Thunderstorms Pop Up Over Central & East Metro

4:25pm Saturday…

Today has been uneventful in the lowlands…until a line of thunderstorms formed over the southern Washington Cascades and dropped down into east Clark County.  These storms have slid south across the Columbia River and into East Portland, along and east of I-205.  Notice how nice it is Downtown right now, but dark skies and thunder to the right


Radar shows the heaviest action is over NE Portland & Parkrose right now, headed directly toward southeast Portland & Milwaukie.  It’s plenty cold for lots of hail too.

web_metroradar (1)

I see Clark Public Utilities has over 20,000 customers out…that’s a lot of lightning-related outages.

Showers have been powered by the very cold air overhead and relatively “warm” air down here at the ground.  A 60 degree high when it’s around freezing up at Timberline is an unstable atmosphere.  By the way, it appears Timberline has picked up 7-8″ of new snow so far.

So keep an eye to the sky the next 2 hours, storms are moving from north to south.  Showers and thunderstorms will die down as sunset approaches.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

3 Responses to Thunderstorms Pop Up Over Central & East Metro

  1. JohnD says:

    Our amazing high of 52′ today not equaled since 1948 is remarkable indeed. Interesting too that the PNW winter of 1948-49 was one of the coldest ever. (Precursor to the record snowy on of 1949-50!) We’ll see if there are any correlations this round!

  2. Paul D says:

    And once again Hillsboro gets zilch.

  3. W7ENK says:

    Of course, because I was out of town and missed the whole thing again.

    You’re welcome.

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