Near 100 Today

8am Sunday

Just a quick note to let you know today looks to be a scorcher again, possibly the hottest day of the year in Portland.  For the first time in 3 days light easterly “offshore” wind flow has developed this morning through the Gorge.  That plus a very warm/hot atmosphere overhead and full sunshine means warmer temps than the low 90s from Saturday.  PDX officially hit 93 yesterday.


Today should be around 5 degrees warmer, possibly 7.  Of course that opens up the possibility that we hit 100 degrees for the first time this season.  Here is our morning forecast


850mb temps are not as hot as I’d like to see for PDX hitting 100, currently around +20 to +21 over Salem.  It’s a stretch to get that hot down here at the surface with those temps up above.  But considering the sudden surge of heat Thursday with the offshore wind (97 at PDX and 99 at Troutdale), temps around 100 seem reasonable again today.  It sure seems easier to get hot in the Willamette Valley & Metro nowadays doesn’t it?

As I mentioned the last day I worked (Tuesday) we are in this very warm/hot stretch for quite awhile.  By the time we get a major marine push Tuesday night, we will have gone through a 7 day stretch with highs 89 or higher.  All models are in very good agreement we get a nice cool down Thursday/Friday, then warming again (back to hot) for next weekend.  Note both the GFS and ECMWF meteograms from last night’s ensemble runs.  This is for Salem, but Portland is similar:




It’s going to end up as another blazing hot July; Portland, Salem, & Redmond are all running 3 degrees or more above average for the month at the halfway point today.  Note the 850mb ensemble chart from the ECMWF shows upper-air temps above average the rest of the month.


I’m on vacation this week, looking for a cool place…stay cool!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

23 Responses to Near 100 Today

  1. Ken in Wood Village says:

    I think this year is starting to feel like 2015 😒

  2. Paul D says:

    Weather Underground’s monthly calendar view used to have a line at the top that showed the actual and normal rainfall stats for the month. They have removed that and that’s one of the things I enjoyed most about their site.

    I’ve been checking various weather web sites for similar information in an easy to find format, but haven’t found one.

    Anybody have a favorite web site they use that quickly shows actual and normal rainfall stats for the month?

  3. Gene says:

    Classic summer weather pattern in the metro area. First a heat wave (with some light breezes), now it’s morning clouds/afternoon sun/cooler temps for a few days. Then it heats up again, followed by the inevitable few more days of morning clouds/afternoon sun. Hard to complain too much about this kind of weather compared to what most of the rest of the country experiences during the summer months.

    • Joshua Downtown PDX says:

      Uh, I can easily complain. Fires burning, vegetation dying, drought. Everybody loves this weather until the inevitable aforementioned side effects impact them. But hey, it’s warm and dry every single day for months straight.

      • K says:

        I would love a storm. I miss our strong winter storms, we barely got any last winter.

        • Roland Derksen says:

          I don’t want a wind storm like the one that came through in late August 2015.

  4. Roland Derksen says:

    Low clouds have taken over temporarily this morning: And with it, cooler temperatures (currently 64F). I had 7 straight days with temperatures of 80F or higher, but I doubt we’ll get close to that temperature level today.

  5. W7ENK says:

    First night in over a week I was able to shut off the A/C and open all the windows. It was nice to wake up to a little fresh air this morning!

  6. W7ENK says:

    100.4° on Sunday.
    101.1° yesterday.

    Not sure how to explain that little anomaly, as it seems pretty much everywhere else was a tad cooler yesterday over Sunday.

  7. alohabb says:

    So was that leather or vinyl?

  8. Roland Derksen says:

    A shade cooler here today (down to 89F). I went for a bike ride along the waterfront in my town(Vancouver BC) It was amazing how much cooler it felt there compared to my home location.

    • Sunday was the warmest one for me, too: 88°F. Yesterday was 85°F.

      I doubt the temperature even cracked the 80°F mark a mile or so to my east. Once you get to the parts of Bainbridge Island that jut out into the main channel of the Salish Sea, it gets dramatically cooler during hot spells.

  9. JohnD says:

    We’ll see if we can beat the 29–90’+ days record we set a few years ago her at PDX?! Definitely on our way to the potential!

  10. Blazing hot up this way, but that has a somewhat cooler definition than your (Portland’s) “blazing hot”. High of 88 °F yesterday. For some reason this heat wave is having a nice diurnal temperature variation for me; despite the heat it dropped to 55 °F overnight. Had to reach for an extra blanket in the wee hours of the morning.

  11. Dennid says:

    So why IS it easier to get hot around here these days?

  12. W7ENK says:

    Officially hit 100 at PDX today.

  13. Paul D says:

    I cringe to think what this means for August…. 😦

  14. WEATHERDAN says:

    My time of the year. Like it or not this seems to be the new normal for us, and I do like it. And no I do not want to move to Phoenix or San Antonio. But for those who like it cooler, the OMSI Winter weather meeting will be Saturday October 27th at 10 AM. Enjoy the heat. I know I will. Peace.

    • W7ENK says:

      I heard you were at the shindig last night, Dan. I only found out until after you had left, it would have been nice to meet and introduce myself in person.

      Next time, I suppose.

      Cheers. 🙂

  15. alohabb says:

    I absolutely love this weather. Hot during the day but cools enough to sit outside and enjoy the tiki torches and a nice adult beverage, awesome.

  16. High Desert Mat says:

    First!! Average weather would be much welcomed over here. Blazing sun plus temps in upper 90’s = miserable. I’m over it. Juneau sounds good about now.

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