̫̍?̸̢͉̈́̅̿̅?̸̢̞͇̽̓̃̕?̷̙̥̗̖͈̟̫̺̀͋̏̓̎̈́̽̉̈́̎ ̶̛͇̱̰̪͖͚̓͑̈́̈́̐̃͂̓̈́?̵̠̲̑͋̋̏͊̈́͗̑͐̕?̷̢̯̼͕͈͇̙̺͖̳̈́?̴̡̛͙̝̍̽̆̀̚͜ ̶̠͇̲̊̒̎͒̿͆?̶̠̣͖̐͌͌͐͒͝?̵̡̪̥̆̎͌͝?̷̼̻̙͍͐̾̏͌̽?̵̢̡̬͚̲̪͈̗̓̈̂̃̔̓?̶̬̙̰̖̅͛́̋͆̎͗ͅ?̵̡̝̰̙̺͇̻̺̖͛͗͋̅͑̃͌̄̂̐?̵̡͈̣̳̰͓̟̈́̄͝ ̷̡̧̲̩̯̙̅̈̇̑̅͌͗̂̑ͅ?̶̡̨̡̝̯͍̻̮̓̂͗͂̈́̒̀͜?̶͈͍̰͓̿̿͐̈́̊̈́̾̕͝?̵̛̻̅͗̔̔̽̓̊̚͝?̷̨͖̳̿͐͗ ̸͚̞̼͙͔͓̝͆͜͜?̵͉̳̲͊?̷̻͚̳̊̕?̷̧̗̘̟̖̖̲͔͕̔̽̿̚?̸̧͓͍̤̙̲́̈́̉?̸̧̲̩̱͚̭̠̊̇̿̾̏̂̏̉͝ ̶̹̣͈͓̳͓̞͒̉̆̎̈́̀̕͠?̴̧̨̠̦͙̲̋̔?̸͚͍̝̻̱͉̺͋̐͂?̴̪̌͛͛̈͐̋̏̉͘͠ ̸̘̫͎͚͉̓̍̏̏̅̐̏̏̈́͝?̴͔̘̅̓͆̂̆̌͠?̸̛͍̗͕̗̥̝̋̐̑̓͐͊̓͛ͅ?̸̰͂̐̔̃͋̀̎̆̒͌?̵̧̟̞͖̖̉̍̈̂̄̈́̂ ̸̡͍͚̜̌̍͑͂̄̋̋͘?̵͇͉͍̈̈́́̆̒͂͂͑̀͌?̸͑̉͂́̋͐̿͛͜͝͠ ̸̤̬̩̱̜̣͓͆̆͌̉̀̓͑͠ͅ?̵̖̺̊̔̏̒́̐̊͑͘͝?̵͈̥̥̤̩̮͕͉͈̑?̶̯͖͚͌̓?̶̤̺͙̩̘̩̪͇̦̝͂̃̃̆̀̿?̸̺̰̦̞̙̻̤̤̣͂̂͊̓́͠ ̴̻̮̬͎̝̱̩̼͖͉͗?̷͙̯̫̝̮̈́̿̽̌?̴̧͉̙̦̙̽?̷̩̯̱̖̰̞̀͑͜ ̵̜̈́̀͊̏̽̔͠͠?̶̧̟̬̠̰̲͚̓̒͑̅?̶̪̹̞̣͍̌͗͌̓ ̸̱̤̹̪̬̤̫̗̳͂͑?̶̬̃̈́͛͐̄̈́̀̃̃̈́?̶̢̡̙̮̺͕̜̓͆̇̿͆̊͒͠?̸̤̠̳͆ ̸̻̥̟̪͙̹͍̻̃͑̈́̌͝?̸̨̛̗̠̘̽̓̀̌̐͂̄̈͜?̷̧̣̒́ͅ?̴̧̡̩̼͍̭̙̇͛̑̐̍̿?̴̞̤̯͎͙̱͍͉̯̦̀?̵̮͇̰̥̼̥̅̐̌̚ ̷̜̮̙̘̳̟͍̗̻̆̿̃̉́͆͘ͅ?̴̛͚͚̬̘̲̫̽̈́̈́́̌̎͝?̴̧̜͖̫̼̲̤̲̪̔̽͜?̵͖̒͗̐̏̈́̽̃̕͘ ̸̨̛̯͙͊̕?̸̧̨͈̲͍͙͆̈̈?̶͙̝͚̥̰̦̣̗̳̞̄͋̀̀͛̀͝?̶͍̩͎̣͇̮͓̟̼͆̈́ ̷̨̛̞̌̈́̋̌̍͠?̵̥͙̪̱̔͊͗́̚͝?̵̼͖̩̼̃̚?̶̡̨̧̩͙̜̥̫̌̐̿̉̽̐̇ ̸̧̂̇?̷̛͚͕͖͚̥̥̺̟̤̈́͌̃̔ͅ?̸̨̣͚̎̋̏͒̂͛͑̌̽́?̸̱͓̤̯̇̋͌͒̈́ ̵̧̡͎̳̗̯̹̥́͝?̴̭͍͇͉̣̆̽̃̂̑̒́͘͜?̴̱̓͊̽͌̿̽͒͠?̷̧̡̙͔̝̘̠͠?̵̛̙̭͍͖̰̃͜͝?̵͓͔̔̌́̓̇̏̀̈?̷̗̯̖͓̣̝̪͈͐̈̐̎̄̉̋ ̵̩̏̄̂͂͋͌̌͗͠͝?̵͎͍̙̇͝?̷̡̡̘̜̼̇́̏̆͐̀̈́͘͜͝ͅ?̷̳͕͉͐̓͜͜ͅ ̷̢̜͔̖̳̜̳̤̇͌̎̾͒̾̈́͘͘͜͝ͅ?̷͍̈́̒̌̚͝?̷̫̱͔̣̳̈́̂̃̀̃ ̶͎͋͊̂̍͗̈́̚?̷͙͑̐̽̂̈́̾̎?̸̛̻̣̳̓̀̉͋̄?̴̡̯̝͓̼͇̮̝̫̮̀͛̾̓̇͒̉͠?̵̨̩̯̪̜̫̬̆̚͜͝ ̷̡̺̤̬͎̺͚͍̔̿̏̓̏͠͝͠?̸̫̱̝̝̦̟̦̯̔͋̈́̈́̊̿̃̏̎͌?̵͉̪̗̜̼̓͝?̴̡̫̗̗̘͐̔̌̅̚͠͠?̴̖̖͓̪͈̘̄̃͛?̵̢͉̤̹̞̩̘̈́̉̐͋̈?̸̛̛̩̬̥͓͌̓͋̃̋͜?̵̨̻̼̱̦̝̜͇̇̌̌̅͗͗̒̍̋̆ ̸̡̬͎̺̲̜̞̖͕͆͜?̵̛͈̙͔̘́͗̂́̍?̸̨̼͚̺̪̈́͗̅̇͌̅̂͠?̵͙̔́̎̒̕̕͝?̷̨̭͎͉̤̫̥̖̈͜?̵̛̦̥̊͛̄̉̄̄̕͝?̵͖̰̈́?̴̡̙̭̞̪̄̓̕?̵̛̫̭̘̩̭͇͚͙̬́̊͆͐͂ ̵̡͙̟͊̋͆̒?̶͚͍̏͐͆̂̀͒͂͑̚͝?̵̨̗͈̤̌͊̔̓̀̓͘?̶̨͕͕̩̽,̵͍̦͕̥̤̝̖̲͛͆̕͝ͅ ̵̡̼̠̯̼̬̈́̋̈́͑̽̍́?̴̝̖͓̟̮́͋̅͐̆̈́́͜?̵̫̇̾̓̌̑̇̐̎?̶̜̳̭̜̭̝͉̣̖͂̀̋̓̚͠ ̷̢̪͙͂͐͆͋̅͒̄̚͘̕?̵̨̳̻̦͍͕͍͋̒̈͊̈́̒̐̽͝͠?̸͉̞̮̜̝́̐͛̈̆̌̚̚?̸̢̡͙̲̯̱́̈́̈́̄͜?̴͈̱̩̹͚̘̇ ̸̨̝̗̼̭̦̻̹̩̇͋̆͝?̵̛̮̻͆͑̀̆̀̈̂̂͝?̷͖̝͖̉̄̿̒͗̀́?̸̡̮̯̯̖̻̻̱̐̀̒͗̈́͆̆̀̔̾ ̴̘̖͈̣͖̣̄?̵̮̼͔̾̀̿̐͌̚̕͘?̴̪͎̫̞̭̺͎̫̤̔̽̓̃̓́̂͠͝?̸̨̧͚͎͓͈̯̔̈̿͠?̸̨̼͔̠͇̩̤̗̥̍?̵̛͇͖̝̰͇͆͐̍̂͝ ̷̣̻̫̳̪͈̭̐́͂̒͐̔̊́̋̿?̸̟̽̋̍?̴̠̹̄̈́̀͑̈́̚ ̴͚̺̦̗̹̹͕͙̈́̈́͆́̽̌̆̎̾?̷̨̟͉̺̭͇̪̟͆͐̈́̔ͅ?̴͖͕͔͔̙̞̜̣̋̈́̏́̌̚?̴̬̝̦̄̾̀͂̀ ̴̢̩̟̙͍͝?̶̢̡͉̪̱̕?̶̯̫̟̬̼͔̓͆̾̈̊̐͂̚ ̶̜̩̗̱̝̥͝?̵̛͓̺͔̠̺̫̘͘?̶̱̩̲͖̎̉̌̓́́͆̎̔̀?̷̱̟̺͉̓̈́̇̈́͜ ̶̺̑̐̍̋͑͑͐̂́͝?̸͇̮̽̓̌͆͌͋̒͝͠?̶̧̧͇̺̳̪̖͉̪̏ ̶̨̛̙̦̠̗̦̦͙̄͆̎̓̈́͐̌̓̾ͅ?̶̨̻̣̞͔̥̽?̶̬̭̽͂?̴̨̨͍͖̗̥̹͆̓͛̑̋̀͊̕̚?̸̣̤͉͎̒?̵͕̞̗͇́͌̊̏̋̌̓͆̽?̶͍̰̰̯͂̈́.̵̥̫̲͙́̊̓͗̀̉̕ͅ?̶̺̗͇͊̀͗͛͆͊?̶̼̥̞͈͕̓̅̂͐͘͜͝?̶̧̘̣̦̪̼̬̘͚̑ͅ?̶̯͚̍̾̒̈́͆̀͑̄̂?̷̧̧̮̹̗̪͖̼̭̱͝ ̶̱͍͆̂ͅ?̵͉̥̾͐̓͋͗͐̽̅͆̕?̷͙͌̓̉̀̍̉̈?̷̨̨̛̩̱͍̳̘̮̪̀̾̿ ̷̟̬̝͕̭͇͕̼̗́̐́͗̃͐̀̽̂͠?̵̹̗̤͉̼͎͉̊͌͂͒͑͑͘?̸̨͓͈͈͔̲̗͙͎̹̾͊́́?̴̢̖̯̪͚̯̤̤͇͙̓͌̊̒̈́̚͝ ̷̧̤̙̘̘͓͖̺̊̍̑̃̌͆?̸̮̥̝̀͊̃͋̔?̶͚̫͓̯́̀̆̂̈̿̇́?̵̡̝̰̗̱̙͉̀̕?̸̹̙̒̓́͐̄͜͝ ̷͖͚̩͖͙̳̊̑̌̒͜?̵̢̢̣̩̪͍͍̪̫̎̍̑͋?̷̨̞͓̕̚̚͝?̸͔̤͎̬͍̯͋̓̏̄̎̓̚?̸̭̺̬̻͇̌̉͗̇̑͝?̶̨̙̦̓?̴̪̪̫̹͍͍͉̀̈́̓̈̎̍̇̓̉̀͜?̷̹̃̋͑͐͐͝?̵͎̀́̉̃́͊͌̍͜?̴̡̧̤̖͔͔͗̍̈̄̅͐̉͘?̵̢̦̬̦̪̈́́͘ ̶̠̝̉̍͘?̴̡̛̱͓͉̟͚̠̖̿̔̀?̸͎̗̍́̌́͝?̵̨̦̣̟́̋͌ ̷͙̺̞̘̠̙̭̻͙̆̎̊͜?̶̙̝̲͓͂͑̉̃̈́̄?̸̛̱̗̋̽͆̍́̀̽̈́?̷͓̹̈́̿͆̕ͅ?̷̱̗̓̈́͑͆͗̐̍͌ ̶̙̠̬͔̭̘̰̣̦̭̊̃͆̕̚?̸̩̝̠̠̪̚?̷̲̗̹͊?̸͚͙̭͕̥̩̫̅̋͆͋͗?̶̙̝̩̬͝?̸̧̞̰̥̟̖͎͇̓͆̑͋̚͘͜?̵̡̡̤̲̰͕̀̽̇̽̉̄̈̇̾͊?̵̼̪͉̤̥̐͑̽̄͑̃̃͘͠?̵͖̭̔ͅ?̶̛͕̈́̂̔̿̂̋͠ ̵̢̜̖͉̹̐̀̏͛̿̂̅̔̓͝ͅ?̴̧͉̣̻̺͈͊̏̀?̷̡̧̠͇̘̺̫̃̒͜͝ ̴͕͛̚?̶̢̢̻̥̮̯̙̯̐͐́̈̉̓̌̂͝ͅ?̸̧͍̠̯͖̗͖͚͆̊?̶̤͓̼̗̺͎̈́̄̌̅̈́?̷̡̘̀̈́͆̀?̵̫͕͇̼͕͉́̔̀͒̔̎͌̃͘?̵͖̖̂̽̀̉͝ ̸̢͇̹͚̰͇̰̮͕͌́?̸̞̜̞̹̞͑̂͗̒̕̕͠͠?̵̯͇̼̈́͘͜?̶̨̺̱͇̳͍͓̅̃̒̈̒̐̒͘͝?̴͖̮̰̰̥͔͔͌?̷͖̹̯̤̮͕͎̰̒͜?̴̧̠̠̻͎̟͗?̵͕͔̲̩̠͎̣̅̀ ̴̰̔͌̐͗̈́̃̇̐͒?̴̢̢̤̩͉̦͓̰̪̘̒̌̿̀̉̏̕̚͘?̷̨̹̝̗͍̣̒̂̃̆̽̐͌ͅ?̸̢̻̥̝̯̂̓̐͗̚͜ ̸̨̧̮̝̩͖̟̞̃̂?̵̡͉̘̊̐̃͐̒̇̈́̓?̸̢͇̟̲͔͓̗̄́ ̷̛̯̥̥̤̪̥̭͒̓̽̔̂͆̄͝͝?̸̟͈̞̗̀̃?̷̡̱̯͕̳̈̑̌̌͋̚͝?̷̨̛̹̳̭͔̜͔͗̋͑͜͜͝͝ ̶̜̖̭̹̹̣̝̩̮́̀̽̎̉̊?̸͔͔͚̜̙͋̌̀͗?̶̧̡̟͎̙̜̋?̵̺̗͑̉̏͝͝͝?̵̹̥̤̰͓͙͓̜̞͈͒̇?̷̲̱̲̂̌̀́?̴̢̛̰͔̯̖̈̎͒̌̉̒̉͝?̸̭͔̫̦̂̏̐̀͘̕?̶̘̺̹̹̋̒͠ ̵̟̗̙͚̳̳͊̔̓̓́͑̑͜?̴̧̗̠̀́͛̆̈́̅͝͝?̵̪͈͖̀͐̿̈́̈́̑͊͘?̴̟̮̥̠̯̜̯̣͎̫̇ ̷̨̺͎͊̀͝?̶̦͑̒̒̐͝?̵͖̳̀̆̄̓̉?̴̭̹̠͚̟͔͎͎͈͐̆̓̀̓͒́?̶̮͉̼͖̼̤̓̈͐̚,̵͕̲̻̭͉̻̈͗̅͊̆͆͂̓͝͝ ̴̡̥͕͋ͅ?̴̡̧̙͓̓͑͐̏͆̏͋͐̔͜?̷̡͕̺̻̥̲͙͊̿̃͝?̵͈̺͈̺̏̕ ̶̩́?̸̙̮͚̺̜̠͚͍͈̜͗̓̃̏͒?̸̨̈́̽̄?̴͙̱̮̫̯͖̜̩̖̲̐̈́̄͛͆͌͑̉͋͠ ̶̧̢̛͆̈́̃̐͒͝͠?̶̢̜͉̩̎͋̽̅̂͝ͅ?̷̫̤̩̻͊́̈́̆̾̄̏̿͝?̴̱̙͎̋͆͗̌̐̈͊̈̈́?̶̡͇͍̞̱̬͋ͅ ̵̞̳͙̙̼͇̯̟͙̒̿̈́̏̓͂̔͗͋͝?̶̨͈͙̱̺̤̇̀̆̓̾͂̔͌ͅ?̷̛̲̟̭̌̄̎̒̀̽̂͝?̶̢͈̲̮͔̦͓̑ͅ?̷̧̢͇̖̭͕̦͑́̄̚?̸̠̘͕͍̰͓̙͎̰̱͆̓̀̐͠?̵̺̯̥͍̫̋̆̾̍?̷̬̪͂̆̾͛́͗̕͜ ̴̗̓̾̎̏?̴̛̦͍͔̠̒́͂̈́͗ͅ?̴̗͍̒̍͝?̸̤̫̣̦͚̙̀́͌ ̶̢̨̢̳̆̃̑͋͠?̸̣̣̻̜̭̣̼̤̣͗̾̂̐̾ͅ?̷̡͎̱̱̈́̈̾͗̈͂̐̚ ̶̢͇̯̬̦̤̣̉̇̅̅̉͝͠?̵͇̖̣͑ ̴̨̢̯̲̘̙͈̞̉̏͂̈͐̐̂̏̈́?̵̱͇̅̈̐͆̌̎?̵̪͎̜̠͍̄̒̕?̴̨͕͙͈̑́͑͜’̸̪̃̏́̿͑?̵̢̯͖̣̳̖͓͑̌̽͜ ̴̢̰̜̩͙͎̜̎̉̊͒̿̋̾̚̕͝?̶̢̤̹͙̞̩̱̬̠͗̋̊̆͛̂̿̒?̴͉̖̩͍̝̘̬͋̈́͋͛̏̆̈́?̶̘̳̹̖̾̃̐̊̊͝ ̷̨͍̻̻͚̉̍̊̚͠ͅ?̸͚̲̝͉̣̜̖̈͜?̸̘̭͓̔́̾͊̐̕ͅ?̶̪̫̘̲͛̈́ ̶̗̦̠͙̘̪̽͑̊͘?̷̺̀?̸̨̫̤͙͖̪̣̔̈̑͆̏̈́̓ͅ?̶̻͖͗̔̍?̷̢̤̪͔͓̪͑̇̒̂͂̐̌͛ ̸̨̮͓̼͈̰̜̙̻̂?̶̹͔͖͇̰̦̐?̷̧̫̰͎̫̮̑͛̈͘͠ͅ?̸̱̜̥̹̝̮͔͉̳͍͒̇͛͠?̶̢̠̯̬̤̯̦̝̽̈́̎̔?̸̛͙͖͉͊̑̈͛̽̇?̷̧͚̭̟͓͙̈̊̽͐̆̈́͌̏͒̔?̶̝̺͎̤́͑̇̓̆̑́̔͒̏?̶̧̪̮̫̼͛̿̓̽͠?̴̣͈̦̠̟̟̗̄̆̌̑́ ̵̢̤̼̗͎̙̰̙̞̒͌̽͋̓̿̿͜͝͝?̷̧̧̻̩̜̪͚̥̖͍̄̓͂?̸̩̣̯̯̗͈̠̋͋͌́̚̚͝?̸͉͎͙̠̼͒͊̈́͒͑̄̏͝͝?̷̨̛̗͖̤͕̦͍́͌̿ ̵͎̞͉̞̓̈́̆͑̅̍?̸͙͐̃̅͌̆̐̐̈́͛͝?̵̢̧̬̪͓̰̥͎͓́̽̓̒̈͝?̸̨̢̱͉̳͔̫͚̈́́̉̀͗̂͂̌?̷̼͙̙̣̂͛̅̇͊͘?̵̻̲̕͝?̶̳̤̮̖͖̐͗̈́̇?̷̢̡͈͇̦̯̱̒͜ͅ ̸̢̗̱̟͈̜̫̠̎̿̆̂̈́͗̐̒̈́͜͝ͅ?̵̧̞̆͂̽̋͛́̉̅͘̚?̷̛̬̒͌̉̈̎̆͠?̶͍̯̼̻̮̿̄̋̋͆̇͘ ̷̣̫͎̜̻͕̦̙̤̏̉̅͌̓̂̔͝ͅ?̴̧̡̣̰̖͚̬̪͇̀̉̊̈́̈́͑̌͘̕?̸̡̩̳̞̱̠̮̰̂͒̀̒̉͜?̷̛͙̹̞̎͂̎͆̐̚̚͠?̶̧͖̝̥̜͚́̂̅̈́̒̓̎̕ ̶̡̻̭̈́̄?̴̛̻̠̙̉̽̆͗ͅ?̷͓͓͔̚͝ͅ?̴̠͇̣̯͓̝̗̩͙͔̂̈́̀̂̄̄?̸̢̛̙̞̠̞͈̲̄̈́̀̄͜͝?̷̬͉̰̈́̈́̀́̿́̃̀̾͝

      • Hank from Salem says:

        What the heck happened to my comment?!?!

      • Hank from Salem says:

        Anonymous I wasn’t complaining, I was pointing out the people who can be such Jerks on here, and now I would include you on that list 😉!

        And I did not comment 800 times on the la nina a couple of weeks ago, I do an update on it every week or so, people like it, didn’t see you complaining then, so what should I have done, stopped commenting something people enjoy reading, know you were gonna start complaining 2 weeks later and then listen to one annoying person, maybe even a troll? I don’t think that seems very logical.

        And what the heck do you mean by get over yourself? I’m not the one falsely accusing someone and being a jerk to people in a comment section about weather, and you tell me to get over myself? The irony.


        And that was rude of you to say towards W7ENK, what did he ever to do you? Obviously nothing.

        People like you and the trolls make me not want to look at these comments/comment here, but maybe that’s what you want, but Im not going to change what I do with my life because of some Jerks.



        • Anonymous says:

          W7 is an insecure troll himself and creates petty drama to make himself feel better. He’s constantly jumping down people’s throats for no reason and then when he’s called out, he responds with an image to not look even more foolish. He’s a bully, hence why this particular discussion is happening now.

          Look how much engagement Joshua Lake Oswego gets compared to you. You want to leave? Good, take W7 and Jake with you so we don’t have to see your high-school tantrums anymore. We got folks like Ken, JLO, and Roland to name a few that can keep this comment section clean. We don’t need you.

          You sit there and bash guys like Joshua Lake Oswego who only discusses the weather and never attacks anyone then you have the gall to call me a troll. Why don’t you sit down and think about who the real jerk is here because it seems you’ve been on the offensive lately for no good reason. Hypocrite. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

          No I’m not a troll, I’m here to stand up for people that are constantly getting bashed on here despite their high quality material.

          And just for the record Hank, I’m the one that helped you out with your imgbb problem the other day. Factor that into your ridiculous diatribe

        • Pinky says:

          Alright, alright, would everyone just STOP IT? Who would’ve thought the weather would be the one thing to tear us all apart!!! You guys are giving me 946 mb of stress right right now!!! Mother Nature is LAUGHING at us arguing over who said what, whose interpretation of the models was correct or not! Let’s learn to love each other and, gosh darn it, have some FUN again! We are, after all, a family united by our love for this hobby. COME ON…


        • The real me wouldn’t say “lol”

      • EY (Oak Grove) says:

        Uh, excuse me, I’m going to complain about you putting the $ symbol AFTER the numerical digits. The $ symbol goes before the numerical digits you included (the “500”) to indicate a monetary value (legitimate or not.) Because of this egregious error, I’m assuming that you’re going to call it out when we don’t get “500 of rain in the next week.

        In all seriousness, I 100% agree with both you and W7ENK. It’s been brutally tiresome swinging into the comments to look for non-sensationalists’ opinions on what’s going on, only to see those comments buried by people expecting the utmost extreme weather to happen around here and then complaining incessantly whenever it doesn’t. At this point, I am genuinely surprised that there are not complaints about us not getting smacked by a category 5 hurricane in the PacNW.

        If you’ve been alive for the last 20 years, you have seen a number of extreme events for this region. That includes heat, flooding, drought, wind, fires, snow and ice. Some are historic, some are not. If you want a specific weather event to happen and are so upset that you cannot fathom life without seeing it verify and happen, then move to another region where such events are common. Otherwise? Prepared to be disappointed and be thankful that the most extreme events haven’t happened because if they did, the internet and electricity would likely fail and inconvenience your celebratory lap.

        We all get it; it’s neat to see historic events and be able to say “I was there when this happened”… But not all weather historic events are ‘neat’ many are ‘things got real and caused damage and widespread hardship.’

  33. W7ENK says:

    Thanks for the update, Mark.

  34. MasterNate says:

    Thanks Mark! Its been awhile. LaNina looking good with a negative PDO. Hoping for a wild ride this winter.

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