Spring So Far; As Normal As It Gets!

April 15, 2019

8pm Monday…

I haven’t heard any complaining yet, but if showers continue I think the whining will be just around the corner.  This first half of April has been VERY wet west of the Cascades, especially south of Portland.

Rain So Far This Month Or and Wa Earth Scene

East of the Cascades it hasn’t been exceptionally wet, but wetter than average.  By the way, when we say “average” that typically means a 30 year average.  We’ve seen measurable rain 13 of the first 15 days this month.

Spring weather has actually been warmer and drier than normal much of the time since 2012.  The last truly “chilly spring” was 2011.  Both 2016 and 2018 saw quite warm conditions in April/May.    Last May was the warmest on record in Portland and we saw very little rain from this point forward all the way through the summer!  So one could easily argue that we are overdue for a cool and wet spring.  It’s time.  But so far that hasn’t really been the case.

Spring Rain So Far2

March was quite dry, but that almost balances out the wet April so far.  March averaged out cool, and April has been a little warmer than average.  That’s a “normal” spring so far temperature-wise.

Typically we get (average) 30 days with measurable rain in Portland when you combine April and May together.  So far we’ve seen 12.  But only one of the past 5 springs has seen a greater than normal number of wet days

Spring Rain So Far

Again, we’ve had some real decent springs lately.

What’s ahead?  Big picture says there’s no sign of the rain suddenly shutting off.  But there will still be (lighter) showers at times over the next week.    The 10 day precipitation forecast from this morning’s Euro run shows less than 1″ rain now through late next week.  Much better than what we’ve been seeing the last couple of weeks


So enjoy the more reasonable weather the rest of this week.   Warmest day is Thursday as warm southerly flow and a warmer atmosphere sit just south of an approaching front.  South of Portland it’ll get well into the 70s, north of Portland more likely 60s.  We haven’t yet hit 70 this month.  Nothing too unusual, unless we don’t get there at all the next two weeks

April 70 Degree Days

Some good news on the flooding front too; the Army Corps of Engineers has been dumping water out of all those reservoirs in the Willamette Basin.  Detroit Lake has dropped 5 feet in the past 3-4 days.  Looks like we dodged a bullet as the heavy rain cut off just in time.  Rivers draining the Cascades (and Willamette) will continue to run high as more runoff continues to flow downstream

willamette reservoirs

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen