Rumors of Snow Fly Again; But Don’t Plan On Building A Snowman

November 28, 2019

9pm Thursday…

It’s a long evening here at FOX12 with only one 10pm show; good time to clean the weather center!  Now I see rumors of snow are flying around again this evening, so here’s a quick post to summarize.  Maybe more important…would some of you stay off those online shopping sites so I can get my shopping done here at work?  I can’t even get through to the one that sells large pallets of toilet paper and roast chickens, what is the world coming to…


A weak weather disturbance moves overhead Saturday night, passing north across the region quickly.  It’ll likely be gone by sunrise or so Sunday.  There will be some light rain showers with this as it passes by

  • Models imply there will be little or no snow or freezing rain west of the Cascades; I agree.
  • That’s because there’s a good chance westside temperatures will be a bit too warm (just barely). OR, a few thousand feet overhead it’ll be above freezing, which means flakes would make it down to us as liquid rain drops.  If so, it would need to be down around 31 degrees or lower for those drops to freeze on contact (freezing rain).  That seems even more unlikely than snow since we may not make it down to freezing Saturday night.
  • There’s no chance this turns into one of those all-day snow or freezing rain episodes; it just isn’t that cold to start with.

The evening WRF-GFS gives no snow to lowest elevations west of the Cascades.


The latest ECMWF tries to give us just a little snow Saturday night, although temps stay above freezing the whole time…hmmm


The GFS & GEM models are like the WRF and say “nope, not this time PDX”

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It WILL be cold enough for snow or freezing rain in the Gorge, at least east of Multnomah Falls.  I’ll keep a close eye on it and have a more detailed blog post tomorrow

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen