Typical April Showers Ahead

April 2, 2019

6pm Tuesday…

Here we are…it’s April in the Pacific Northwest.  The weather?  Pleasant, but uninspiring for meteorologists.   This past weekend was wonderful with mainly sunny skies and temperatures above average.  Lots more clouds yesterday and today but not much rain so far for MOST of us.  Today the only real soaking has been south of Portland

Rain Metro Today Databound

We are in a bit of a “split-flow” right now, but the jet stream consolidates a bit Thursday and beyond.  So we’ll turn wetter the 2nd half of the week.   The ECMWF shows a good 1-2″ rain in the lowlands of western Oregon now through Sunday

ECMWF Precipitation Accumulation

There have been hints of a surface low moving close to the coastline Friday or Saturday, but each model and model run has been different.  It IS possible to get a windstorm in early April (April 7th 2017 storm) but rare.  I’ll keep a close eye on that possibility.

Otherwise it’s all about showers, sunbreaks, and make-up time for the very dry March.  We only saw about 50% of our typical rain last month.

By the way, this morning we tied a record for a warm low temperature.  It was the warmest of the season so far, more like June than April

I don’t see any significant warm spell coming up.  The ECMWF ensembles don’t point to any sort of ridging overhead, no big swings up or down


Those surface temps are typically too cool, it’s fair to add about 5 degrees to those temps.

It can get quite warm (usually just for a few days) in April.  Last year we hit 86, and the all-time record is 90 in Portland.  More typical is a monthly high somewhere around 80.

April Warmest Temp

April is typically also a month where we transition from wet to dry.

April In Portland Stats

Some years it’s a soaker, other years quite dry.  Last year was unusual with a tremendously wet first half then our dry season began the second half of the month.  May was extremely dry last year as well.

There you go, your early April update…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen