Powerful Thunderstorms Move Through Metro Area Wednesday Evening

June 26, 2019

10pm Wednesday…

Whew!  That was exciting wasn’t it?  Between 5-8pm thunderstorms moved through the metro area.  Heaviest rain was right up along the east side of I-205 in east metro.


Officially PDX only saw 0.10″, but some of you went right on over the one inch mark

Rain Totals Metro Area

One video we’ve been showing on FOX12 shows hail accumulating many inches deep along the side of a house as well.  By the way, earlier today a severe thunderstorm covered Hwy 26 with hail near Zigzag

photo hail rhody

Back to the metro area…the line of thunderstorms pushed a large swath of “outflow” wind north and east ahead of it.  Check out the peak gusts!  Similar to a weak winter windstorm event

Wind Peak Gusts Text Panel

This put 26,000 PGE customers out of power (including my home) and 5,000 in Clark county.  That’s one of the largest numbers I’ve seen for thunderstorms in the metro area.  The combo of lightning + wind likely led to the large number of outages.  Many thunderstorm events in our area don’t include the strong wind.

Note there was no Severe Thunderstorm Warning as the storms rolled through.  That’s because there is a specific definition:

  • Large hail, 1″ (quarter size) or larger
  • Damaging wind gusts 58+ mph

So yes, a very exciting thunderstorm but it wasn’t technically considered “severe”.

Looking ahead, tomorrow we’ll be under the influence of the upper-level low offshore.  That means another round of showers/thunderstorms.  But they shouldn’t be as “organized”.  By that I mean they should be more like typical spring thunderstorms with just a few rumbles or flashes of lightning with the showers.  Strong wind is far less likely.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen