Storm Recap; A Windy Night & Nice Soaking

December 18, 2018

8pm Tuesday…

Last night’s forecast turned out well.  When we look back at this event it’ll just be a typical winter storm.  But it sure was nice to see after such a slow start to the storm season wasn’t it?


Quite a soaking.  Most spots in the metro area saw 1″ or more, some spots more than 2″!  PDX saw about 1.30″ since the rain started yesterday afternoon.  There was no intense band of rain for the morning commute so we avoided any sort of widespread road flooding.  This is the type of rain we need to soak in for the next dry season.  Note we’re just about back to normal for December now.



I’m glad I made a last minute downward adjustment to the wind speed forecast.  All the airport locations remained below 50 mph.  Quite a few spots saw nothing more than a typical breezy night (Scappoose, Vancouver, Troutdale, Gresham etc…)


Way up on the Fremont Bridge there was a gust to 50 mph, and a tower on top of Chehalem Mtn near Newberg hit 59 mph.

Of course it was a real wind storm at the coastline.  Cape Foulweather made it to 90 mph, and most coastal cities were in the 55-70 mph range

Dec 18WindCoast

Today was pretty quiet in our viewing area and amazingly warm with midday sunshine.  We hit a record high in Portland…59 degrees!  There were some downpours this afternoon and even a few lightning strikes with a few showers though.

Todays Observed Highs OrWa 2017

Tomorrow will be uneventful, then a powerful storm moves towards British Columbia tomorrow night.  This system will have a weaker wind field.  That keeps most effects on the coastline; not a significant wind producer for the valley.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen