6th Wettest June In Portland, But Much Drier Weather Ahead

9pm Tuesday…

It’s been a wet month west of the Cascades, especially in the metro area. We saw another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms today. Of course in this weather setup some of us get soaked and others not so much. 24 hour rain totals (I’ve excluded anything under .50″) show some spots getting close to an inch!

Portland has picked up about .20″, bringing the monthly total to 3.16″. That’s our six wettest June

So we’re just at the halfway mark and we’ve already seen 11 days with measurable rain. That’s more “rainy days” this month than the last 5 Junes!

Of course we even saw a weak tornado Saturday evening in Damascus. One more in a series of EF-0 events the past three years


What’s ahead? Some summer temperatures!

All models agree that upper-level ridging takes control for the next week (or longer). That does NOT mean we’ll be rain-free the next 7 days; it just means we’re done with the cold showers. The next three days will be great with warming temperatures and all dry weather; our first stretch of 3 dry days in a few weeks

It gets more interesting Saturday; an out-of season atmospheric river sends a lot of tropical moisture around the northern edge of the upper level ridge. You can see the high precipitable water values pushing north Friday

Even though the atmosphere will be warm, there’s a good chance we get at least a few showers Saturday through the first part of Sunday. Of course the farther south you go the better chance for dry weather. Right now the GFS is pushing about .10 to .20″ rain through the metro area during that time. The ECMWF ensembles are similar,

so we’ve made some adjustments to our weekend forecast. It’ll be a gray weekend, but not cool/chilly like the last two. More of a “humid/mild” weekend.

The screaming message for this upcoming weekend? If you want guaranteed dry weather, head south and/or east. It’s still possible the 2nd half of Sunday (Father’s Day) will be totally dry for an afternoon BBQ or outside dinner.

Beyond this weekend, the ridging is sticking around for at least the first part of next week, so I expect warming temps again Monday-Wednesday. The ECMWF high/low ensemble forecast keeps those temperatures well above average next week. You can typically add about 3-8 degrees to these numbers for a Portland high in the warm season.

Enjoy the warm & dry weather for a few days!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

12 Responses to 6th Wettest June In Portland, But Much Drier Weather Ahead

  1. Larry says:

    Has anyone else noticed June 2020 (in the lower 48) has basically been a repeat of 2012? Compare both years, using both temp and precip. The similarity is a little astonishing. Of course we still have 9 more days to add up, but i don’t expect much difference than where we currently stand. Maybe a cooler North Central? Thats about it.

    • Kyle says:

      Both are 2nd term election years too! And both are the Mayan calendar years. This year is the true one since our calendar is actually off so 2012 wasn’t really it.

  2. Pat says:

    Hi Mark, hope everything is going well. I was wondering when you’re next post will be, been a little while. Anyway, looks like some perfect summer weather for the next week.

  3. Kyle says:

    As the GSM channel points and explains the Watchers doesn’t see the connection with the solar minimum and where it does get hot he expects it will be brief and fast which so far has been the case. The sun is in VERY interesting times now and we are just in the bare beginnings!

  4. Kyle says:

    I found the Watchers website on the Grand Solar Minimum Youtube channel. He’s worth a listen as he explains what’s really going on and doesn’t take sides unlike the A and B crowds on these tightly controlled forums.

    I can’t ever access the website as I think I’m blocked on Chrome but it’s just as well as the GSM channel is very good at rounding up what it says and what he see’s with the sun explaining the indexes. I learned what a KV index is without it being all gobbledy gook

  5. Paul D says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see some actual rain coming down in Hillsboro! I figured we’d get missed and PDX would get all of it.

  6. Yuck says:

    So sick of these “abnormal” events here. Portland’s weather, albeit erratic, is worse every season. Every other place the weather just chugs along doing what it always does, but Portland just can’t get it’s act together. Here’s to another crappy, non-summer weekend.

  7. W7ENK says:

    Well, this is less than ideal…

    I’m officiating my friend’s wedding on the beach at Pacific City on Saturday evening, we were supposed to be able to see the sunset as the backdrop.

  8. Scott Reeves says:

    For Christs sakes cant we have 1 sunny friggin weekend

  9. Roland Derksen says:

    Intresting to see that June 2010 was the wettest in Portland- that was a fairly wet one here in BC as well, but not quite near the top. My wettest was in 1981.

  10. Phil in Rainier says:

    Thanks Captain!

  11. Peter Christenson says:

    Just got nailed by 0.51 in 15 minutes in Bull Mountain.Huge branch came down into the fish pond. No injuries or deaths.

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