Last February’s Snowfall + Snow Poll

February 3, 2020

8pm Monday…

I’ve put up a poll on a blog post over at site.  WordPress poll doesn’t work so well anymore.  If you’re interested head over here

There has been some discussion from time to time (since last summer) about last February’s snowfall at the NWS not being representative of the metro area.

Mark Snow PDX February

Here you go…the four measurable snowfalls in most of the metro area in February 2019


Everyone got a little with the first event. Almost the entire metro saw 1-2″

2nd event: east and north metro scored big time with this one

3rd event: west metro won during third event, nothing in Vancouver and almost nothing far eastside

4th event: weak in general, but mainly west/south metro. Nothing in Vancouver

It’s interesting that downtown Portland didn’t do well in any of the events last year.  Wrong place each time.  But remember back in January 2017 the middle of the metro area scored, west side pretty good, but east side was weak.  It all evens out in time…

Now you can argue about it in the comments.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen