Nice Summer Weather Ahead as August Arrives

7pm Sunday…

Today has been another fantastic summer day; wall to wall sunshine with high temps reaching the mid 80s west of the Cascades.

Todays Observed Highs OrWa 2017

8 of the past 9 days we’ve reached 80 degrees or higher and we haven’t gone above 92 degrees.  Many of us would say this is summer perfection in the Pacific Northwest.

High Temp Last 13 Days

July has been running just slightly warmer than average west of the Cascades.  But statistically it’ll just be considered a “normal” July temperature-wise.  Some parts of Oregon are running slightly cool for the month, but again no big departure from average.  Basically kind of a “Meh” sort of July.  My garden seems to like it and the pool is getting good use so no complaints from me.  It’s a nice break from the excessive heat the past 4-5 summers.  By the way, we still haven’t seen 3 or more consecutive days above 90.  Other than those two days 97-98 degrees in early June, we just haven’t seen any sort of extended hot period.  The tally for this summer so far stands at 5 days at/above 90 degrees.

90 Degree Days Summer Heat

My gut feeling is we will end up close to average for the year, or even a bit below.   We’ve seen LOTS of 80 degree days, far more than the very cool summers of 2011, 2010, 1993 & 1983.  That probably explains the happy garden; no extremely hot weather but lots of warm nights plus warm days

80 Degree Days SO FAR

There is still no sign of a pattern change.  That’s either a change to cooler/showery weather or a change to more ridging with hot weather.

I expect a bit more weak onshore flow Monday/Tuesday for some areas of AM clouds + cooler PM temps.  Then weaker onshore flow Wednesday/Thursday = warming temps again.  Probably mid-upper 80s those days.  After a weak system passes close by on the way to B.C. on Friday some upper-level ridging briefly tries to assert itself along the West Coast again.  So the first weekend of August looks similar to what we just saw today; plenty of sunshine and temperatures likely into the 80s.

I’ve got some time off later this week so probably no new post until Sunday the 4th.

Enjoy your week!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen




36 Responses to Nice Summer Weather Ahead as August Arrives

  1. WEATHERDAN says:

    89 and sunny. This is my favorite time of year. Great day for beer and baseball. Peace.

    • Gene says:

      . . . and golf and swimming and picnics and boating and riding a swing in the park and reading a book on the back deck . . .

  2. Anonymous says:

    Euro and GFS hanging a bit further S and offshore with upper level low toward middle of next week before the ULL kicks off to the NE. Looks like a decent pattern for some convection over the Cascades and points east. I expect adding some T storms to forecast for I-5 corridor not out of the question from Siskiyous to Puget Sound.


    We, sticky icky yucky day to day…

    We have had great weather for solar and we have been living with out the power grid sense April 13.

    Yesterday we enjoyed a trip to the local river.

    Boy is the Cowlitz River low.

    We been lucky this of now no major wild fires have popped up.

    Any ways..I just wanted to wish you all a good and happy weekend.

    Stay safe, take time to think before doing to much work on these beautiful days we are having.

    Life, is a gift to be well treasured.
    And remember any day, can cause changes.

    Be it Becoming homelss due to a building falling a part or perhaps just finding out the possibility of getting a real home, you never know what life has instore..just take it one day at a time..


      Oh the following crops failed this year for us, pumpkins and yellow has been to wacky for them…our small tomatoes came on, but the larger ones aren’t even close to being ripe.

      It seems how ever our grapes are doing..ok….eh….i….think.

      • Kyle says:

        With a slowly warming climate I’d think your grapes would be. Last few years we haven’t had a freeze until pretty late into the winter. I feel safe to say it will be the same. Last Feb we only got down to 24F and that was when we had a cold wave spilled from the Gorge where Pendleton went a bit below 0F.

        I think the latest below 0 on record actually the mercury there nose dived pretty quick and did some skinny skipping with all the snow they got.

      • Kyle says:

        In the 1,000AD warming your grapes would be crying with joy actually if we reach those levels in 50 years or so we will be able to grow grapes in parts of Canada. Greenland had subsidized farming then a few hundred years later it was abandoned when climate got too cold to be reliable anymore and so did grape trading in Canada.

        The climate goes thru natural cycles like that and we are in the warm one and will continue to warm until it flips back. We are not at the peak yet though other forces like solar minimum will dampen the effect for a while.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you Kyle for the weather history. You know the earth is surrounded by space which is the great temperature equalizer at minus 225 degrees. That’s very cold.

  4. Made it up to a toasty 87˚F yesterday afternoon. Then the wind started picking up as the marine push roared in. I awoke from sleep to hear the sound of moderate rain drumming on the roof. Got 0.21″ overnight.

    • Roland Derksen says:

      I got a little more than you: 0.26 inches to be exact. Not nearly as much as I was expecting. I think most of the action stayed well north of us.


      We got enough to perk up some plants…but….well, something is better than nothing.

  5. runrain says:

    Significant field burning last two days near Colton. Is this legal? Putting a lot of smoke in the sky SE of Portland.

    • Last I heard they were trying to cut down on the practice but it was still legal. Warm season air quality is a big part of the reason why I ended up leaving the Portland area. (Rains most of the year, then just as soon as the weather gets reliably dry and sunny, the grass pollen spikes. Then a month or two later the air quality tanks again as they burn those same grass seed fields and drives me inside again. Let’s just say it was frustrating.)

      • W7ENK says:

        I think the question of legality pertains to the fact that they were burning yesterday, despite the recurring Red Flag Warnings that had been posted since the beginning of the week. I don’t believe it was set to fully expire until last night.

        I saw that cloud of smoke yesterday, too. It looked like there was a big forest fire somewhere around Molalla/Silverton, with the smoke moving North into/over Eastern PDX metro.


      It is an age old practice. It return nutrients in to the soil.

      Trust do not want sterilize soil, the rehabilitation of that soil type becomes tedious.

  6. Roland Derksen says:

    We’re expecting a bit more than a quarter of an inch here tomorrow, but the amounts forecasted vary widely over the southern BC area. In any case, it looks to be my wettest August 2nd since 1996. (0.74 inches then)

  7. W7ENK says:

    Okay, so what’s this gibberish about it raining tonight/tomorrow? 24 hours ago that wasn’t even a possibility in the models, but now it’s looking like starting late tonight and lasting through half of tomorrow is going to be a veritable washout… at least based on PNW July/August standards. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?

    • Joshua Lake Oswego says:

      I have to assume you are talking about Thursday night/Friday morning??? It ain’t gonna rain tonight. The Thursday/Friday dealio is looking like some of us MIGHT squeeze out a few hundredths of an inch. Most of us won’t see anything measurable. Friday will still be average to slightly above average for the high temp.

      • W7ENK says:

        Yes, that’s what I meant. Some of the model guidance was showing upwards of a quarter inch over Portland, but that’s since backed off some. Had me all excited for some thunderstorms until I saw the rest of the thunderstorm parameters were completely dead. Stratiform rain it is then…

        It’s been a long week, hard to keep track of which day it is.

  8. Pat says:

    So it sounds like a summer so far that most people like. I really appreciate your blog, Mark, as I have been here all my life. Oregon summers have been hot the last four years or so. I am wondering what is the status of the Sst and the El Nino conditions for this upcoming fall .

  9. Roland Derksen says:

    I found last winter to be an odd one- Up til the start of February it was mild and almost without anything interesting, until that long cold spell began and last through the first couple weeks of March. Next winter? It’s too early for me to talk about!

  10. Hello to all my fellow weather lovers,
    First time posting but long time reader of Mark’s terrific blog. I wanted to recommend a new book to help pass the time during the dog days of summer when weather news is a little thin in our area. “The Weather Machine: a Journey inside the Forecast” by Andrew Blum is a fascinating account of how forecast methods have developed, especially in the age of super computers. My favorite chapter was on the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts located in Reading, England. They produce the Euro models we all look forward to, especially when a big weather event might be heading our way. What a field trip that would be to spend a day there. And apparently, they have quite a cafeteria for all the meteorologists who work there, Happy weather watching and check out this great title if you need a weather fix.

  11. W7ENK says:

    Place me squarely into the “perfect” camp.

    Back from Estonia for a little over a week now, and indeed, this weather is absolutely perfect. The little bit of rain (0.05″) we got on Saturday morning was wonderful — it sounded, smelled, and felt great! I could have done without the humidity on Saturday afternoon, but my garden loved it. Tomatoes are just beginning to ripen now, so no worries of a “green tomato” Summer. This is what I remember from my childhood, growing up here. One short heat wave (3 x 90+) with a day that cracks a little over 100 in August wouldn’t be outside the realm of normal, either.

    Curious how the now-dead El Niño might play into this coming Winter, will be interesting to see how that pattern evolves. Big windstorm this fall? We’re overdue. Sadly, last Winter was ours for “big snow” in the normal 5-year recurrent pattern, which we repeatedly missed out on by less than 50 miles in all directions. I’m still bitter over that. However, a deep (but dry) Arctic blast may be in the cards. We shall see…

    For now, I’m thoroughly enjoying this perfect PNW Summer weather! 🙂

    • K says:

      Yeah, I’m still really bitter over last winter. Oh well, let’s see what this upcoming one has in store for us.

    • Evan -- Cedar Mill says:

      Grrr… let us never speak again of the 2018-19 winter.

      • Mike says:

        Our crew worked outside most of last winter. All of us being over 62, the cold and the mud was a bit hard on us. Now the project is almost over and we are looking forward to taking it easy this winter. It will be interesting to see what winter brings this next round. Wind storms are always exciting, but I worry about those folks with big trees.

  12. PAUL D says:

    Glad to see the low number of 90+ days so far this year! No more of them would be awesome!

  13. Gene says:

    After a slow start, we’re settling into what’s becoming a very nice summer. Lots of sunshine and high temps mostly in the 80s — and I agree with Mark, most of us would consider this to be “summer perfection”. I just hope we can avoid the smoke that has negatively affected the latter parts of our last few summers (and boydo, that’s pretty amazing what’s happening up north!)

  14. boydo3 says:

    Meanwhile in the Arctic…..
    STRANGE SUNSETS OBSERVED AS THE ARCTIC BURNS: The Arctic Circle is on fire. Right now in Siberia alone more than 2 million hectares are ablaze–making it one of the worst boreal wildfires in 10,000 years. Is it any coincidence that sky watchers around the world are witnessing strange sunsets? “We have been seeing extreme twilight colors near the German-Czech border,” reports Heiko Ulbricht of Saxony:

  15. oldwxwatcher says:

    And no <60° dewpoints. May it continue.

  16. JERAT416 says:

    I’m loving this weather, absolute perfection in my opinion.

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