Hot Weather Sunday, But Comfortable Work Week Ahead

July 21, 2019

9pm Sunday…

We hit 91 in Portland today; Seattle and Olympia also made it to 90

Todays Observed Highs OrWa 2017

Not exactly a scorcher by late July standards, but this is the first time in five weeks we’ve hit that number.  THAT is rare this time of year.  Yet our temperature is running just about normal since meteorological summer started on July 1st.   Basically we haven’t been getting the typical up/down extremes.  Interesting that the fourth warmest temp so far this year was in early May.

Hottest Days This Year

You likely recall last summer we saw more 90 degree weather than at any point in Portland’s history.   But this year only 3 so far

90 Degree Days Summer Heat

In addition to a warmer atmosphere overhead this weekend, onshore flow off the chilly Pacific Ocean totally shut down.  The usual gusty west wind in the Gorge was calm both days.  But this evening westerly wind has returned through the gaps in the Coast Range.  It has also arrived in Hood River this evening; that assures a cooler day through the Gorge tomorrow plus excellent kiteboarding/windsurfing.

With the return of typical onshore flow, our high temps should drop at least into the mid 80s tomorrow, and down around 80 Tuesday and Wednesday.

Weak upper-level ridging Thursday/Friday lead to warming temps again, but likely just under 90 degrees.

There’s no sign of a big upper-level ridge or cold trough moving over the Pacific Northwest the next 7 days…so, to summarize:


  • High temperatures remain between 78 and 90
  • No day looks totally cloudy
  • Many days will be mainly or all sunny
  • Measurable rain is unlikely in Portland through the end of the month


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen