A Windy Monday, Cooler Too

January 14, 2019

9pm Monday…

The cold pool of air east of the Cascades deepened a bit today, sending that cold air sloshing over the mountains.  Government Camp was about 10 degrees colder today up at 4,000′.  The Gorge and central/east metro area were noticeably cooler too.    A huge field of low clouds marks the cold pool on this satellite image

satellite goes16 vis only

Another result of the thicker cold layer was a stronger wind that spread farther into Portland.

Portland airport saw a gust to 39 mph, and much of central/east Portland was regularly gusting 35-45 mph throughout the day

wind metro peak gusts east wind

Expect that wind to back off a little tomorrow for MOST of us and a bit more Wednesday.  That said, at the west end of the Gorge the strong wind will actually pick up a bit more Wednesday as a deep area of low pressure approaches the coastline.  Expect two more days of gusty and cool easterly wind!

warnings gorge and metro east wind

Tomorrow will be similar to today, then things get a bit more interesting.  A deep surface low move towards the Pacific Northwest coastline while slowly dying.  That happens Wednesday evening through Friday morning.   That pulls more cool air from the east through the Gorge during that time.  There’s no sign of a warming southerly wind in the metro area until late Thursday and no westerly wind to warm up the Gorge until Friday.  So I’ll be watching Wednesday/Thursday closely to see how much moisture will show up (for snow & freezing rain) and how cold temps will be.  At this moment there is a decent possibility we get something frozen from around Crown Point/Cape Horn east to The Dalles starting Wednesday evening.  This time it’s going to be a few degrees colder than what we saw the last week with that snow dusting.

Here in the metro area we’ll go into a wet/showery pattern Wednesday night and beyond.  Back to 40 degree nights and 50 degree days, plus or minus 5 degrees.  By the way, the overnight monthly run of the ECMWF continued the theme of a wet late week/weekend ahead, then a strong ridge near the West Coast for much of the following two weeks (mentioned in previous post).  Looks really cold in the Eastern USA the 2nd half of January!  The first slide show is 500 millibar heights, the 2nd is the departure in surface temps

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Here’s the precipitation departure, much drier than normal 2nd half of January (after this weekend)

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Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen