Thunderstorms This Morning; A Soaking For Some

10:30am Thursday…

Apparently I was tired and in the wrong place last night!  Parts of the metro area saw a great lightning display and lots of loud thunder.  Others saw lightning in the distance but no thunder.  I had my windows open and heard nothing.  Disappointing…I know.  Gabor Gardonyi caught this shot along the Willamette River


Last night on each of our newscasts I was talking about the weak disturbance moving north across the region during the night and today.  It had put out just a few lightning strikes at that time and I figured we would get at least a little lightning by morning.  But there was lots more than “a little”!  I do remember telling you it might be wet by sunrise, hopefully you weren’t surprised.

Luckily the storms were high enough to be detected by radars in Washington and Pendleton.  Portland’s radar is down for a two week maintenance period.

GOES-17’s Global Lightning Mapper shows where the action was.  First a burst of lightning right over Salem around 2am and then again about 3am over Portland

Then a second round right over North Portland starting at 5am.  That line of strong thunderstorms slowly progressed north over Clark County from around 5-6am.  Looks like that was the best spot to be in for the weather action.  I see some spots from Brush Prairie to Battle Ground to Amboy saw up to 1/2″ of rain…that’s a huge soaker.

Here’s a link to a loop showing all lightning action from 2am-6am over the region:

Make sure you hit the LOOP button if it doesn’t start moving.

The big story today otherwise is MUCH COOLER.  We’ll only top out around 80 degrees with a few more showers at times through early afternoon.  By 4pm or so showers should shift north and die out.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. Tanis Leach says:

    I hate autocorrect sometimes causing me to misspell words I shouldn’t.

  2. Tanis Leach says:

    Jealous. Wanted to see some action but got skunked. Winter can’t come sooner.

    Unrelated note: Is anyone else seeing Dorien being oddly similar to Andrew with its approach? If conditions stay the same, this could be a cat 5 (hurricane models I’ve noticed tends to underestimate storms that go through rapid intensification, especially along the gulf stream and loop current).

  3. My old place got quite a soaking this evening, but totally dry up here in Bellingham so far. Oh, well. I traded the PSCZ for being in the heart of the Fraser Outflow Zone. Believe I will enjoy that trade come winter :-).

  4. I wonder if anyone else realizes there was a similar nocturnal thunder episode on this day in 2013? Also the same day as the Unusual autumn style south windstorm in 2015. Amazing stuff.


      on bolt out of many we had
      here in the Castle Rock Washington Area.

      and finally Good jews..we met the income requirements for Habitat for Humanity.

      place is a disaster as we are getting ready to leave.

      hey folks might be off topic..but if you have not checked your front loading washers…you might want to do so…our units springs suspension was worn all the way to the point where the eye hole was on the verge of a catastrophic failure….

      So Glad on our way to owning our own house…

  5. EY (Oak Grove) says:

    I was talking with a friend of mine who works a graveyard shift last night (after the first distant thunder woke me up, surprised it did, around 2:20am), about how this is at least the third time a storm had intensified right over Gladstone/Oak Grove/Lake Oswego/Milwaukie, the core of the dome essentially, this year.

    I was watching this storm on radar last night when I heard the thunder and saw it was just a yellow. Not impressive, but worth keeping the curtain open to watch the light show from my bed. Then I heard that first loud one, checked the radar again and it had gone from yellow just south of West Linn/Oregon City to orange over Gladstone/S. Lake Oswego. From then, it just kept getting stronger and seemed to eventually form three pockets of orange-red peaks. Some of those were insanely close, rattling my entire house. I’m surprised power didn’t go out at my place (97267 peaked with about 2,000 people out of power)… Especially since the houses behind me, maybe 50 feet away, lost power!

    Back earlier in August we had that night of really heavy rainfall but it was insanely localized. I think that was the day PDX saw 0.66 inches of rain and it was all in one hour. Later that night I was downstairs streaming, used the restroom and can back out and it had gone from dry to torrential rainfall. Checked the radar and a tiny, couple pixel red cell had popped up right over my area. That one dumped quite a good amount of rain over an hour, sadly I don’t have a rain gauge.

    Then I want to say that the big storms earlier this summer, the ones that dropped over an inch of rain from Happy Valley north to I think Camas area? I remember watching those on radar and a part of that cluster intensified over the dome too.

    My memory is fuzzy, but I want to say we had one or two cold core storms intensify in the area of the dome as well this year plus a recent pocket of snow (as in, in the last year) that dumped out more snow in my area than a couple miles away (downtown Milwaukie was hit too, but it was half as much.)

    Nice to finally have a bundle of weather stories where the dome not only failed to fizzle or divert the action, but the storms grew stronger within its vicinity. Each time I couldn’t help but think of everyone here that lives within the dome (especially W7ENK).

    tl;dr – Wowzers thems were some good boomers recently, that there dome threw us all a bone.

  6. W7ENK says:

    For those of you who may have missed it on the other post, here’s my video of the incredible lightning and thunder over Milwaukie at 3am. Complete Dome failure!!

  7. Ken in Wood Village says:

    Thank you for the update Mark. I’m a little tired from being up most of the night. I saw a lot of lightning (from far away) but I still could hear the thunder (after about 15 to 20 seconds has gone bye). It was a great night. Sorry you missed it.

  8. runrain says:

    The Milwaukie Dome was Ground Zero last night. As I watched, I thought Erik is going to be happy. Maybe this is the fall/winter/spring that The Dome gets its due. Also, good thing there was rain. I saw several CG strikes just south of Mt. Hood.

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