Winter Is Over West of The Cascades

March 12, 2019

11pm Tuesday…

Well, it’s time…time to “Fork Winter”.  Winter is cooked & finished west of the Cascades.   Put a fork in it!

Wayne requested I formally admit Winter 2019 is over during the 10pm newscast.  I assumed it was obvious this time around.  It’s so late in the season and we have 60s coming up later this week.  By the way, thanks again to John Rinier for that nice huge wooden fork!


What does “winter is over” mean in our climate?

Mark Winter is Over1

What could we still see?

Mark Winter is Over2

Now that first one is VERY unlikely, especially considering I don’t see any cold airmasses approaching in the next 10 days.  Typically I’ve put the fork in winter during late February, and of course it’s relatively easy to get a brief wet AM snowfall in early March.  Far less likely in late March.  Of course we can still get a frost the 2nd half of March, but we’re done with those low-mid 20s for the season.

Remember we’ve seen some strong wind in April recently.  Peak gust of 56 mph in early April 2017 during a rare late-season windstorm.

So yes…it’s time to get your snow tires off, uncover your faucets, and open up your crawl space.  Spring is on the way!

Mark Winter is Over13

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen