Strong Wind Spreading Into Willamette Valley

December 14, 2018

1:25pm Friday…

We’ve been expecting gusty wind today and it has been late to arrive.  But in the past hour it has moved from the coastline into the southern Willamette Valley.  Definitely stronger than expected from Corvallis south so far.  Peak gust 44 mph there, 46 at Eugene, and 49 mph at Roseburg.  That’s unusually strong at Roseburg.

A line of showers is spreading into the valley (a cold front) and that will bring those 35-45 mph gusts into Salem and the Portland metro area by 2pm.  Along with that, it’s a warm airmass so we could get up to around 60 degrees briefly right when the wind first arrives.

Of course none of us have “hatches to batten down”, but that saying seems appropriate for the next few hours:  BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES!

There will of course be some power outages and a tree down here/there.  It’s about time!  A very slow storm season so far.  Here’s the latest view from GOES-17 showing the main frontal cloud band moving onshore.


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen