Historic Snowstorm Central and West-Central Oregon

February 25, 2019

9pm Monday…

Whew, what a storm!  I’ll get to the numbers in a minute.

First, the snow showers have been VERY SLOW to dissipate the 2nd half of today.  It appears they are finally finishing up according to radar.  That means about 1/2 of the metro area has wet roads, and about 1/4 has snowy roads (east metro).  Skies should at least partially clear tonight = Lots of ice around for the morning commute!

Snow Headlines Metro Tonight

Tomorrow we’ll see brief morning clouds then afternoon sunshine.  Expect a very chilly day for late February; highs only in the upper 30s.  That’s due to a much stronger easterly Gorge wind spreading out across the metro area.  Gusts will likely reach 60 mph in the west end of the Gorge.  Brrrr!

Now lets talk snow numbers.  Here are the numbers, a reversal from the system exactly two weeks ago.  Eastside got a trace or nothing (until the dusting this evening), but west of the West Hills finally saw a decent snowfall

Snow Totals Metro Area

Our final forecast yesterday evening was Trace to 2″, so I consider that a pretty good forecast.  But the HUGE forecast achievement was models consistently showing a historic snowstorm in the southern Willamette Valley and into Central Oregon.  Remember yesterday morning’s WRF-GFS?  Not only did it do well in the metro area, but it forecast 12″+ in large parts of Lane and Douglas counties.


The actual numbers…

Snow Totals South Valley Central Oregon

Trees and powerlines are down all over the place down there due to the heavy/wet 32-33 degree snowfall.  Lots of firewood in Lane County for NEXT winter!


The numbers this evening are amazing.  Remember there was one wave of snowfall Saturday night and Sunday morning, then the rest last night through this afternoon.  It was really one long snowstorm.  I remember Madras once getting about 2 feet of snow during the January 1998 storm.  Some big snowfall during the 1992-1993 winter as well.  To see 20-30″ in some of the driest parts of Oregon is a big deal.

Snow Totals South Valley Central Oregon2

What a February!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

9am Monday: West Metro Wins This Time! Mainly Dry Central, East, & North Metro

February 25, 2019

Looks like we just had a reversal of the snowstorm (or no snowstorm) from two weeks ago.  Checking ODOT cams and snow reports I see a snowy west metro

Bethany Blvd at West Union Rd_pid4193

with lots of 1-2″ totals so far.  Also a 3″ report from the top of Cooper Mountain (Beaverton).  Good for all of you, that’s a nice snowy morning after getting hosed with the last system.

But east metro has been mainly dry or just a dusting with that dry east wind blowing.  Officially a TRACE has fallen as of 9am both at the downtown observing site and the NWS office in Parkrose.

SE 122nd at Division EW_pid3702

Same thing in Clark county, although I see some snow filling in up there on radar


You can see it in the temperature map at 9am.  Where little/no snow fell, there was no evaporative cooling to drop temps to freezing.  Between 34-38 central/east/north metro, but it dropped to 32/33 where snow fell


You have to hand it to long-range modeling, forecasting SOMEONE getting nailed west of the Cascades.  Eugene has 10″ of snow sitting at the airport and there are reports of 10-15″ south of there around Cottage Grove and Lorane.    Pretty amazing that they could forecast a general location (somewhere in Western Oregon or SW Washington) getting a historic snowfall 5 days ahead of time.

Every highway west, east, and south out of Eugene/Springfield is closed due to falling trees, power lines, and heavy snowfall.  Both Willamette Pass and Santiam Pass are closed.  I also see 12″ at Redmond and one other report of 20″ in 24 hours just northwest of Redmond.  Whew!  Now that’s a snow day…

If you received more than 1/2″ snow let us know in the comments with depth and location.

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  • Snow showers taper off as we go through the day.
  • I expect less than 1″ additional accumulation and none of that will be on roads from this point forward.  I see ODOT road temperature sensors show temps have risen above freezing even at Sylvan and US26/OR217.
  • A few sunbreaks this afternoon melt much of the snow that fell westside

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen