Record Rain In Portland Saturday Evening

August 10, 2019

11pm Saturday…

Just a quick post to let you know we set a rain record in Portland today.  Between 4:30-6:00pm a line of heavy showers formed right over a line from Sauvie Island down to Parkrose.  Portland Airport, the official observation location for Portland, happened to be right under the downpour.  And it REALLY rained hard!  0.67″ in one hour from 5pm-6pm.  Just by chance, that number also happens to be the 30-year average August monthly rainfall.  So yes, we saw our typical August rainfall in just one hour…at PDX

Rain Record PDX_AC

Now that was at PDX.  At the same time, little to no rain fell just a couple miles south in Alameda and the Lloyd District!

Rain Metro Plot MANUAL

That’s how heavy summer “convective” showers operate.  Little areas of big downpours milling about, dumping big loads of rain on some neighborhoods but leaving others dry.  There were two Portland HYDRA sites (Portland Bureau of Environmental Services) that recorded over 1.50″ of rain at the same time.  You see the Portland Airport Post Office location recorded over 2″ of rain.  I’m a little skeptical of that one only because we didn’t hear of any flooding issues at the airport itself.  When we had 1″ rain in one hour about 10 years ago I remember there was water all over the place around the terminal.  Regardless, the graphic above shows the wide variety of totals, sometimes even just a couple miles apart (Newberg).

Showers are FINALLY dying down this evening and Sunday should be dry…unless we somehow get a morning sprinkle out of the low clouds.

By the way, today is one of three times we’ve hit our all-time high in Portland.  107 on this date in 1981.  But no heat waves in sight the next 7+ days.

Mark PDX Record Hottest Days Ever 100

Enjoy your Sunday!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen