A June Soaker This Weekend; Plus Funnel Cloud & Waterspout

June 7, 2020

11pm Sunday…

It’s been a real soaker this weekend. Showers started late Friday, then some downpours both yesterday and today. Of course when we get these hit/miss showers some neighborhoods get soaked but others remain dry. Can you believe that on June 10th we’ve pretty much received our typical June rain? Obviously with more rain on the way it’s going to be a wetter than normal month. It’s already the wettest June since 2014 in Portland.

Take a look at the numbers for PDX


Today’s fun featured a funnel cloud over east Portland

Pic by Heather Waters

And a waterspout just offshore Tillamook County

Pic by Will (via Twitter)

And 3-5″ snow at Timberline Lodge; unusual, but not unheard of in early June at 6,000′

What’s ahead? It’s clear we’re going to see more rounds of showers the next 7-9 days. The ECMWF ensemble forecast for 24 hour rainfall shows a peak in rain Tuesday and then again Friday through NEXT Tuesday. My garden needs a lot of slug bait the next week or so…

Looking for more sunshine and/or dry weather? Either head to the eastern Columbia River Gorge or central/north-central Oregon tomorrow. Lots of sunshine out there Monday, and probably Wednesday/Thursday too. Those will be the nicest days west of the Cascades too. The ECMWF does keep hinting at some sort of upper-level ridging the 2nd half of June…we’ll see. If so that would mean summer weather could be 10-14 days away.

I’m out of time this evening so that’s it. Enjoy your mainly dry Monday… Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen