A Little Snow and a Lot of Cold This Morning

8:45am Wednesday…

Well that was fun; if you were out driving in the metro area around midnight it was a brief snowstorm with the east wind blowing/drifting the snow on the freeways.  That was the “snowiest” I had seen since last February.  The rest of the night was relatively quiet and accumulations have “behaved” according to the forecast so far.  That means a bunch of snow south of Portland metro again, but not much here.  It was a good night to be in Salem, Albany, & Eugene if you want snow.  The TRACE TO 1″ forecast in the metro area was good.

It appears little/no snow fell in Vancouver so far


and less than 1″ in the rest of the metro area up to this point.  The big difference this time is the frozen roads; a dry snow due to that cold east wind.  OFFICIALLY 0.1″ FELL AT THE PORTLAND NWS OFFICE (SO FAR).  That makes this the 4th measurable snowfall of the season, all in the past few weeks of course.

Farther south, several inches have fallen in the Willamette Valley.  I see an official 2″ measurement in Albany, then 5″ in Eugene followed by freezing rain (ice glazing) during the night.  Yuck.


  • Snow showers should taper off, but they will continue off/on the rest of the day.  In the next hour or two anyone could still see some additional accumulation.  But after 10am it sure won’t be sticking to roads as temps gradually warm
  • Expect a few sunbreaks later this afternoon with a cold high around 37 degrees.  That annoying & cold east wind will continue to back off as well


Light showers will continue to rotate inland through the area with breaks between.  The cold airmass will gradually modify the next two days.  That means IF temperatures drop below freezing tonight and IF showers show up between 11pm and 9am, anyone could get a skiff of snow on the ground again.  But don’t count on another snow or delay-day for the kids Thursday.

How much snow did YOU get?

Let us know in the comments.  Just location and snow depth.  If you are new, you have to be approved.  I’m looking for some totals around Salem, Woodburn, Newberg etc…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


117 Responses to A Little Snow and a Lot of Cold This Morning

  1. Tanis Leach says:

    Does anyone have chemtrails debunking?

    Or are they truly real?

    That is a debate going on in one of my group chats.

  2. Andrew says:

    Latest GFS run has us very chilly late weekend into early next week. By Monday, we appear to be downright cold. Still looks cold Tuesday before temps start to moderate. The low Wednesday is tracking to our south again. Timing will be interesting. Models suggest a light cold rain Wed-Thurs, but my understanding is that models can struggle handling impact of Gorge and often accelerate warm ups. It also appears cooler air reinforces late Thursday. Nothing amazing in models but I’d keep an eye on timing and placement of Wednesday low and a possible transition event with the cold air in place. Lot needs to go right but it’s at least worth following. Someone with better model-reading skills is welcome to elaborate.

  3. DBurnett says:

    PDX only had one 50 degree day all month. With March looking chilly, I wonder if we’ll make it to April without a 60 degree day, like in 2011 where PDX didn’t reach 60 for the first time until the 31st.

    (I would also ask if we’ll make it through March without the first 55+ day, but I think we already hit 55 sometime in January. Anyone know if I’m wrong?)

  4. W7ENK says:

    Well, this is certainly interesting…

    February was a whole 6 degrees cooler than January at my place.

    Currently 35 degrees and sprinkling rain.

  5. JohnD says:

    Enjoying assimilating Feb. 2919 weather notes for posterity.
    Wondering about March. If there was ever a year that an anomalous event could transpire this might be it. Coming w-e looks cold and windy–something like we would otherwise have weeks ago. The coming mid week could be bizarre. If the trend sustains status quo–everything stays south again. Too early to tell.

  6. Andrew says:

    Is the radar acting up again? I’m stuck on same loop as yesterday.

  7. Andy says:

    Heavy snow in Albany…and sticking.

    • Jake in Gresham says:

      Woah, that’s actually a solid band of moisture; sitting at 44F with a dewpoint of 28F. This could get interesting.

      • Jake in Gresham says:

        Every short-range weather model for a lot of runs showed this being at best a weak system at best and the last 24 hours showed it falling apart. What da heck!

        • Joshua Lake Oswego says:

          It looks like 30-45 minutes of light to moderate rain. Maybe mixed with some snow. Nothing exciting.

      • Evan -- Cedar Mill says:

        No way evap cooling will be able to cool atmosphere enough to support sticking snow. Not enough moisture anyway.

        Rain/snow mix at best.

  8. Tanis Leach says:

    Snowing and 36 in Corvallis

  9. Andy says:

    Light snow here in Albany…35 deg.

  10. Jake in Gresham says:

    Wahkeena Falls viewpoint this morning. Not a soul around:

    The hike wasn’t easy but worth it:

  11. GTS1Kft says:

    Imagine coming back from Mexico to Redmond to THIS!!!



    A friend’s truck at RDM…

  12. Roland Derksen says:

    Almost nothing to report of snow here: A few flurries late yesterday evening and that was it.

  13. W7ENK says:

    Mt. Shasta Ski Park is now closed until further notice. 70 inches of snow in 48 hours, their lifts are now dragging in the snow, or otherwise buried.

    • They’ll dig ’em out. I remember years like that when I was in college in Utah (they had a string of super-epic snow years in the 1980’s). The upper part of the chair runs would go through a trench excavated in the snowpack by late winter.

    • Evan -- Cedar Mill says:


      That’s epic.

  14. Andy says:

    Maybe a little snow this morning possible with east wind and showers moving in? I figure a few places will see something.

  15. W7ENK says:

    Forgot to share this…

    Sunset on Tuesday evening was phenomenal. I went over to visit my Mom, and I got to see it from the window of the bedroom I grew up in as a child. I sat, watching the colors grow, and change, and then fade away over the West Hills. I’d forgotten what a great view I used to have of the sunsets, but it’s no wonder why I now have such an appreciation for them.

    The music says “Sääl on Me Kodu” which means “There is Our Home” in Estonian language. It felt apropos on many levels.


  16. High Desert Mat says:

    Sure has been a crazy week over here in Redmond. Heavy snow Sunday through Monday that dropped 31” imby. Then another 9” Tuesday night and anothe 1-2”yesterday. Incredibly my depth is at 40” now. Really cold this morning at -6 after a high of only 19 yesterday. Love the weather here sometimes. Cold nights ahead.

  17. W7ENK says:

    No comments in almost 12 hours? Not a good sign…

    • JohnD says:

      Looks like a little rain-snow mixed around beer thirty today-right?
      Like you, we have friends in C Oregon. Amazing photos. -6′ in Redmond this morning.

    • Leeateea says:

      That’s what I was thinking,excitement is over!!

    • MasterNate says:

      Blog party over.
      Hangover recovery in process

    • Andrew says:

      Latest model runs not really hinting at anything major. Light showers look possible tonight into tomorrow morning but temps don’t look as cold as earlier in week. I am noticing some very cold air to our direct north by Sunday-Monday timeframe. Will be interesting to track especially in relation to next low arriving on Wednesday. No big warm up still, however. So let the model riding continue!

    • Ken in Wood Village says:

      W7ENK, what are your thoughts about the difference between the models? The Euro and GFS are way different with temps. It’s been like this for like two or more days. The Euro is showing highs in the 30’s and the GFS is showing temps close to 50 degrees the whole run. It’s a little frustrating because if we go by the Euro, we could have snow when we finally get moisture were if we go by the GFS, we just get rain.

      I just like a little input from others. 🙂

    • Andy says:

      Is anything showing up on the models for us (NW). I didn’t see anything real extreme earlier today?

    • ocpaul says:

      Wow! I hope that plays out. If an approaching low can draw that cold through the gorge, it would be dy-no-mite!

  18. Kenz says:

    I saw the nws statement but my weather app says we’re dry all night, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

    • Andrew says:

      Showers are showing up on radar but confined to NW coast/corner of state. Doesn’t look like anything gets near us.

  19. Andy says:

    Down to freezing here in Albany already. With snow on the ground and clear skies I’m thinking 26 is conservative for the low. If we don’t cloud up I’m thinking a lot lower for temps tonight.

  20. JohnD says:

    Enjoying updating my Feb. 2019 weather notes. Simply amazing. Even though PDX missed the big goods; so many PNW areas did not–Puget Sound, Eugene, Gorge, C Oregon. One for the ages in many locations snow wise. And all locations temps. ALSO it is possible that we are not done yet! We’ll see!

  21. Jason Hougak says:

    Will Feb. 2019 become the coldest February at PDX? I guess Mark will let us know the details soon…

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