Two More Record Setting Days Ahead: Sunshine & Gusty Wind

6:30pm Monday…

Today felt more like Memorial Day than one day after St. Patrick’s didn’t it?  EVERYONE west of the Cascades made it into the 70s with numerous record highs set for March 18th.

Todays Observed Highs OrWa 2017

That’s everyone except the Portland metro area.  Portland sure sticks out doesn’t it?  More on that below.

At least three records were set or tied

Record Highs Cities2

Most likely a few additional records were set at cooperative observing stations, but those records don’t show up until after the month is over.

Here in Portland the strong offshore wind flow brought widespread gusts 30-45 mph.  PDX had a peak gust to 40 mph during the afternoon hours.  I drove from Amity all the way up through Forest Grove and then Beaverton this afternoon.  That was after a couple of school visits.  Gusty northeast wind was blowing the whole way.  When you see it widespread like today, that’s a good indication it’s coming right over the Cascades and not just through the Gorge.  That will be the case again tomorrow.  Notice how widespread the wind was at 4pm


In the metro area, strong easterly wind kept temperatures “down” a bit.   Mid-upper 60s closest to the Gorge to lower 70s farther away from that “cool” air.

PDX Observed High Today

That’s why PDX is always a tough forecast in this pattern both spring and fall.  Too much wind and temperatures don’t reach their full potential.

What’s ahead?  More of the same Tuesday.  The airmass warms slightly, and highs move uphill a bit east of the Cascades too.  That means we could have lots of mid 70s again tomorrow.  Portland will see just as much wind tomorrow so I figure maybe 2 degrees warming at PDX.  We should finally hit 70…just barely.

Wednesday will likely be Portland’s warmest day as east wind dies down in the afternoon, eastern Oregon temperatures warm further, and thick cloud cover stays to the south across southern Oregon.  We could get as warm as 75 Wednesday, but 73 seems like a safe call for now.

Thursday we’ll see partly cloudy skies with no offshore flow = back to more typical highs around 60.

Enjoy the warm sunshine!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

29 Responses to Two More Record Setting Days Ahead: Sunshine & Gusty Wind

  1. Larry says:

    Certainly a pleasant day today. Upper 70’s and got to go out for a walk in the afternoon. Sky clear except for a few clouds. A major change compared to a few weeks ago :).
    Also, did anybody get a chance to look at the moon this morning? I did and it was amazing! Not a cloud in sight at that time so it made for a perfect sighting.

  2. In the meantime, folks.

    Our food prices are about to go up and up.

    And more storms for the areas allready hit as well.

    Solar Minimums have always played a part in failed crops.
    While some may want to call it climate change, I could provide solid proof..

    But then again..if Mark is up in his history, he knows this to be exceedingly true.

    There are I believe at least 4 named Minimums, that have caused loss of crops and cooler temperatures.

    9 feet of Nebraska, plus a dam wiped off the map in Nebraska.

    Some towns evacuated..I mean the entire town.

    The damage to infrastructure, in the upper billions .

    So with farm and infrastructure, I would put the cost at around 450 billion to 500 billion..

    And that is in Nebraska alone.

  3. Well this is nice…maybe coming to an end for needing to use heaters.

  4. MasterNate says:

    Low 80’s around our area today. Holy cow, what a wild swing in temps this month.

  5. Reporting in from Castle Rock, Washington
    We had a fire here Castle Rock yesterday
    And now the west hills.
    We got lucky with the winds that were 10 to 15 gusting to 20.
    The fire occured in the west hills.

    But as they say, no proof unless there is video right?

    Had a motorist stop and ask me if that was the west hills?
    I said yes..She used a a rather interesting word named after a town…

  6. Alohabb says:

    Man, small wild fire and 2 blazes yesterday that were slightly out of control. Bad sign of the summer fires to come.

    • Where were you at, we had a fire here in Castle Rock Washington as well, chopper dipping the bucket.

      I think what is occurring are people are burning not realizing the conditions.

      Warm temps and winds…all I can say is glad they occurred early.

      Because if this happened in June or July or August..we would be pretty bad off.

      But to me, seems people were cut off guard.

  7. Phil in Beaverton says:

    I checked the temperature at 6am and it was 51. Was that a record high low for this date?

  8. Roland Derksen says:

    74.3F for a high yesterday in Squamish (that’s halfway between my Vancouver and Whistler). I reached 69.6F. Today’s our first 70 degree today, I think.

  9. W7ENK says:

    Seriously? Three days of sunshine and some of you folks are already whining?? JFC, it’s just a little warm sunshine in March, this isn’t the end of the world.

  10. PAUL D says:

    This morning Andy Carson said Portland hit 73 yesterday, so who’s right?

  11. Joshua Lake Oswego says:

    Seattle had their warmest winter day in history today. Better now for record warm than in summer. We’ll probably have that too though.

  12. W7ENK says:

    Good God, am I dreaming?!?


  13. JERAT416 says:

    The crazy weather fluctuations in the NW never ceases to amaze me! No winter until February, then 5 weeks of cold and snow quickly followed by warm records all over.

    • JohnD says:


    • Jake in Gresham says:

      Yeah climate change because of humans and other factors is really showing this past decade. I really like this recent talk on the subject. He only discusses carbon dioxide and doesn’t note more serious heat trapping chemicals like methane as a consequence of that carbon dioxide but it’s pretty thorough otherwise:

      We’re already seeing local Governments in the U.S. make adjustments. The Army Corps. wants to build a 5 mile sea wall based on a $19 million study they did for New York City.

      Miami has built coastal roads elevated for $400 million with 80 pump stations throughout the city. Troubles are getting serious.

      • Information says:

        The moving of the North Pole and Cycles will have a bigger affect than anything human caused. History repeats itself especially in climate. How many gas guzzlers were there when parts of the U.S. were covered in glaciers? The planet warmed-on it’s own. The planet cooled at the onset of the most recent Ice Age.. Mother Nature and our Solar System ultimately determine what’s going to happen.

        • We can not also deny solar minimums either .

          Solar minima are generally correlated with changes in climate and recent studies have shown a correlation with regional weather patterns.

          A list of historical Grand minima of solar activity[9] includes also Grand minima ca. 690 AD, 360 BC, 770 BC, 1390 BC, 2860 BC, 3340 BC, 3500 BC, 3630 BC, 3940 BC, 4230 BC, 4330 BC, 5260 BC, 5460 BC, 5620 BC, 5710 BC, 5990 BC, 6220 BC, 6400 BC, 7040 BC, 7310 BC, 7520 BC, 8220 BC, 9170 BC.

          Like the subsequent Maunder Minimum, the Spörer Minimum coincided with a time when Earth’s climate was colder than average. This correlation has generated hypotheses that low solar activity produces cooler than average global temperatures,[7] although Jiang and Xu point out that while the period 1430-1520 (starting slightly before the Spörer minimum) was indeed colder than average in China, the period 1520-1620 (the second half of the minimum) was warmer than average.[6]

          A specific mechanism by which solar activity results in climate change has not been established,[8][not in citation given] One theory is modification of the Arctic Oscillation/North Atlantic Oscillation due to a change in solar output.[9]

          So, how do we define what is climate change vs Solar Minums?

        • I have to agree with you on that one.

          Do we dare mention pole reversal and its effects on climate as well?

          Look I won’t argue we should or shouldn’t create cleaner technologies.

          But, in my opinion this whole Climate what ever seems flawed.

          Were leaving an ice age, we should not fear this change, but rather look forward to what it has to offer.

          I think humans fear change, they fear that which they can not control, so they attempt to assume control or assume they have the power to control something.

          Interference like doing stuff to the sky to attempt to slow the process will only have disastrous effects, if not already occurring.

          I remember, discussing cloud seeding with my forestry instructor, sure we can do it, but it will be disastrous for neighboring states.

          Stop and think about that.

          Oh and never mind all the volcanoes we got spewing stuff into the atmosphere.
          . And never mind that nasty inconvenient truth in the ant arctic with a hot spot melting t he ice…and under ice Volcano?

          Would love to see it erupt through the ice sometime.

      • boydo3 says:

        And yet our current batch of leaders in Washington (DC) are sucking the hind teat of the pig and are still promoting fossil fuel extraction.

      • boydo3 says:

        It is silliness to think that eliminating vast quantities of forests around the world would have no effect on our climate.
        It is silliness to think we can pump massive quantities of hydro carbons into the atmosphere and have no impact on the atmosphere.
        It is negligence to think that run-off from fertilizers would have no impact on the rivers and oceans.
        It is silliness to think we have no impact on the global environment….AND that we may also be able to help fix the shit that we have already created. 🙂

    • Mike says:

      Thank you Mark. Always enjoy your write ups.

      It’s so nice the mud at work is beginning to dry and begin wearing regular shoes instead of heavy boots everyday. Something to be thankful for anyway……. it a blessing.

  14. PAUL D says:


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