Bomb Cyclone #2 Wrap-Up

7pm Wednesday…

I’ve been very busy training a fill-in weather person plus lots of shows the past few days! This is an unusually short post wrapping up the big event last weekend. Since I’ve been blogging for 16 years, I often look back at past posts to “remember what happened”. Now I can search “bomb” and find this post.

That Sunday satellite view was amazing! GOES-17 lightning mapping is on there as an overlay showing some thunderstorms along the coastline midday Sunday


1. Models were amazing…942 millibars was the deepest low pressure Sunday morning. You can see the path of both “bomb cyclones” in the past week (surface lows). GFS/GEM/ECMWF all had the low bottoming out with 2 mb of what actually occurred.

2. Models also did very well showing the big wind remaining offshore and this wouldn’t be a significant event when we look back on the cool season (next spring). Aside from the squall line that moved through midday Sunday, most gusts were in the 25-40 mph range; hardly notable

3. A line of showers and a few embedded thunderstorms move through the metro area midday Sunday. In a few spots strong wind overhead mixed down to the surface. The 43 mph gust at PDX occurred at this time. But Aurora hit 51 and Salem 57! It was a real hit/miss thing and it’s notable that Portland NWS classified those gusts at “Thunderstorm Wind Gusts” instead of the usual “non-thunderstorm gust”. I was driving down I-84 from Troutdale all the way to downtown when PDX hit 43. I didn’t see anything other than a breeze as I punched through the line of heavy showers. Maybe 25-30 gusts at most there. Due to the stronger gusts, PGE had almost 30,000 customers out of power in the early afternoon, then the number stayed under 2,000 customers through the rest of the breezy/windy evening and Monday. But a nice warm-up to the storm season ahead!

4. No waterspouts or tornadoes. The pattern behind the front Sunday afternoon was quite similar to October 2016, which produced several waterspouts and a tornado along the coast. I didn’t see any waterspout pics or videos. NWS saw rotation several times after dark Sunday evening. That was offshore Astoria to Long Beach. Maybe if it was daylight something would have been visible. But no reports this time around.

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  1. yigablademaster says:

    Edit: I meant this Sunday.

  2. yigablademaster says:

    Regardless of what happens next Sunday set your clocks and may mornings brighten your day!

  3. Amazing, love geography.

  4. Hank from Salem says:

    I’m going to copy and paste this from Mark’s last blog, also a few more people can see it here

    There is some big news for our winter….

    We are no longer affected by the blob for the first time in years, over the last 4 days, the cool gulf of Alaska has dramatically gone south, so much so we aren’t affected by the blob!

    And for our la nina, I’ve done a lot of research the last couple of days (ocean temp archives are surprisingly hard to find!) Over our last 5 extreme la nina’s, None of them were this cool in October! To make this clear, I do not think that guarantees a extreme La Ninã, but it’s looking really good!

    Would like to hear people’s thoughts on this





    • yigablademaster says:

      I really enjoy your thoughts. How do you find out all this as the web has a lot scrubbed now to make it all ‘phone friendly’ so if it’s not readable for phone dummies it often won’t be reachable for the rest of us who do care.

  5. Hank from Salem says:

    Thanks for the update Mark! I hope the new guy/girl is a good replacement, I still miss Ann and Brian, but I’m excited for someone new!

    • Mark Nelsen says:

      Only a temporary (non-met) doing weather at times starting next week. You will recognize her. Julie Grauert used to anchor on our evening shows

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