Quick Gorge Snow/Ice Update

January 16, 2019

7pm Wednesday…

Some good news in the Columbia River Gorge.  Well, actually bad news for kids; I think there won’t be an “Ice Day” or “Snow Day” for some of those kids.

We’re only talking a difference of maybe 3 degrees, but that’s enough to take some areas “out of the running” for snow or ice accumulations.

WESTERN GORGE (Corbett to Bonneville Dam)

  • Freezing rain is only likely well above 500′, more like 1,000′ around Crown Point.
  • Most roads will remain clear, ice glazing mainly on trees/objects and not pavement.
  • School closures unlikely
  • Highest wind in next few hours, then it backs off a bit after 1-2am

CENTRAL/EASTERN GORGE (Cascade Locks/Hood River/The Dalles)

Light snow at times between now and around 1am, then mainly dry rest of the night

1-4″ with lightest totals down at freeway/river level.

I-84 remains either mainly clear or just slushy

Some school delays/closures still likely here


  • Light rain and/or freezing rain at times.  Freezing rain spots should be only above 1,000′ in Hood River, White Salmon, & Wind River valleys

mark gorge wintry weather

Not only are temps just a few notches warmer than I expected 24 hours ago, but this band of frozen precipitation is gone after midnight or so.  The brand new RPM model run for 1am:

rpm clouds rain snow

So there you go, this is still the “biggest snowfall of the season” in the Gorge, showing what a real dud this winter has been so far!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen