Thunderstorms This Morning; A Soaking For Some

August 29, 2019

10:30am Thursday…

Apparently I was tired and in the wrong place last night!  Parts of the metro area saw a great lightning display and lots of loud thunder.  Others saw lightning in the distance but no thunder.  I had my windows open and heard nothing.  Disappointing…I know.  Gabor Gardonyi caught this shot along the Willamette River


Last night on each of our newscasts I was talking about the weak disturbance moving north across the region during the night and today.  It had put out just a few lightning strikes at that time and I figured we would get at least a little lightning by morning.  But there was lots more than “a little”!  I do remember telling you it might be wet by sunrise, hopefully you weren’t surprised.

Luckily the storms were high enough to be detected by radars in Washington and Pendleton.  Portland’s radar is down for a two week maintenance period.

GOES-17’s Global Lightning Mapper shows where the action was.  First a burst of lightning right over Salem around 2am and then again about 3am over Portland

Then a second round right over North Portland starting at 5am.  That line of strong thunderstorms slowly progressed north over Clark County from around 5-6am.  Looks like that was the best spot to be in for the weather action.  I see some spots from Brush Prairie to Battle Ground to Amboy saw up to 1/2″ of rain…that’s a huge soaker.

Here’s a link to a loop showing all lightning action from 2am-6am over the region:

Make sure you hit the LOOP button if it doesn’t start moving.

The big story today otherwise is MUCH COOLER.  We’ll only top out around 80 degrees with a few more showers at times through early afternoon.  By 4pm or so showers should shift north and die out.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen