Front Stalls = Metro Area Avoids Snow + Flooding Westside Only

February 12, 2019

10:30am Tuesday…

A good chunk of the metro area avoided flooding issues this morning, but where the rain came down hard (west metro) it has been a doozy!  Check out rain just since midnight, tons westside and very little eastside

web_metro_raintoday (1)

It’s a real complicated weather situation late this morning…
The incoming very wet front slowed down/stalled the past 12 hours instead of moving east through the metro area.
That caused some ripple effects
1) All the flooding rain has been concentrated in west metro, into Columbia and Clark counties up north, and into the Coast Range.  Much of the metro area has just seen normal rain instead of flooding.  In fact it’s been more dry than wet south and east metro.
2) That thin layer of cold air in western Gorge I talked about on all the evening shows didn’t get wiped out since front was slow to move through = freezing rain made it almost to Troutdale.  A real mess on I-84 from Corbett east as the freeway turned to solid ice.  Snow continued in the thicker cold air east of Multnomah Falls
3) Heavy snow areas didn’t happen (whew!) in metro area and into eastside of metro because cold side of front never made it here.  Cascade foothills (where we thought a lot of snow would be falling right now) are still balmy and in 40s!  My kids finally went to school today, although the road is quite icy from freezing rain for the first mile or two.  Tough kids out here.
So from here on out through the rest of the day, the main story is flooding west metro, where spots like Forest Grove, Scappoose, Vernonia have seen 3-5″ of rain and then some spots changed to heavy snow out there.  Sounds pretty rough out in north Coast Range.  The rest of us get rain as the front finally pushes through, so we’ll see if anything else (a mudslide?) pops up.
Tonight showers continue, and will probably mix with snow on the hills, especially east metro.  That’s as the last of this system moves south and moisture lingers when cooler air settles in.
Then Wednesday looks dry, or at least mainly dry.  A nice calm weather day tomorrow.


First, check out my temperature graph at home.  Apparently I was at the top of the 1,000′ thick cold airmass in the Gorge.  While I was sleeping the temperature went up/down from 41 to 29.  Looks like mild south wind punched through three times last night.  “M” is midnight.
Then the 24 hour rain totals, some places approaching 5″ under the stalled front
Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen